Datapunk Mr.Loriz

November 21, 2017
Datapunk black Hotpant as merchandise not listed, so should be then cat. nrb.: DTP 22 maybe

Amptek - Narcos Mr.Loriz

November 21, 2017
The Video Tracklist Import here is wrong! For Example A1 Majestic 12 should be B1 Narcos, etc...

Webster Lewis - 8 For The 80's Mr.Loriz

August 31, 2017
edited 3 months ago
This is a minimum 5 track killer tune Jazz Disco Funk Album. The vibes from this Album survive until today. A1 for example on Razor N Tape 2016 Al Kent Edits, A2 which was the first Single from this Album and later covered by Merry Clayton and also edited by DJ Reverend P already 2013 on G A M M, A3 the next one also already edited by Jamie Buchanan in 2011, A4 was the B Side of the original Give Me Some Emotions Single, lets go to the B Side: B1 Remixed by Cory Wade, record producer, songwriter and as far as i know also DJ. Known for producing some of the biggest hits in disco in the 1970s on TK Records, for KC and the Sunshine Band and T-Connection. B2 as Globe199 already announced, is a killer discofunk tune, still works today. On half on the end B3 is the first soul tune with D Rogers on the lead guest vocals. B4 piano outro... do you expect more?

Stephanie Mills - What Cha Gonna Do With My Lovin' Mr.Loriz

July 16, 2017
edited 5 months ago
so thrillin'; im not sure what i can say, ohhh touch it gently - feel the love in me, come on tell me "whatcha gonna do with my lovin" uh uh uh; this is my favorite tune all time ever! so hard stealin, so soulful, this feelin, all my lovin for this tune! im crazy, please dont make me fantasize, tell me now! come on... :-) ah ah ah ah uh uh uh uh tell me... and with this B side on my soulful disco underground set, simply perfect, works always and since now almost 40 years on the dancefloor; both sides! i own five copies so far... :-)

Jeremy (2) - Semi-Structured Life Mr.Loriz

February 21, 2017
haha correct man! i never understood this hype. it is all in all a nice sound label but similar to hundereds of european minimal or house labels. but thats maybe the fact because they are from the states and sounds europe. it is like Discogs expose on their TOP most 40 expensive dancefloor records: Driftwood has amassed a cult following among a small group of music fans.

Kraftwerk - Das Model Mr.Loriz

February 15, 2017
do exists an original recorded 12" version (longer then all single edits) on any version?

Fön Mr.Loriz

December 21, 2016
I own the very ltd cat. nrb.: FÖN06 which was a "slip" also for sell....

Various - Masterpieces Of Modern Soul (Volume 4) as reviewed by Mr.Loriz

April 20, 2016
TOP compilation! almost all unissued material! plus three edits from Rob Keyloch

Try To Find Me - Get To My Baby Mr.Loriz

October 21, 2015
Think that's not too hard to find: The original is: Johnnie Taylor (Ooh Wee) she's killing me"

M-Core - Be Gene Mr.Loriz

August 24, 2015
And "From Pioneer To Poet" is obviously based on Lil Louis "French Kiss"

Curtis, The Brothers - When Love Goes Wrong Mr.Loriz

August 11, 2015
i own a reprint single came out last month.

The P.T.S. - Chinese Samba / Dragon Rock Mr.Loriz

July 9, 2015
Dragon Rock is a deep soulful jazz funk outstanding instrumental groover! Earl Beecher the owner of Outstanding Records released over 400 albums by more than 150 artists. Futher more he has hosted well over 1000 radio and television shows.

Mr. Soul (3) - What Happened To Yesterday as reviewed by Mr.Loriz

June 2, 2015
This is one of the most famous cover-ups on the Northern scene. It was originally played by DJ Richard Searling as Maurice McAllister "Your Love Is Slipping Away", before collector Rod Shard turned a copy up and its true identity became known. Credited to singer Al Scott who had actually produced the single. Genuine was a New York imprint from the same family of labels as Unity, Alto Bru-Cel and Atlas and though this great mid-tempo record is as scarce as rocking horse droppings, copies have turned up in Washington DC and New Orleans. Ad Croasdell, 2001 KENT RECORDS

Paul Craver - Hey Girl / Pyramid as reviewed by Mr.Loriz

May 27, 2015
The labels are swaped by accident. It should be vice versa!

Pete Lancaster* - Call Me / Mellow Hustle as reviewed by Mr.Loriz

May 26, 2015
edited over 2 years ago
"Mellow Hustle" is a TOP crooner Disco from Austria! The true hustle dance at the time of Van McCoy. Yes, original produced in the late 70ties, but given up to the label RST which was around 1980/1981

Evans Pyramid as reviewed by Mr.Loriz

May 20, 2015
Andre Evans pressed up an "Untitled" and each several hand drawn Album 1978, which was given up to the back-up musicians and singers on the recordings in lieu of payment, that time. The Album features: Never Gonna Leave You, Dip Drop, No I Wont, Soul Patrol and two more. Only five test copies were created.


