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"Putting a roomful of people in the moment. Amazing them, surprising them, challenging, even confusing them; pushing, electrifying, loving them; carrying them with you towards a better place. Shaking the dull daylight out of their bones, waking them into their other life."
(Paradise Garage and the Lost Art of DJ'ing)
Bill Brewster,Frank Broughton (Strut/Nuphonic Records), 2002

I am running the "Smile for a while" label. Send me Demos if you like: david[at]smileforawhile[.]de
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posted a comment on Luke Slater - 92-94. about 1 month ago
Why is "Mauve Violin" aka "Moave Violin" a different track on the "92...94" compilation than on the CD? Was it mislabelled? And on which 12" do both tracks actually show up? I'm confused...
posted a comment on Luke Slater - X-Tront Vol. 2. about 1 month ago
Why is "Mauve Violin" aka "Moave Violin" a different track on the "92...94" compilation than on the CD? Was it mislabelled? And on which 12" do both tracks actually show up? I'm confused...
submitted Various - Free Love Vol. 1 - Charity Compilation for KitKat Club by Disco Bizarre. about 1 month ago
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 month ago
submitted Sakis (3) & son Groupe Dynamic-system* - Lov'Amour. 3 months ago
posted a comment on Jay Daniel - Scorpio Rising EP. 3 months ago
I apologize sincerely if I have hurt your feelings. Maybe the internet isn't a good place for you if you get offended that easily. And maybe you didn't read "I loved it when it came out."
posted a comment on Jay Daniel - Scorpio Rising EP. 3 months ago
yeah of course it's only my opinion. Do you love every record on Discogs? Should we just make positive reviews?
posted a review of Jay Daniel - Scorpio Rising EP. 3 months ago
Seven Years later this is just a dead release. Doesn't sound good, tunes don't fit together. Neither a party starter nor a peak time hit in there. It's not even filler material anymore. kinda sad, this artist started out so well and then... Totally not ... See full review
posted a review of DJ Antoine vs. Mad Mark - Session 4. 3 months ago
Great sampler. A side samples "Dalida - Americana", B1 "Jimmy Bo Horne - Spank." These tunes are more than just a few chopped up samples.
submitted DJ Smur - Littlebitty EP. 3 months ago
submitted Orlando Detroit Connection - 1000 Miles Ahead. 3 months ago
posted a comment on Mixmaster - Volume 2. 3 months ago
There must be a number 3, see this for reference. Does anyone know the story behind all this? Is it original versions or cover versions?
posted a comment on Jackie Wilson - A Lovely Way To Die / Since You Showed Me How To Be Happy. 3 months ago
Can anyone tell whyy this version is so expensive? it seems a normal release...
posted a review of Mystery (2) - Hold On To This Moment. 3 months ago
Great, underrated work here by Denis Lepage of Kat Mandu and Jonathan B. Wright. Mixed by Bobby DJ. Late Disco gem, really an anthem, played at "The Saint"... I've read Jonathan is the singer, but this sounds more like a woman? Does anyone know more?
posted a review of Laura Pallas & The Reputations (2) - Skiing In The Snow. 4 months ago
Wow, Ian levine. Did you really have to do this? Make this Northern Soul oddity a cheap Hi-NRG embarrassment? Good god, this is really bad.
posted a review of Any Trouble - Touch And Go. 4 months ago
An evergreen record of gay parties in NYC. Sleazy morning music to the core, touching heart and soul. The band is british, and this song was engineered by Disco veteran Harvey Goldberg, produced by David Kershenbaum of Duran Duran and Joe Jackson fame. A ... See full review
posted a review of Whirlwind - Full Time Thing (Between Dusk And Dawn). 4 months ago
Probably some of the sweetest strings ever on a Disco record. Progressive arrangement, complex harmony structure, arranged by Aram Schefrin who is responsible for the big hits of DC La Rue and even arranged strings for Lou Reed.

Would be nice to know ... See full review
posted a comment on Lorraine Johnson - The More I Get The More I Want . 4 months ago
Could it be this is illegit? I don't think prelude does any reissues at the moment, do they?
posted a review of Holt '45 - Ain't Got Time / Hot Love. 4 months ago
You can clearly hear classic Motown vibes on that one. No wonder because it was arranged by David Van De Pitte who arranged Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On" LP, as well as "If you really want me" by Stevie Wonder or "Nathan Jones" by The ... See full review
posted a review of Stoneage Kid - Into Depravity EP. 5 months ago
There's an instrumental Lauer remix in the digital package that found no room on the 12". Tracks were all produced with analog eqipment in Berlin, in the studio of Whitest Boy Alive veterans Daniel Nentwig (keys) and Sebastian maschat (drums). This ... See full review
posted a review of Phoenix - If I Ever Feel Better. 5 months ago
Funny that the Buffalo Bunch remix is called underrated. You really couldn't get away from hearing this in 2000/01. Everyone and his dog played it. Great definition of the term remix though.
posted a comment on Carte Blanche (8) - Get Up Get On Your Feet. 5 months ago
actually the B side also sounds very much like a cover version of "Jesse Green - Nice and Slow", doesn't it?
