Mood K touches his first turntables in 2005. First resident in many radio stations, it is noticed and quickly became one of the first DJ to perform in Guest. Clubs in select student parties, its growing reputation will enable it to achieve unprecedented performance.
Specialist large-scale events, Mood K still holds to this day a record size, the DJ who met with the greatest number of clubbers at Redhouse cigar lounge.

Mood K is a complete artist, able to adapt to all audiences, and return without compromising the dance floor the most demanding. His musical influences are pretty house, funky, progressive and percussive-house, but his experience and vast knowledge of music can deliver sets in virtually all musical styles!

Real night owl, the rising star of the "night". Genius on the turntables, a passionate rhythms that have continued to seduce him from an early age. Carried away by his natural curiosity to find the wealth of music and power electronic equipment.

It controls the dynamic micro interventions while remaining soft and sober to punctuate key moments, and raise the atmosphere at the appropriate times, but never too far, and even paying the luxury of being the interpreter of some of his productions and remixes flawless. More than just a DJ service, using the latest technology, is a spectacle it offers to its audience.

He has total control over all aspects of the game with style and virtuosity. Passer and scorer somehow. Or beating his text by heart the better to add his own twist. The DJ seems to have Moroccan such ease, he would have us believe the ease of his craft. Mood K has refined his art and mixes now almost as he breathes. Nightclubs, radio, production .. The guy excels in all areas of his art.

Mood K is the most promising talents of his generation and a DJ to follow very closely.
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