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posted a comment on Deepbass - Campello. over 2 years ago
Like the 90's Harthouse for example..?I have them at home still and listening these I find exactly the same sounds in these tracks,different technology and better sound..Well I wish all those tracks coming back in remixes from the 90's..
posted a comment on Deepbass - Campello. over 2 years ago
Well this album is pretty much reminding me from some Harthouse compilations from the mid 90's..Especially kymea..
posted a review of Björn Torwellen - Who I Am. over 2 years ago
Bjorn Torwellen ..An other great Techno-Minimal Artist.. Pure dark energy,amazing tunes. I have so far all his albums on Vinyl..
posted a comment on Thomas Krome - Woodcarver's Nightmare. over 2 years ago
True darkness of the Viking Techno..Love it, even after 17 years..
posted a comment on Nuclear Hyde - Challenge E.P.. over 2 years ago
100% agree with you..I lived these tracks back in times in Germany and I remember the crowd how they went mad when we played these tunes.. Now I am collecting them again my old vinyls I played so many times that hardly tune coming out of them..Thanks god ... See full review
posted a review of Nuclear Hyde - Acceleration E.P.. over 6 years ago
Well dear Hodderian,i have these vinyls still at home at guess what,i bought some again or in better cond. coz I had playing these old records so much that i'm wondering about how still any sound coming from them out..Yes you are right..These times ... See full review
posted a review of MikeroBenics - Julika. over 6 years ago
Yeah,this track just making me soft again and matter when i heard first time..still love it..Need to remake it with a new hardwares to sound better but leaving the melody the same..