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"Putting a roomful of people in the moment. Amazing them, surprising them, challenging, even confusing them; pushing, electrifying, loving them; carrying them with you towards a better place. Shaking the dull daylight out of their bones, waking them into their other life."
(Paradise Garage and the Lost Art of DJ'ing)
Bill Brewster,Frank Broughton (Strut/Nuphonic Records), 2002

I am running the "Smile for a while" label. Send me Demos if you like: david[at]smileforawhile[.]de

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Gingerblack Ft. Robert Owens - Feeling That Way
submitted Gingerblack Ft. Robert Owens - Feeling That Way. 5 months ago
Ackermann (2) - I Got My Man
submitted Ackermann (2) - I Got My Man. 6 months ago
Rose Cornelius - Here
posted a review of Rose Cornelius - Here. 6 months ago
message from the label: These two tunes were produced in the late 1970s by Grammy nominee Shirley Cowell and arranged by Frank "the perfectionist" Owens. Owens is a gold-certified music producer who played piano on the legendary underground Disco tune... See full review
Manny's - I Love You So
posted a review of Manny's - I Love You So. 7 months ago
Excellent late disco tune - cheerful and harmonic. Sounds in fact more like 1980 than 1983. It got some play at "The Saint" but wasn't on the A list of tunes.
Rithma - Caves, Tunnels
posted a review of Rithma - Caves, Tunnels. 7 months ago
For me "Coeur D'Alene" is the hit on here. Deep, hypnotizing Tech House jam with bouncy basslines, feels like you're beamed somewhere deep into the jungle!

B side is great too.
Ongaku Musik
posted a review of Ongaku Musik. 7 months ago
thanks. database extremists don't care though. They've also vandalized my label "All That Jelly." Label page looks like shit because they claim to know catalogue numbers and publishing companies better than me.

I never understood why we should link... See full review
Kenny Hawkes - Ashleys War
posted a review of Kenny Hawkes - Ashleys War. 8 months ago
Both versions are really great in their own way. A version is maximum hypno-Dub minimalism while the B side has more bounce, more ups and downs and a higher stomping factor. Brilliant, timeless record for any kind of House / Minimal / Club set.
posted a review that has since been deleted. 8 months ago
Horn - Schall + Rauch
posted a review of Horn - Schall + Rauch. 8 months ago
According to the digital release this one is mis-labelled. "Subway" is the first tune on the picture side with the rhino and the yellow Pomelo shape.

Both A1 and B1 are amongst Richard Bartz' best material for me. Devastating, druggy jackhammer... See full review
Suburban Knight vs. Locutus - Oblivion
posted a review of Suburban Knight vs. Locutus - Oblivion. 8 months ago
The original version of "Dark Quest" is a Detroit Techno masterpiece. Clocking in at 137 bpm but with smooth drumming and mellow synth orchestration, this is one for the early morning hours. Brilliant, hypnotizing, full of surprises.
House Hallucination* - Prisoners Of Ectasy
posted a review of House Hallucination* - Prisoners Of Ectasy. 9 months ago
It's all about the Garage Mix. Piano Rave madness to the bone. Stomping as hell!!
Colin Dale - Colin Dale's Outer Limits²
posted a review of Colin Dale - Colin Dale's Outer Limits². 9 months ago
It's indeed "Tons Of Tones - Smooth Touches." I was wondering what it is...
Rose Cornelius - Here
submitted Rose Cornelius - Here. 9 months ago
House Syndicate - Jam The Mace
posted a review of House Syndicate - Jam The Mace. 12 months ago
why is it sad? Many early House & Techno artists from the US have sampled EBM, Italo and other European styles to maximum effect. I love this tune, it's an effective dancefloor killer, especially when pitched up.
Mr. Fonk - Karen's Piano
submitted Mr. Fonk - Karen's Piano. about 1 year ago
Gigglatron - Kromozone / Floatation Tank
posted a review of Gigglatron - Kromozone / Floatation Tank. about 1 year ago
Strong UK Techno release. Mixed and mastered perfectly, sounds as fresh as a daisy today. B side is the winner with heavy breakbeats + percussion orgy at 145 bpm. A side is a killer too. Heavyly filtered analogue synths going wild over fat-ass kickdrums.
William Payeux - T
posted a review of William Payeux - T. about 1 year ago
Are all the tracks on here the same? The videos leave that impression. Wouldn't make sense though?!
Various - You Can Trust A Man With A Moustache Vol. 4
posted a review of Various - You Can Trust A Man With A Moustache Vol. 4. about 1 year ago
I would think that it's not a sample but that it was just "recreated", gotta be real simple, right?
Various - Volume 4 Program 12
posted a review of Various - Volume 4 Program 12. about 1 year ago
Joe Hickman remixes Depeche Mode's "Just Can't Get Enough." Plastic Bertrand with "Stop Ou Encore."