Muddy Waters - Rollin' Stone / Walking Blues Mr.Loriz

February 12, 2015
This is the song why The Rolling Stones has their name! Mick Jagger was a hugh fan of Muddy Waters.

Hot - Line Mr.Loriz

January 28, 2015
Fragmented Notes:

Hot - Line Records (Hot Line Records & Tapes) was a New Orleans Southern Soul Label and a record shop. A subsidary label from NOLA RECORDS (from 1965 to 1972???)

Senator Jones has worked as promotion man for Malaco in Mississippi. Trip back to New Orleans he contacted with Lee Hildebrand of Mardi Gras records and worked more for the "bluessoul" R&B popular genre.

More realeases known are:
HOT LINE RECORDS 118 June Gardner - 99 plus 1 cc Mustard Greens (1965)
HOT LINE RECORDS 120 Senator Jones - Wachta Gonna Do cc Boston Fleet
Hot Line 118 appears to have been the label’s very first release. The R&B Indies discography of the label starts with it, as it has the lowest matrix numbers (174-1290/1291) in the Hot Line series. Why the release number led off with 118 is a mystery; and there were only three releases with numbers this low (118, 119 & 120). The remainder ran from #901 forward.

HOT LINE RECORDS 901 Curly Moore - Soul Train cc This Way I Do
re-released ???:
HOT LINE RECORDS 709 Curly Moore - Soul Train cc Please Do Something For Me
(The artist has two recorded solo singles. The other one is: Not Just You cc Back In My Mothers Arms on SCRAM120 before joining the Sansu label for another three singles. Curly Moore's career became a tragic end when he was murdered in a housing project skirmish)
HOT LINE RECORDS 902 The Sonates - Going Down The Road
(The only known single by the group)
HOT LINE RECORDS 904 Guitar Ray - Ball & Chain cc You've Got Something (1967)
HOT LINE RECORDS 905 Gerri Hall - Who Can I Run To cc I Lost The Key (1967)
(Was thought to have been released in the UK on SUE 4026 and later confirmed as beeing unreleased, but later again there appear some copies which reaches top delaer prices from USD1500 and above in the Northern Soul scene)
HOT LINE RECORDS 906 Donna King - Take Me Home cc Hot Line (1967)
(Donna King is another act whoe has slipped into the shadows. There is not realy a documentary about her until today)
HOT LINE RECORDS 910 Willie Tee - Close Your Eyes cc I Heard Everything You Said (1967)
HOT LINE RECORDS 912 Guitar Ray - Patty Cake Shake cc New True Love (1967)
HOT LINE RECORDS 914 Guitar Ray - Funky Pete, Parts 1 & 2 (1968)
HOT LINE RECORDS 918 June Gardner - Hot Seat

HOT LINE RECORDS ??? Guitar Ray - Ain't That Soul cc True Love Of A Man (1968)

Most of the productions are from Allen Toussaint & Wardell Quezergue, co-owner of Nola Records (started 1964) and Toussaint’s main music business rival at the time.

John Lee Hooker - Baby Baby / Roll And Tumble Mr.Loriz

October 1, 2014
edited over 3 years ago
Originally Released 1981

Young-Holt Unlimited* - Soulful Strut Mr.Loriz

January 24, 2014
Barbara Acklin recorded the song "I Am The Same Girl" with the Group, who contribute the instrumental part. To her suprise, Brunswick published the Young-Holt Unlimited solo version under "soulful strut", which became a massive tune in several scenes like the Northern, the Rare Groove, etc..., and also reach Top Three at the R&B Charts that time. Unfortunatlly Barbara Acklin's vocal version of 1969 got neither a chart position nor a scene hit.

Opus Seven - The Way You Move Me Mr.Loriz

January 4, 2014
"Hey Big Brother" is the tune! A smoove, cool, funky disco groover. Credited by audio engineer and remixer Ralph Bates aka "The Souly Ghost" who also arranged and mixed Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers Funk Express or Opus Seven Thoughts.

The Sandpebbles - Forget It Mr.Loriz

December 11, 2013
HA! Everybodys talking that The Winstons "Amen Brothers", is THE first original drum & bass break ever done, here is an example that proto drum & bass is far more earlier. A classical drum break on "Forget it" like the old school of Drum & Bass playaz use it today.

Krisp - Farlige Fiffus Mr.Loriz

July 31, 2013
Haha! I would recommend this release to Moodymann for his rare DJ Gigs if he not played it already! If you are looking for a special deep house underground record, this is not a typically house label and sounds like deep, bit distorted, cool delayed stompin ground style, this is your record! An excellent example of how different house can be programmed!

A Sagittariun - Transparent Mind EP Mr.Loriz

April 6, 2013
For me Aubrey Remix is also a killer! right. Chris Rhythm - VIENNA