Avant-garde bricks and mortar music space located in Lange Kievitstraat 30, 2018 Antwerp.
Open Friday (12-20H), Saturday (12-20H) and Sunday (14-19H). Other days open on appointment or when "WELCOME" mat is displayed.
Morbus Gravis is home of "Monger", "Kluister" and "Record Gore Day". Seeing is believing!

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Recent Activity
posted a comment on Netsky. 28 days ago
Deep, soulful and bollocks. This is Aldi-DnB. Long live the early days. Whay we have here is smart marketing but that's about it. Scott McIlroy help me out here mate!
posted a comment on Rod Stewart - Greatest Hits. about 1 month ago
congratulations. you won a price! please contact me on 342177644! 😉
posted a comment on Anarchistisch Tekno Kollektief - Alles Ist Scheisse. 2 months ago
Hi, I made this with Mario, who killed himself some years later, so no reissue will ever see the light of day! Thanks for liking this record. We had great fun 26 years ago ;-)
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 3 months ago
posted a comment on Kim Rapatti - The Future. 3 months ago
How to enjoy this record to its maximum level? Sit down, take a fair dose of PCP, play side A (better known as a 10 minutes nervous breakdown). Repeat program ad infinitum. WARNING: Do not play side A if you have anxiety, psychosis or substantial ego ... See full review
posted a comment on Deep Zone Featuring Ceybil Jefferies - It's Gonna Be Alright (Help Is On The Way). 5 months ago
Your help is on the way. I truly hope so as I'm having a flashback to mid 90s: Awake for 50 hours and flashing in some afterclub embedded in the deepest heart of Belgian club culture. Those were the days. Of course straight on caffeine only. Haha!
posted a comment on Vazz - Cloud Over Maroma. 7 months ago
Want Of Anger, Cast Reflections, Lost Time, Endless Road and Flute Dance also appear on Vazz / La Bambola Del Dr Caligari - Whisper Not / The Wrong Holiday.
posted a comment on Various - 10 Years Of Cheap Records. 8 months ago
My copy has a booklet with blue front artwork. Rest seems identical. Superb, avantgarde "techno" label which is on same innovative, out-of-box level as Irdial Discs. Yihaa!
posted a comment on Spectre. 9 months ago
Probably the most overlooked "hiphop" producer ever alive. This guy's output is top quality only and can easily compete with RZA and the likes. Darkish beats and breaks with great B-movie samples. Not too much vocalism which gives his tunes a really cold ... See full review
posted a comment on Pump (4) - The Decoration Of The Duma Continues. 10 months ago
I have an alternate version of BLIND. If I find it I will it share with you.
posted a comment on Take It Acid Is. 12 months ago
Yet another boot label for people who swear by the "warm" sound of vinyl but listen to CD rips. Genius!
posted a comment on Various - Astral Daze - Psychedelic South African Rock 1968-72. 12 months ago
Fresh Music CD rip to vinyl of course... Why oh why?
posted a comment on Atom-X - Electron EP. about 1 year ago
Hadron is a sick track indeed. I remember these tunes (on re-load) coming out and how ferocious they sounded and still sound today. Good times!
posted a comment on Cro-Mags - Before The Quarrel. about 1 year ago
thx for the heads up.
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posted a comment on Grave Upheaval - Untitled. about 1 year ago
Probably the heaviest music ever recorded on Earth. Let me repeat that: Probably the heaviest music ever recorded on Earth.
posted a comment on Quadrant - Quadrant E.P.. about 1 year ago
no :-)
macrocosm and another 50 other trax are at least AS GOOD!
posted a comment on Freddy Fresh - Return To Phantazia. about 1 year ago
I think the "remastered" version is basically a vinyl-rip from the original orange 12" which didn't sound hi-fi either. Still great EP (the original one, haven't heard this reissue yet).
posted a comment on Freddie Fresh* - Comatone 95. about 1 year ago
If u need "Slow Death" or "Binder" then buy the Comacid EP. I released this and both tracks sound even better than the original versions on the "inferior" '90 orange vinyl (which I also still have so I can compare). "Return to Phantazia" was reissued by ... See full review
posted a comment on Freddy Fresh - Comacid EP. about 1 year ago
Tahnja - Chapter 2 is where I heard it first.
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posted a comment on Righteous Pigs - Stress Related. about 1 year ago
Baddest (sic) badass grind-trash album in the history of badass grind-trash. Sick Caper vocals, spastic avant-drumming, sleazy Mitch Harris guitars. The soundtrack of my youth basically.
posted a comment on Niels Van Gogh - Pulverturm. about 1 year ago
And here I was thinking she sang "Can I Give You Head?" ;-)
Silly old me....
posted a comment on Co-Jack - Night Shift. about 1 year ago
Sysex not Pysex ;-)
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posted a comment on Hardfloor - Let Da Bass Go. about 1 year ago
Partly "shamelessly" stolen from the iconic "Funky, Funk, Funk" track by Reese ;-)