Joe Hickman has done for Depeche Mode what Raul did for The Human League a few Disconets ago (Volume 4, Program 10.) Joe has taken exquisite,... See full review
Kobbe - USA Agression / Nation Of Hate & Fear
posted a review of Kobbe - USA Agression / Nation Of Hate & Fear. about 1 year ago
The B side of this one sounds fresher than ever today. Berghain Techno before Berghain existed. An evil rolling jam, stomping endlessly. The A side didn't age so well in my opinion. The break's too long and the sounds seem a bit on the cheesy side for today. See full review
DJ Strat - One More...
posted a review of DJ Strat - One More.... about 1 year ago
Easily a 5 star record. A and B1 are plain incredible. Synth madness to the max, with oldschool percussions, a lots of ups and downs...
Geraldine Hunt - Can't Fake The Feeling (Carl Cox Remix)
posted a review of Geraldine Hunt - Can't Fake The Feeling (Carl Cox Remix). about 1 year ago
You're right. Compared to some of the other recent remixes on Unidisc this is still quite acceptable. Why? because it doesn't change much of the original. The Shannon 12" shows that remixes can be good though (Alan Fitzpatrick remix that is...)
Jackie Moore - How's Your Love Life Baby (Special 12
posted a review of Jackie Moore - How's Your Love Life Baby (Special 12" Version). about 1 year ago
totally agree. but 4 stars? In which universe? This is a 6 out of 5, a hit record that never fails, no matter at which part of the night...
Made In U.S.A.* - Melodies / Gotta Get A High
posted a review of Made In U.S.A.* - Melodies / Gotta Get A High. about 1 year ago
"Melodies" used to be one of Frankie Knuckles Warehouse favourites. Incredible production and arrangement, absolutely on the spot and way ahead of anything back at the time and ever after. The musicianship is A++ too. Probably one of the best Disco maxis ever. See full review
Frank Wilson - Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)
posted a review of Frank Wilson - Do I Love You (Indeed I Do). about 1 year ago
video is private now :( That's a bummer, would have been really interesting!
Danielle Arielli - The Green House Experience
submitted Danielle Arielli - The Green House Experience. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Groove. about 1 year ago
4 years later nothing has changed - as expected. label pages are still vandalized by copyright entries.
Fieber Records
posted a comment on Fieber Records. about 1 year ago
Are any details known on this label? Who ran it, from where? Leandro Gamez? He's not german, but the label had a german email address.
T.S. Monk - Bon Bon Vie (Gimme The Good Life)
posted a review of T.S. Monk - Bon Bon Vie (Gimme The Good Life). about 1 year ago
"Stay free of his love" was in heavy rotation by Ron Hardy at the Muzic Box in Chicago. Lovely stomper that stood the test of time. Strange there is no US version on 12"?!
posted a review that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
Kraftwerk - Trans Europa Express
posted a comment on Kraftwerk - Trans Europa Express. about 1 year ago
Nicky Siano told the story that Steve Rubell got him fired from Studio 54 for playing "Trans Europa Express" in full length during a regular night. ("Oh not THAT Song!")
Audiopath - Now And Forever EP
submitted Audiopath - Now And Forever EP. about 1 year ago
Matthieu Faubourg - Modern Music For Dreamers
submitted Matthieu Faubourg - Modern Music For Dreamers. about 1 year ago
Rocky And Diesel* - Journeys By DJ Volume 7
posted a review of Rocky And Diesel* - Journeys By DJ Volume 7. about 1 year ago
While this mix CD contains hit after hit blended quite well it's not really a good DJ mix I would say. The mix starts thumping and deep, then it gets discofied, then even industrial and back to happy house in a jiffy. At least the first half of these... See full review
Larry Levan
posted a comment on Larry Levan. about 1 year ago
There already is a movie about that: The Godfather Of Disco. Check it out, it's very nice. Not to be confused with Disco Godfather though!
Claude VonStroke
posted a comment on Claude VonStroke. about 1 year ago
what is this comment about a shitstorm that passed unnoticed? it doesn't refer to his music, does it?
Peter Godwin - Emotional Disguise
posted a comment on Peter Godwin - Emotional Disguise. about 1 year ago
Brilliant story, thanks for sharing. It was a staple at The Saint and Fire Island Pines too, got played for years, mostly during warmup or morning hours, by Shaun Buchanan e.g.
posted a comment on Omaha Sheriff. over 2 years ago
it would be really nice if you could add it to the database. I am curious what it sounds like and why it was unsuccessful.
Colonel Abrams - Music Is The Answer
posted a review of Colonel Abrams - Music Is The Answer. over 2 years ago
This is neither Disco nor House Music. It's Garage, or "Club" as the Paradise Garage regulars called it. It has all the elements of House Music very clearly though.

