feel free to sell me anything on my wantlist BUT respect the Grading as follows:


Mint = "new" = just like when you buy it in the shop : NEW

Ex = "like new" = no sound quality loss, the only surface marks would be sleave marks, no scratches, no cracking or poping when the record plays

Vg = "very good" = still in good shape but a few scratches here and there affecting sound very lightly

G = anything below

If you can't respect this grading then don't even try selling me your records.

Sellers to be trusted
- darafayen
- canforone
- Garage-Groover
- Plastic_Demons_4_U
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posted a comment on Tribute (15) - Rain. over 4 years ago
Deepah, found it today, took it on your recommendation, and agree this a great record ! Thanks :)
posted a comment on Vanessa Daou - Sunday Afternoons / Smoke. over 5 years ago

I have this release too.
In answer to your question, considering you bought it from a UK seller the red ink stamping is most likely that found from records sold through the MGE (Music & Goods Exchange) shops in the UK.
In these shops a large ... See full review