Drum & Bass DJ & producer, based in east Germany.
Mr.Spooky is the original Member of KWZ/Krawallzwang Records .

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Mr.Spooky Terror is the original member of Krawallzwang (KWZ) Records and has been DJing and Producing since 17 years. Now at the age of 33 Mr.Spooky Terror has experienced many different styles of production and DJing and is ready to take his music to the next level.
His debut release “ManMachin EP” came out at the start of December 2007 and created a lot of buzz around his name on the Drum and Bass and Techno scene.
Mr. Spooky Terror takes DJing just as seriously as his production, incorporating laptops and hardware controllers to achieve the level of precision he needs to convey his unique style of music.