I currently run New York Lathe Cuts in NY as a Mastering Engineer. I manufacture the only Embossing Sapphire Recording Styli made especially for recording polycarbonate record blanks.

I started cutting acetates back in 1972 With Walter Gibbons. He and I started Melting Pot Sound, a acetate dub plate disc recording service for DJ's. Long after many years, I discovered in 1976, Walter Gibbons was back stabbing me by secretly working with Frank Trimarco from Sunshine Sound. I decided to give up the business in 1986 to go into the NEON sign business and sold my lathe on consignment to Robert S.Cosulich of TRANSCO PRODUCTS CORP in Linden, NJ.

The Neumann cutting lathe and the HAECO SC-1 cutting head was the one used to cut The misfits first 45 7 inch disc "Cough Cool". That Neumann system wound up in The Wakefield section of The Bronx, NY to a Errol Jones who used to own a Reggae recording studio. Then was sold to TRANSCO PRODUCTS CORP in Linden, NJ.

Last thing I heard in 2015 it was sold to someone in Japan, but not true, it was destroyed at the Apollo fire where the lacquers were made. I purchased this record cutting lathe in 1972 from A&R recording studios in New York, where I met mastering engineer Al Brown, and he helped me load it into the truck, the last time I saw Al was in 1977 at a CB radio ham fest in Brooklyn, NY

I called my studio, "SPECTRUM SOUND", 1974-1977, At the same time, I was working at Variety Recording Studios with Fred Vargas and Joe Cyr. Great guys to work with R.I.P.

In 1980 Flowers Mastering, was my company, the only name actually registered as a DBA, at 750 8th Ave. New York, NY10036. Located in the same building as the RGH Record pressing plant owned by George S. Srolovits, I wonder how he's doing, I believe he became a Rabbi. Today RGH pressing would have been a gold mine.

Howie at Master Craft Plating at 609 West 51st Street, I don't remember his last name but Hans Dietrich Faulhaber doesn't want to reveal his last name. Back then in1980, Howie had told me over the phone, "we don't like newcomers in the mastering business" and accused me of cutting bootleg masters, what an Ass hole.

In the same period I worked with Herb Abramson at A1-Sound Studios where I helped install and set up his Scully 501 lathe.

In 1984 I entered in a short contract agreement with John Palutis at Allied Recording Products in Long Island City, Queens, NY, and relocated my record cutting lathe there at Allied manufacturing plant to do quality control cutting of the acetate blanks.

For more on lathe cuts visit https://nylathecuts.com
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The pressing plant punched large holes for all copies in error for this recording done at 33rpm.