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posted a comment on Rehash. 15 days ago
If you love Endtroducing, then their whole damn discography is required. I am not trying to belittle Rehash by comparing them to DJ Shadow of the Endtroducing era. I'm just telling you that if you have often felt disappointed that there is not more ... See full review
posted a comment on S U R V I V E* - LLR002. 26 days ago
Sheesh. Let's get a repress of this out, already.
posted a comment on Villalobos* - Alcachofa. 29 days ago
It is utterly absurd that no label has stepped up to reissue Alcachofa on vinyl that includes Y.G.H., What You Say, and Fool's Garden. 4x12 would be fine by me. Make it happen.
posted a comment on Gaussian Curve - The Distance. about 1 month ago
Agree. I hear more depth in the second release. That does not make the first chopped liver, but I like the second LP more.
posted a review of Stan Douglas - Luanda-Kinshasa. about 1 month ago
How is it that we only get four cuts? This is some of the most beastly jazz-fusion-funk I have ever heard. Be aware that these are 45rpm platters. The sound quality is beyond reproach. About 28 minutes total or 7 minutes per side. Hopefully the ... See full review
posted a comment on Alice Coltrane - Eternity. 3 months ago
Los Caballos is a frigging monster without genus or comparison. Listen without delay.
posted a comment on Gramm - (Personal_Rock). 4 months ago
I would say that Personal Rock is much closer in spirit to the seminal Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records. Personal Rock is not as kick drum driven as the Farben releases. You can literally hear LFJR being birthed here. Personal Rock deserves a reissue every ... See full review
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posted a comment on Thundercat - Drunk. 4 months ago
Not to mention the price tag that necessarily follows such a format. Sheesh.
posted a comment on Jan Jelinek - Loop-finding-jazz-records. 10 months ago
About time. I had emailed Mr. Jelinek through Faitiche a couple of years ago and he told me he had plans to reissue the vinyl. Salivating, grip sweats, etc.
posted a comment on Horse Lords - Horse Lords. about 1 year ago
This LP is giving me a case of the gripsweats in the extreme.
posted a comment on Dept Of Edu - Cuban Studies / Barrio Outreach. about 1 year ago
Just now coming back to this. Yes, I goofed in my first post. What I meant to say is that currently it looks that there are two separate artist listings for Dept of Edu and that they should be combined so that the Barrio Outreach and Fuel Efficiency ... See full review
posted a comment on Dept Of Edu - Cuban Studies / Barrio Outreach. over 2 years ago
Release should be added / merged with the other Dept of Edu release, no?
posted a comment on Dept Of Edu - Cuban Studies / Barrio Outreach. over 2 years ago
My sense is that this is private press only. It's not going to get any formal distribution. Discogs or bust. For those that already own the Cuban Studies/Fuel Efficiency 7", the private press market value on Barrio Outreach is looking, well, painful.
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posted a comment on Deadbeat - LPs 2002-2005. over 2 years ago
A wonderful reissue. If you slept on the original ~cape releases, snatch one of these up. Not a weak track on any of these early deadbeat lps. And man, I don't know about others, but I have an Audiotechnica LP 120 (pre USB model) I run through a Bose ... See full review
posted a comment on Rhythm & Sound - The Versions. over 3 years ago
It's so ridiculous good. 2003, 2014, whatever. This is just lovely head music.
posted a comment on Jack Rose. over 3 years ago
In fairness to Rose, while not dismissing your point, "plagiarism" in folk and the blues was traditionally a given and quite rampant. Consider basically ALL of Dylan's early folk stuff. Reinterpretation of others songs is pretty standard. It is ... See full review