Yo. My name is Shnootz (real name Matt), and I'm a DJ who's been mixing vinyl for over twenty years (I got my tables in spring of 1998). I performed at perhaps 30 or so rave-parties in Southern California (and 1 in Arizona) between 1999 and 2003. I then took a semi-hiatus for a few years (I still mixed the occasional set and even bought a few records during this period, but at a much slower rate than before or since the hiatus ended), but got back into mixing with a passion around 2008. As of 2022, I continue to mix almost exclusively vinyl (acid techno, acid trance, hardcore/gabber, hard trance, Goa/psy, melodic trance, warehouse techno, and even a tiny bit of acid house every now and then), though I do put together digital sets of psybient/downtempo/chillout. Since 2015, I've begun gigging again, though only occasionally.

And to be fair, I originally cut my teeth on hardcore punk rock, with bands such as Propagandhi, Subhumans (UK, though the Canadian band isn't bad, either), Bad Religion, Operation Ivy, and the Dead Kennedys representing my primary tastes. I also listen to some ska (Op Ivy, Culture Shock, and a few others), reggae/ragga/dancehall/dub (General Levy, Pato Banton, Daddy Freddy, Wayne Smith, Steel Pulse, Bob, etc.), hip-hop (Wu-Tang, Del the Funkee Homosapien, Chalie 2na, etc., as well as the inimitable Harry Mack), old-school synth pop (Depeche Mode, Yaz, When In Rome, etc.). Western Classical music (Beethoven, Dvorak, Rossini, Brahms, Tchaikovsky, etc.), and Iron Maiden (lol, not so much metal overall, just Maiden), as well as many other styles of "normal" music. So, put simply, my musical tastes are expansive and diverse.

Also, I was originally on Discogs under a different name between 2004 and 2006, so I've been a Discogger since '04.

I do lots of DJ and music-related videos on my YouTube channel these days:

And here is my Soundcloud, which I also maintain (perhaps slightly less volume these days, now that I'm doing a lot on YouTube, but there will still be new/premiere sets on Soundcloud, as well):

Anyway, long live vinyl records! Keep the BPM high and acid lines flowing! Cheers.