posted a review of Leon & Mary Russell - Rainbow In Your Eyes / Love's Supposed To Be That Way. 5 months ago
A Warren Gluck morning music tune at "The Saint" in the 80s. Brilliant intro, flamboyant vocals and crazy arrangement, really lovely!
posted a review of Holly Oas - He's A Rebel. 5 months ago
Played at The Saint Black party 1984. Even though it's a nice cover version / re-interpretation this is still much too cheesy...
posted a comment on DJ Duke - Techdisco E.P. Vol. 2. 6 months ago
soon to be remastered and reissued via "All that jelly" (sublabel of "Smile for a while")
posted a review of Eddie Kendricks - He's A Friend. 7 months ago
Absolute bomb tune. Played by Roy Thode at the Ice Palace / Fire Island. A cult classic back at the time. Yet the last Top 40 hit of Eddie Kendricks. After the LP of the same name came out he left Motown and never became really successful again.
submitted Son Of Lee - Son Of Lee Edits. 7 months ago
posted a comment on Danny Wagner* - The Kindred Soul Of Danny Wagner. 7 months ago
So was "This thing called love" an Album only track or is the 7" just not on Discogs?
posted a comment on Billy Griffin - Hold Me Tighter In The Rain. 8 months ago
is this the 3:40 or the 5:29 version of "hold me tighter..."? Can anyone find out?
submitted Bruni Pagán* - Just Bruni. 8 months ago
posted a review of Bruni Pagán* - Lovers / Late For Love. 9 months ago
One of my alltime favourite Boogie / Disco tunes. Incredible groove, lyrics and vocals sweet like honey and that certain underground feel that made Larry Levan, Roy Thode and the likes play it... One of the best Disco love songs ever! ("Lovers")
posted a review of Girls Of The Internet. 9 months ago
speaking frankly one of the freshest producers that came up during the last few years. refreshing sampling technique, honed for the dancefloors, banging shit that should make Moodymann blush!
posted a review of De-De-Mo - 'Cause I Need You 'Cause I Love You. 11 months ago
Wow, unbelieveable what made its way onto vinyl back in the days. This sounds like it's been done in 5 minutes and the singer has never sung any song before. He's unable to hit or hold one single tone.
posted a comment on Michal Turtle* - Are You Psychic?. 11 months ago
in fact as it's longer than 12 minutes it might have made sense to switch to 33rpm for some (minor!) loss of loudness and bass.
posted a review of Kofi And The Lovetones* - Countdown. 11 months ago
Like so many Levine HiNRG tunes - a remake of a stone cold Northern Soul classic. The Tempos – (Countdown) Here I Come, written by Bobby Sanders. Yes it's cheesy but it still has enough of the original's charme to make up a standout tune in any ... See full review
posted a comment on Dennis Parker - Like An Eagle = Como Un Aguila. 11 months ago
usually these spanish titles never point to a spanish version, they're only a translation of the track title for spanish customers.
submitted Duccio (3) - Pocket Love EP. 11 months ago
posted a comment on Universal Love (3) - Moon Ride / It's You Girl. 11 months ago
so which black DJ played this? And how can europeans price it when this is on a US label? Nonsense comment.
posted a review of Universal Love (3) - Moon Ride / It's You Girl. 11 months ago
Really no idea why there is such high prices for a TK Disco record that is kind of mediocre. The B side is quite nice modern soul, but not a top tune I would say.
posted a review of Buckfunk 3000 - There Is Life On Mars. 11 months ago
Great breakbeat tune, full of energy, sampling 80s boogie tune " One On One ‎– Body Music."
posted a comment on Andrés / Mike Grant - Moods & Grooves Classics v1. 11 months ago
no idea, I don't have the original. I guess it should?!
posted a comment on Lhasa - The Attic. 11 months ago
actually it's not me, I just copied the comment from Facebook or somewhere else :)
posted a comment on Goody Goody - Goody Goody. 11 months ago
"it looks like love" sounds exactly like Chic's "Dance, dance, dance"; no? Good tune though.
posted a review of Dana Kelley A.K.A. Dr. Pompeii - Sassparilla Tea. 12 months ago
Great record. Hypnotizing soundscapes over thumping 909 beats, some sax and rolling basslines. B2 is my favourite mix. This should be a 100 Dollar record.
posted a review of turquoise colored french tourists - Pöseldorf Poolparty. 12 months ago
excellent, very diverse stuff, somewhere between Nu-Disco, live drums, oldschool Deep House and Pop Music. Worth a listen, trust me!
posted a comment on Larry Levan - Larry Levan's Paradise Garage. 12 months ago
So can anyone tell the difference from this "Double Cross" Mix to the original Bobby DJ version?
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on White Door - Windows. about 1 year ago
is there any version of this pressed at 33 RPM? Hardly noted anywhere...
posted a comment on White Door - Windows. about 1 year ago
beware, this version was pressed at 45 rpm, so you won't be able to speed it up from 33 to 45, like Baldelli did in COSMIC.
posted a comment on Chaka Khan - Clouds. about 1 year ago
is the french 12" version really that much shorter than the US version? Does this make anysense?