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Exactly. I saw that when it came in for RSD and called bullshit!
posted a comment on Foo Fighters - Songs From The Laundry Room. over 2 years ago
Where is actual documentation that this was repressed for RSD 2017?? These started showing up again in some stores in MARCH well before Record Store Day. I bought a copy in Boston March 30th. still has the white RSD sticker with the 2015 date on it. ... See full review
submitted Fuck You Pay Me - Dumbed Down. over 2 years ago
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posted a comment on Gwar - America Must Be Destroyed. over 4 years ago
My side 4 is 33 1/3. Kinda sucks since I have to lift the platter to change the belt.... Anyone know if it is a mistake or by design?
posted a comment on Ramones - Mondo Bizarro. over 4 years ago
Can anyone confirm that there really was a black 180gm release? I just bought one of these and it most definitely is not 180gm.
submitted Ramones - ¡Adios Amigos!. over 4 years ago