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posted a comment on Jeremy (2) - Ascentic Rhodes. 9 days ago
Hell yeeee, we need more please! Cant wait to get my hands on this
posted a comment on José Padilla. 6 months ago
Rest in peace Maestro. You will be forever an Icon.
posted a comment on White Visitation (2). 6 months ago
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posted a review of J.Lamotta. 7 months ago
My favourite artist at the moment! Loving her productions :)
posted a comment on Terekke - Damn E.P.. 7 months ago
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posted a review of Modaji - Midnight Plains. about 1 year ago
One of the best downtempo / future jazz releases ever!
posted a comment on Various - Off Limits 2. about 1 year ago
Yes!!! Just been high as hell last night and discovered Georg Levin - When Im With You and ended up listening to Dixon's downtempo set from 2000 on Beta Lounge. Really need this comp!
posted a comment on Masters At Work. about 1 year ago
Oh thanks god for these two! Absolute legends. Thats why i love House music more than other genres.
posted a comment on Loop D' Loop. about 1 year ago
Classic label, one of the best. Hello yeahh for sure :~)
posted a comment on Soul Motive - The 2s and 5s. over 2 years ago
damnn, this is so good! love this record. my kind of stuff
posted a comment on Terekke - Damn E.P.. over 2 years ago
i miss these days......... ah mannnn 8 years already, wow
posted a comment on Deep4Life. over 2 years ago
One of the best underground house labels out there. Love all ova.
posted a comment on The Timewriter. over 2 years ago
Everytime i listen to The Timewriter or Terry Lee Brown Jr. i always cry, tears of joy, i even cry now while listening Spiritual Reality by his alias Jeremy. I have heard thousands of tracks in my life but never heard something like these two made.... See full review
posted a comment on Terry Lee Brown Jr.. over 2 years ago
What actually happened to both Terry Lee Brown Jr. and The Timewriter? Why did they stopped relasing music and stuff?
posted a comment on Djrum* - Portrait With Firewood. over 3 years ago
Fave track: Djrum - Waters Rising. Reminds me of the future garage sounds from back in the days. (circa 2010-2012)
posted a comment on Ricardo Villalobos. over 3 years ago
My favourite producer/dj of all time. Absolute legend. A big inspiration for me
posted a comment on Steve Cobby & Rich Arthurs / Penelope Antena - Bushfarmer / Tradewinds. over 4 years ago
Great record :~) At ease :~) ja ja ja ja
posted a comment on Andreas Gehm. over 5 years ago
Rave in peace legend! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
posted a comment on Omar S* - The Best!. over 5 years ago
the best the best the best the best the best
posted a review of New York Edits - 2. over 5 years ago
one of the best records ive ever heard
posted a review of Africa HiTech - 93 Million Miles. over 6 years ago
Great album
posted a review of Bjarki - Артур И Интергалактические Киты = Arthur And Intergalactic Whales. over 6 years ago
this is the worst ep of the year, gz!!
posted a comment on Driftwood. over 6 years ago
One of my fav labels
posted a review of POGO Recordings. over 6 years ago
what happened to this label?!!