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posted a comment on Underground Software - Real Mean Bastard Rmx. 3 days ago
Also can confirm about quality. I have few dubplates without vinyl mastering and sound looks like on this ep: not loud, terrible bass etc... Also you must be remember picture disc don't have great quality. So double problem. Daaaamn i am in shock, great ... See full review
posted a comment on Ruff Karnage Inc - Dark Secrets EP. about 1 month ago
If someone want sell or swap this ep, plz let me know.
posted a comment on Total Dark - Untitled. 3 months ago
Hi Alan. Thanks for info. Long time unknown and most wanted ep. If possible can you remember track titles?
posted a comment on DJ D Lux - Lost Dats 91-95 Vol 3. 4 months ago
Bring alarm, yooo soundbwoy! Yes finally!!! After more than 20 years we can listen this badboy duplate. Big respect D Lux and Persian Prince for this gift.
posted a comment on IS Productions - Warp Bass. 4 months ago
Imo best of jungle tracks. Nothing epic, just dark hard fu**ing jungle. Shobha says only 50 copies pressed for promotional.
posted a comment on Plasmic - Disturbance EP. 4 months ago
Today saw GBW re-press Plasmic tracks! Very good news for all junglist. Disturbance ep iconic Icelind darkside for me. Very love amen techstep Central Moon and dark, mystery The Weapon with dred bass and samples from The X-Files (episod 10, 3 seasson). ... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Vision* - Concrete Jungle. 6 months ago
Hi! Ha, thanks for correct me, just many years ago see someone written its by cool breeze. Well big respect for tracks, can you remember what ragga sample used in let off? Very wicked style. And any info also be good, how cool breeze track got on this ... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Bass (4) - Jealousy / Taking The Beat. 6 months ago
Can't understand people who don't want do re-press if many people likes this music. Life change, I see many great new oldskool vibes and I don't want wait another 10 years so that see another copy for £££ We like music but don't likes "artefacts". ... See full review
posted a comment on FFF - Badman Touchdown. 7 months ago
Woooohaaaa, next bomb from badman himself. Need i say more? Buy it and don't forget your system can explode as and ears neighbors! HA-HA! Love Badman Touchdown dark & heavyweight, original jungle-clash style. Can't sure what badman say from clash "Now ... See full review
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - Untitled. 7 months ago
Pretty sure this is same ep as rb 1 just tp.
posted a comment on Celsius - Fire On Wax. 8 months ago
Where all junglist? Can't see suport! It's original 95 mad-amiga style. When I many years ago listen first time Too fast my mind go away and I danced like a monkey. Heavy jungle with Hip-hop gangsta vibes. Buy it! Hope more Celsius jungle tracks old and ... See full review
submitted Celsius - Fire On Wax. 8 months ago
submitted Scratch C And Shaka Black - Dread Ah Star. 8 months ago
submitted Sel 19 - Rising East / Arms House. 8 months ago
submitted FBD Project - Journeys / Just Wanna Live. 8 months ago
posted a comment on FFF - Sweet Revenge. 9 months ago
Dressback is serious!!! I dance like a monkey. As i said few years ago Tommy (Big Respect!) kills me. That's what i need today. Oldskool sound+dubfx+reggae+soundclash+secret[fff]formula=bang! DrumnBass? pfff Jungle is Massive! :)
posted a comment on Bass Architects - Bass Architects. 9 months ago
Any info about unreleased tracks? Where i can listen or buy this? Thanks!
posted a comment on Sacred - Do It Together (Remix) / As One. 9 months ago
Daddy Freddy on vocals, taken from Hustlers Convention. London Massive!
posted a comment on DJ Flashback (4) - Gun / Triple Six. 9 months ago
It's from Paris - The devil made me do it.
"Who in their right mind ever coulda missed this?
Damn right when you think seditious
And I move swiftly, you can't get with me
The triple six moved quick but missed me"
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - X. 9 months ago
Pretty sure this is Artificial Intelligence. And it's 1996 year.
posted a comment on Kut D - Serious EP. 9 months ago
Sample from Trevor Levy - Nah Run From No Clash.
posted a comment on Orca - Untitled. 10 months ago
Not sure this is remix of Pretend or Pre-Pretend version? But fact same elements!
posted a comment on The Three Million Dollar Men - This Town / Wanna Be Free. 10 months ago
Thanks for tracks! And Info. Can you remember how many copies pressed? Pretty sure proper re-press be very good.
posted a comment on DJ Renegade* - The Clash EP. 10 months ago
Love that mystic sample from ESG - UFO, first time listen in Afrika Bambaataa - The 40oz Crew.