This sound evolved from the music scene built around the Garage and the Zanzibar club... See full review
Fabulous (2) - Get Fucked By Fabulous
submitted Fabulous (2) - Get Fucked By Fabulous. over 2 years ago
Platzdasch & Dix - Facet EP
submitted Platzdasch & Dix - Facet EP. over 2 years ago
submitted Red Hook Dreams - Your Love / Jammin'. over 2 years ago
Don Williams - Detroit Black EP
posted a review of Don Williams - Detroit Black EP. over 2 years ago
A Berghain set starting with "Orderly Chaos." Priceless. Timeless Synth Techno that indeed sounds like Detroit, and like Basic Channel / Maurizio, too. Great composition, very emotional.
Brian Harden - Play Time
submitted Brian Harden - Play Time. over 2 years ago
posted a comment on Omaha Sheriff. over 3 years ago
Tony Visconti mentions in his autobiograhpy that there is a second album... Any chance to come accross this or reissue it?
Blondie - Parallel Lines
posted a comment on Blondie - Parallel Lines. over 3 years ago
Does anyone know if this is remastered or not? There are remasters on spotify, and this is probably not the original mixdown?!
Move D - House Grooves Vol. 1
submitted Move D - House Grooves Vol. 1. over 3 years ago
Mark Broom - Payback EP
posted a review of Mark Broom - Payback EP. over 3 years ago
rock-solid hypno-Techno. Great, timeless compositions, floating somewhere out in space, between 135 and 138 bpm. A2 and B1 are the picks on here...
Smokin Beats - One Fine Day / Make Love Until The Remix Come
posted a review of Smokin Beats - One Fine Day / Make Love Until The Remix Come. over 3 years ago
"One fine day" is an all-time secret weapon. Sentimental pads / flutes, jazzy keys and a perfect build up... Perfect last tune for any club situation. Very sentimental, very hard to top in a b2b situation...
Acoustic High-End Research - Strada Professional SE Vol.1
posted a comment on Acoustic High-End Research - Strada Professional SE Vol.1. over 3 years ago
I hardly think so. I think it comes from a generic fx compilation like the Wilhelm Scream...