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DJ Mad Dog - Game Over
posted a review of DJ Mad Dog - Game Over. about 22 hours ago
I bought this record specifically for that track and acid-sequence! Another insightful comment, sir.
The Police
posted a comment on The Police. 11 days ago
Also I love your profile pic and user-name. I watched movies of Asterix and Obelix as a kid, absolutely hilarious (never read the original French-language comics, though).
The Police
posted a comment on The Police. 11 days ago
The "transcription" releases are not bootlegs; they're promo/white-label copies used by radio-stations for special broadcasts. So I agree the discography should make a separate section for the proper studio albums (or perhaps put the transcription... See full review
MIC (9) - Timenvu
posted a review of MIC (9) - Timenvu. 24 days ago
:Vagabondage" is stupidly good. And it features saxophone to die for! What a tune.
Binary Finary - 1999
posted a review of Binary Finary - 1999. 26 days ago
Your comment about the feeling of "an epic cinematic film" in the breakdown is spot-on. It definitely has that feel.
posted a comment on Zymosis. about 1 month ago
Well said, I had the same thought recently. Hope he's doing alright, we have been blessed with his tunes for over 15 years.
WestBam - Celebration Generation (Chapter 1)
posted a review of WestBam - Celebration Generation (Chapter 1). about 1 month ago
Tasos! Love this review! Very moving in terms of the track making think of your unlived lives and alternative skeins of personal history. Don't know the tune but have to check it now. Cheers, brother!
Commander Tom
posted a comment on Commander Tom. 6 months ago
I'm here again to wish RIP to a legend. Will be listening to Commander Tom and Mandala tunes all day today.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 7 months ago
Jello Biafra - Beyond The Valley Of The Gift Police
posted a comment on Jello Biafra - Beyond The Valley Of The Gift Police. 7 months ago
Arguably my favorite of Jello's spoken-word albums. Obviously lots of things he talks about in these releases are topical, so certain details can seem dated or just less interesting over time, but this one has a few sections in which Jello talks more... See full review
Nasenbluten - 100% No Soul Guaranteed
posted a comment on Nasenbluten - 100% No Soul Guaranteed. 7 months ago
OMG, that's the 2xCD I was talking about! So cool, thanks for linking that. :)
Astral Projection - Amen
posted a review of Astral Projection - Amen. 8 months ago
Simple review (certainly given my loquacious ways): this album is brilliant. Does it have a real stand-out, wow-your-socks-off full-on killer? No, but every single track is quality with excellent production to my ears and brain. And one or two of the... See full review
Menis - Temporary Insanity
posted a comment on Menis - Temporary Insanity. 8 months ago
That Live Mix of "The Drugs Do Work" is wicked, twisted, and acid-drenched. Major tune for sure.
Save The Robot
posted a comment on Save The Robot. 8 months ago
Oh snap, they started making psy-trance again?! Consider me on notice. Would love another vinyl release (EP or full album). Battle of the Mind remains legendary.
posted a comment on Chris Liberator & The Geezer. 9 months ago
One of my favorite collaborations (in all their configurations, but especially this one and Carbine). Even made an acid trance tune under this moniker years ago (the remix of "Galaxians" by Section X). Legends, both.
Depeche Mode - See You
posted a comment on Depeche Mode - See You. 9 months ago
"Now This Is Fun" is an underrated masterpiece from Depeche. Very much in their early synth-pop sound, but emotional and sonically complex. Fantastic tune.
Dead Kennedys - Frankenchrist
posted a review of Dead Kennedys - Frankenchrist. 10 months ago
Forget all the background about the trial, the Geiger poster, or the PMRC; this is just a bold, innovative, and brilliant punk-rock record. Pushing the genre's boundaries, expressing a dystopian vibe across the different tunes, and finishing with a... See full review
Joe Escalante
posted a comment on Joe Escalante. 10 months ago
Well, I don't have too much personal knowledge here, but according to an interview Escalante gave in 2019, it's not like that. They apparently reached a settlement back in 2003. Plus Joe makes the point he removed two songs "written by a former member... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 10 months ago
Avinit Records
posted a comment on Avinit Records. 12 months ago
Respect to any acid techno label that puts out records for 10 years (and at a pace only slightly less than 1 per year). Lots of quality and variety on the label, too. Cheers and here's to another decade of Avinit (and 'avin it!).
Neuronoid - Peace & Love
posted a comment on Neuronoid - Peace & Love. about 1 year ago
Once the sample arrives and the 303 drops in "Neurobashing," it begins an onslaught of acidic aplomb that continues straight to the end of the track. Cool and seemingly underrated acid tune.
posted a comment on BK. about 1 year ago
The guy that turned my attention to hard house for a few years. His early bangers and remixes on the blue Nukleuz label (especially the "Hard Beat" releases) are still total class. Respect to a legend even if I don't pay much attention to hard house... See full review
Various - Jack Wax Presents
posted a comment on Various - Jack Wax Presents "Flat Acid Compilation" Volume 4. about 1 year ago
I just noticed this record has Eat Static's "Ganesha" on it? Is that right? Oh snap, that's an acid classic. Need to snag a copy of this.
Geezer - Prozac
posted a comment on Geezer - Prozac. about 1 year ago
The A.C.A.B. remix is old-school deranged 303 fire. Really fantastic vintage dirty acid techno. Top shelf.
posted a comment on Mobile Dogwash. about 1 year ago
So the early releases were "Ron Atomizer" and "Muntatronic," which I assume was/is Iain? But then it seems in the late aughties, it became a solo Iain project? Do I have that right? And on "Psycho-Delic," credit is also given to "Aaron Neilson" (?).... See full review
Stimulant DJs - Hoover Time
posted a comment on Stimulant DJs - Hoover Time. about 1 year ago
I played the original mix at a SoCal trance party in late 2000/early 2001, near the end of a hybrid hard trance/hard house set, and it was a real Marty McFly/"Johnny B. Goode"/Back to the Future sort of moment (or 2Cellos - Thunderstruck if you know... See full review
Holo Movement - Vortex Explosion
posted a comment on Holo Movement - Vortex Explosion. about 1 year ago
No disrespect to the previous comment, but I notably disagree. This is wicked, twisted, plodding acid very much in that mid '90s continental acid vein. Top stuff, all three tracks.
Rod Smallwood
posted a comment on Rod Smallwood. about 1 year ago
All his musical contributions aside, can we just agree the name Rod Smallwood is almost comically phallic?
Various - Interstate Five
posted a comment on Various - Interstate Five. about 1 year ago
"The Cousin" is a banger, and like a lot of KN tunes, it has acid and power, but also some funk to it. Fun, acid-soaked track.
posted a comment on B.B.E.. about 1 year ago
The only thing I would say is Kai Tracid was making blazing hard acid trance for multiple years before this tune came out under names like Acut Genius, Formic Acid, and Mac Acid. But yes, his later tunes under the Kai Tracid name did become more like... See full review
Various - Enlightenment
posted a comment on Various - Enlightenment. about 1 year ago
"Indeli" alone makes this compilation worth buying. Haunting, dynamic, and acid-laced, this track drives forward, twists inside out, and burns all in its wake. Phenomenal tune from top to bottom. 5+/5
Shpongle - Are You Shpongled?
posted a comment on Shpongle - Are You Shpongled?. about 1 year ago
Ha, I thought I was the only one. I love '90s acid Goa (and to a lesser extent, post-2000 psytrance), including Hallucinogen/Posford specifically ... but I've just never really dug Shpongle. As you say, it's sort of a mish-mash of different musical... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
Tandú* - Acido EP
posted a comment on Tandú* - Acido EP. about 1 year ago
So if someone has a different opinion from you, they're "the idiot brigade?" Lol, what a reasonable stance.