Pretty sure The Clash & Courtcase mixes must be pressed on SOUR but something went wrong. And hope other unreleased tracks also be pressed. Hoah original, Dis ... See full review
posted a comment on X Men - X Men EP Vol 2. 10 months ago
Pretty sure this is same vocals as in track 2 On A Tip - Girl Poor :-)
posted a comment on Lloydie Crucial - Junglemania Volume 1. 10 months ago
Just Kick It use sample from The House Crew The Theme!
posted a comment on Lewi - Going Away. about 1 year ago
I can help but I think it takes few weeks mate. :)
posted a comment on Bassface Sascha / DJ Redoo - Crusher. about 1 year ago
No different just same tracks as in DRUM 003-6 EP.
posted a comment on Various - Drum 'N' Bass Explosion - The Underground Selection. about 1 year ago
Pretty sure this is same Dj Tyrone who in group The Impostors. Sadness that their productions never been released! Amazing sound similar to Dillinja.
submitted Law And Auder - Gimme (The Weed). about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Bay B Kane - Cupid. about 1 year ago
Many moons wait in one days repress. Hope, very hope.
posted a comment on Various - Lucy. about 1 year ago
Yes please, many interested. 100-200 copies will be very good.
posted a comment on Wiz Kid* & Producer - Hells Spliff / Smoker. about 1 year ago
Thanks bro, good finds! Good set. . . . .
submitted Vinyl & Subsonic - I'll Be There / Play Back The Music. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on SDR & Subsonic - Forbidden Lover / Love Is.... about 1 year ago
Can confirm track Love Is... same as I'll be there on inf 02 ep
posted a comment on Wiz Kid* & Producer - Hells Spliff / Smoker. about 1 year ago
Can anyone help find or upload Kenny Ken set with this ep? Thanks!
posted a comment on DFX (3) - Down The Block. about 1 year ago
Jungle rolls, fife style bassline, fast beats with spanish theme and many famous soundclash samples. All about Down The Block. Revelution starts nice but after wtf? Think this is germany prod.
posted a comment on Parralax - Deep Frieze. about 1 year ago
Space tracks, love Deep Frieze magic pipes/synth with acid trip.
posted a comment on Chaka Demus & Pliers - Champion Lover . about 1 year ago
Pretty sure this is Drum 'n' Black, Elm St Kid & Ja Selle Champion Lover ?
posted a comment on Earl 16* - Steppin' Out. about 1 year ago
Freedom Wave Remix it's another Drumhead jungle version more instrumental, very interesting mix.
posted a comment on Sedzy & Subphonic* - Jungle Of Rage. about 1 year ago
Pretty sure this is same artist and sound as this - ?
posted a comment on The Source (21) - The Chase. about 1 year ago
Chase In top 10 jungle tracks from 96. Dark & Heavy. For sure need re-pressssssss! Whatta gwan!
posted a comment on Dubtronix - Horny / Lighter Massive. about 1 year ago
Jermaine Fabulous - Authority version better and why pay a lot more !
posted a comment on Slammin' Records (UK). about 1 year ago
I think all about incognito slam008. Herman must know about this, maybe someone talk with him? Pretty sure this Smokin' Studios sound.
posted a comment on Dedket - Smokin' System / Up Set. about 1 year ago
Think this is from 97. Nice ep with dark amen and jazzy tracks. Where number 2? Funny see how label pressed first jungle after house.
posted a comment on Mizra - This Cut / Science Man. about 1 year ago
Not big fan of Make Some Time tracks but Mizra just fire!
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - Life Is Rollin'. about 1 year ago
Hi, when i talk with D.Styles he say he sold track Justin (manager lsu?), pressed 500 wls or so. Also Trace might be remember about this ep. So not many people really knows who is it.
posted a comment on Various - Record Factory In The Jungle. about 1 year ago
Yes good album imo, all tracks in jungle style. Not sure about who made remixes. Can't remember any uk press with same tracks.
posted a comment on Various - Jungle The Extreme Collection Volume III. about 1 year ago
Tropical Storm just a banger. Sadness only on cd version. Ambient melody reminds me Vangelis work, anyone remember?
posted a comment on Beats R Us* - Clear And Present Danger / Murder Tune (Remix). about 1 year ago
Clear And Present Danger in my top 10 for sure, just bomb! Can listen this tune everyday. Shame missing copy of this and now price is joke.