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posted a comment on Omar-S - Simply (Fuck Resident Advisor). 9 months ago
'You Gotta Beat The Clock' samples 'Beat the Clock' by Sparks 1979
posted a comment on Lo-Real - Squaredance. over 3 years ago
Why did the Nicolas Lutschers leave this one in the cheap binh?
posted a comment on Age Of Chance - Time's Up. over 3 years ago
'Times Up' samples Pink Floyd's 'Breathe' and not 'Time'. .
posted a comment on Morgan Geist - The Driving Memoirs. over 3 years ago
Doorbell samples the 1977 "Don't You Know" by the Jan Hammer Group
posted a comment on The Orb Featuring Lee 'Scratch' Perry* - The Orbserver In The Star House. over 4 years ago
'Golden Clouds' samples the guitars from Steve Reich' 'Electric Counterpoint III'
posted a comment on Detromental - Move. over 4 years ago
The full story behind the rebuilt can be read on the factmag website:
posted a comment on Ron Trent - Dance Classic. over 4 years ago
The dear man was born in 1973.. which would make him 4 years old for 'Meltdown'. I'm inclined to say those years are not linked to the date of production.
submitted Spacetravel - Consciousness. over 4 years ago
posted a comment on Florian Kupfer - Post Present. over 4 years ago
snippits are available on soundcloud, snippits are available on soundcloud
posted a comment on Out Of The Basement - To Rack & Ruin Vol.4. over 4 years ago
Two cheap and easy edits. Unworthy of the black plastic.
posted a review of Computer Graphics - Lo-Fi. over 5 years ago
"Useful" is more than useful, it is actually quite lovely.
posted a comment on Lady Blacktronika* - Pieces Of My Puzzle. over 5 years ago
"Out of my life" samples the 1986 track We are growing by Margaret Singana. The soundtrack for the Shaka Zulu films.
posted a comment on Shake - Shake's Track Mode E.P.. over 5 years ago
´Get a feeling´ samples the 1962 Etta James track ´Something´s got a hold of me´.
posted a comment on Swayzak - Shape Memory Effect. over 6 years ago
As read aloud by Forest Whitaker in the movie 'Ghost Dog'
posted a comment on Gemini - Swimmin' Wit' Sharks EP. over 6 years ago
If I am not mistaken "We are the future" Samples USG's "Ncameu" from '97.
posted a comment on Hideto Omura - Love Like This. over 6 years ago
'Love Like This' samples J Dilla's 'So Far To Go' without adding much to it.
posted a comment on Kareem (6) - How Low Can You Go. over 6 years ago
Angry Birds samples the tambourines of Pepe Bradock's 'Deep Burnt'.
posted a comment on Nathan Hawks - Derrick's Chase. over 6 years ago
The Vox mix samples the wonderful 'Move Me' by Mood II Swing
posted a review of Neil Landstrumm - The Paskal EP. over 6 years ago
If I am not mistaking, Jakes Room samples 'Mystic Brew' by Ronnie Foster (1972).
posted a review of DJ Honesty* - A Horse With No Name. over 6 years ago
'Aside' is delicious groovy minimal house.
posted a comment on Tilman - Transmission. over 6 years ago
'Eruption' samples Mystic Merlin's 'Just Can't Give You Up' year 1980
posted a comment on Donato Dozzy & Tin Man (3) - Acid Test 09. over 6 years ago
I'm astonished by how they were able to massage the 303 into making such subtle, lush and warm tones. Test 7.
posted a comment on Dana Ruh - Naturally. over 6 years ago
The vocal sample Cannabis Sativa in 'Education' is taken from Dr. Dre's 'The Roach', the outro on his 1992 album 'The Chronic'
posted a comment on Dungeon Meat / SE62 - The Fuck Off Track / True Force. over 6 years ago
'The Fuck Off Track' vocal sample (Oooh) is taken from Basement Jaxx' 'Fly Life'.
posted a comment on Ian Pooley - Relations. over 6 years ago
The vocal sample in 'Relations' is sung by reggae legend Johnny Clarke.
posted a comment on Guy Mantzur & Khen / Slok / Of Norway - Touching Distance / The Trip / Running Lights V. over 6 years ago
Some of the synths of 'The Trip' seem inspired by John Tejada's 'Unstable Condition'.
posted a comment on Brian Harden - Inner Instincts. over 6 years ago
"It is all from my baby" samples the vocal from the disco classic "Is it all over my face" by Loose Joints
posted a comment on A:lex / Phil Madeiski - Leap 003. over 6 years ago
"9987" Samples the vocals from Wu Tang Clan's "Can It All Be So Simple"
posted a comment on Various - Chicago Service. over 6 years ago
"Tazz" uses the vocal samples from Quincy Jones' " Razzamatazz" as Gene Hunt has done before.
posted a review of T.C. Crew* Featuring 1015 - Bak From The Underground. over 6 years ago
"Master Plan" samples the The Kay Gees' "Master Plan" (1974). Dr. Dre made the sample infamous on his The Chronic album, a year after this release.
