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posted a comment on DJ Stew - Low Ping EP. over 9 years ago
R.T.F.B = Rock the Funky Beats. Awesome Breaks track with that sample in it.
posted a comment on Buzzy Bus - Jump. over 9 years ago
The whistle sample is originally from De La Soul - Keepin' the Faith
posted a comment on Various - Disco Inferno. over 9 years ago
I'm pretty sure Dirty Trax is the artist and Tidy Trax is the label.. the record has the Tidy Trax logo on it.

Also, it's Tracey's Room not Tracey's Horn
posted a comment on DJ Versatile (2) / DJ Speed (3) - Lunch Break Vol. 3. over 9 years ago
Not sure why it says DJ Speed as artist when it says DJ Versatile on the record..?
posted a comment on Various - Gyrator EP. over 9 years ago
A - Brandy - Girations (Illicit remix)
B - Candy Staton vs. Roger Sanchez - You Got the Love (Illicit remix)
posted a comment on Five - Slam Dunk. over 9 years ago
Executive Producer - Simon Cowell.. LOL!
posted a comment on Suburban Soul* - Untitled. over 9 years ago
A - Burnin' Up
B - Come On

Genre - Speed Garage

Actual Discog listing here -
posted a comment on Infamous (2), The - You're Not Alone / Fine Night. over 9 years ago
Why does it say Unknown Artist when it clearly states "The Infamous" as the artist on the record?