Also, I would point out that the release is rated below 4.0 by the collective users who have voted, and that's actually low for a Noom record.... See full review
Cores - Balandra
posted a review of Cores - Balandra. about 1 year ago
Not quite the same vibe as Michael Kores' old bangers from the '90s, but this has a healthy dose of acid, a nice groove, and excellent sonic structure. In fact, the "Old Scool Dub" version features an even stronger acid component, though again, it's... See full review
posted a comment on Cores. about 1 year ago
Just saw this! Cheers for commenting, and thanks for all the class music back in the day. :)
Van Bellen
posted a comment on Van Bellen. about 1 year ago
His remix of Chris Raven's "I Know You Love Me Too" remains a timeless classic of the highest quality.
Chris C - Tokyo Telefon / Boys Do
posted a comment on Chris C - Tokyo Telefon / Boys Do. about 1 year ago
"Boys Do" is a lesser-known/appreciated tune (it seems to me). Is it driving hard house? Atmospheric hard trance? Uplifting melodic trance?

In a word, yes. Give this one a listen if you haven't heard it (and like that turn-of-the-millennium crossover... See full review
Chris Liberator & Darc Marc - System Runs You Like A Machine Acid Music Has Come To Set You Free
posted a review of Chris Liberator & Darc Marc - System Runs You Like A Machine Acid Music Has Come To Set You Free. about 1 year ago
The title track is quality. Sort of reminds me of "Scum Like Us Like Acid" (given the recurrent vocal and darker sonic atmosphere) but slightly less "'avin it" and more deep/cerebral. Still, the tune is resolute and driven, so prepare your mind for a... See full review
Ayla - Ayla (Remixes)
posted a comment on Ayla - Ayla (Remixes). about 1 year ago
I used to own it, but I sold it a few years ago (not even sure why, wish I hadn't done so), so I can't say for certain. And obviously YouTube videos could be sped up, slowed down, or clipped in a way that distorts the actual recorded time. So alas,... See full review
Marmion - Schöneberg
posted a comment on Marmion - Schöneberg . about 1 year ago
The opening of MWNN's remix still gives me goosebumps all these years later. And then when the main melodic line finally drops more than 3:00 in, you realize just how epic this one is. So good. Also I finally got a NM copy after many years of trying... See full review
Astral Projection - The Astral Files
posted a comment on Astral Projection - The Astral Files. about 1 year ago
The Concept Remix of Utopia is brilliant, vintage '90s Goa, and fair to say, so is the original mix, perhaps even a shade better. But I heard the remix first back in the day, and I nearly lost my mind when that melody-drop happens midway through the... See full review
Ling Ling (3)
posted a comment on Ling Ling (3). about 1 year ago
Yes, this guy really is a unique talent. And I agree his wonderfully eccentric work is in the same spirit as Solar Quest and '90s German acid trance (or Pablo Gargano, etc.). Creative, emotional, and oh-so-acidic. Have it.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
Nosferatu - Inspiration Vibes
posted a comment on Nosferatu - Inspiration Vibes. about 1 year ago
I'm just going to add a couple comments about "The Future," but really, just read the other reviewer here, as they hit the nail on the head at length.

Anyway, "The Future" is brilliant across the board, and many people rightly comment on the... See full review
Nosferatu - Inspiration Vibes
posted a comment on Nosferatu - Inspiration Vibes. about 1 year ago
You may not have reviewed many records, but you aced this one! Top stuff, I completely agree. Just a brilliant 3-track EP, and like you say, "The Future" is the pick of the litter, "Inspiration Vibes" is a classic banger, and even the "weakest link"... See full review
BK - Revolution
posted a comment on BK - Revolution. about 1 year ago
Yo, big ups to you! I wasn't even aware of the Alphazone remix all these years; somehow it just slipped past my radar at the time. But after reading your comment, I went and had a listen, and it was so good, I had to order myself a copy! Seriously a... See full review
Iowaska - Vine Of Souls
posted a comment on Iowaska - Vine Of Souls. about 1 year ago
Absolute banger of an album. Sad it turned out to be a one-off. But the punk/metal/hippie synthesis was a breath of fresh air and something special. Highlights for me (though again, there isn't a bad pick in the bunch) include the opening "Modranicht"... See full review
BK - Hard Beat EP 15
posted a review of BK - Hard Beat EP 15. about 1 year ago
Bangers, both tunes. "Bad Ass" is a peak-time, hoover-heavy brain-slayer, but don't underestimate "Clattered." It has a mechanical and relentless feel, so get those robotic fists pumping and do your best impression of an AI raver.
BK / Prezioso - Hard Beat EP 10
posted a comment on BK / Prezioso - Hard Beat EP 10. about 1 year ago
"Muzik 4 the People" is a banger if you dig that old blue-Nukleuz hard-house, hoover-heavy style. Top stuff from BK's early phase.