"Remix 91" opening vocal sample is of course from NWA's "Straight Outta Compton" (1988).
posted a comment on Brian Harden - The Black 3 EP. over 6 years ago
Qunu is the name of the birth village of Nelson Mandela. The melodic xylophone like sounds and the drops could be interpreted as subtle hints to South African house music like Bojo Mujo and Mujave.
posted a comment on Paul Johnson - Bump Talkin. over 6 years ago
"Hour Glass Figure" samples "Lyrics to go" by a Tribe Called Quest (1993).
posted a comment on Craig Alexander - The Soul Revival EP. over 6 years ago
'Lovin' Feeling' heavily samples Drew Sky's 'Razzmatazz'. Unfortunately not surpassing the 1992 classic in any way, shape or form.
posted a comment on Willie Graff & Tuccillo - Give You Up. over 6 years ago
" Give You Up" samples Hamilton Bohannon's " Let's start the dance"
posted a comment on Willie Graff + Tuccillo* - The Power Hour. over 6 years ago
"Groove On" samples the vocal bits from Nu-Solution feat. Tonya Wynne - I Need You
posted a comment on FUSE* - Dimension Intrusion. over 6 years ago
'Substance abuse' seems inspired by Joey Beltrams 'Energy Flash', listening to the echoed claps, the crash cymbals and the consecutive drops. The low pitched yelling of 'Overdoze Overdoze Overdoze' seems outdated now, but is it really? When the Bjarki... See full review
posted a comment on Batsumi - Batsumi. over 6 years ago
Mamshanyana is completely out of tune, still sounds great.
posted a comment on DJ Bone - Physics. over 6 years ago
The spoken text on "Cause of Action" is from Radio Freedom, the voice of the African National Congress, South Africa's time-tested revolutionary movement. Born of the people into the front lines to spearhead the people's struggle for the seizure of... See full review
posted a comment on Aba-Shanti-I & The Shanti-Ites - The Wrath Of Jah Verse I (Earth Rocker). over 6 years ago
Repress is coming
posted a comment on Dez-Andrés* - Things U Like. over 6 years ago
Merry Go Round basically loops several parts of a live performance done by Tenor Saw in 1986 for a political rally on the Tempo Riddim. Footage is available on YouTube.
posted a comment on K. Hand* - Flashback EP. over 6 years ago
That'd be an Energy-Flashback.

Joey Beltram pitched down and acidic.
posted a comment on Glenn Underground - July 12, 1979. over 6 years ago
posted a comment on Cassy. over 6 years ago
Wonderfully skilled DJ that only rides the pitch when she mixes. No ostentatious fidgeting with the buttons, but resolute turning of the knobs and faders. Almost always with a smile and headphones on.
posted a comment on Spirit Of The Black 808 - Dirty Jointz. over 6 years ago
Track two samples the bubble sounds from Gil Scott Heron's and Brian Jackson's "We Almost Lost Detroit"
posted a comment on Pablo Moses - Give I Fi I Name. over 6 years ago
Crucial tune
posted a comment on The East-Flatbush Project* - A Madman's Dream / Can't Hold It Back. over 6 years ago
' A Madman's dream ' samples the bass line from ' Easy to be hard' by Three Dog Night
posted a comment on Sister Rasheda / Jah Warrior Feat Jah Mason - Jah Is Love / Don't Cry Dub Wise. over 6 years ago
Steve and Sisters collab really works. A2 will make you skank
posted a comment on Matic Horns - 400 Years (Sip A Cup Showcase Vol. 3). over 6 years ago
Sabay indah is played exquisitely well on this record. Every wail on the bone cuts deep
posted a comment on Sandeeno / Winston Saxton Rose* - Can't Keep I & I Down / Satta A Massagana. over 6 years ago
Winston on the sax is great with precise feeling and depth without getting cheesy.
posted a comment on Mykal Prophet* - Rigteous Revolution. over 6 years ago
Excellent release.