41 year-old optimistic pessimist from Northern Sweden. Record collector with some width in taste but mainly death & black metal. Been within the scene for quite some time and actually miss the "good old tape-trading days". Owner of the worlds largest Naglfar collection.

PS:If an item is not marked "FOR SALE", it means it is not available for sale NOR trade. The only exception is if you have any of the items listed below up for trade/sale.

I'm Looking for the following items with NAGLFAR:
"Stellae Trajectio" MC 1994 [PROMO VERSION, Xeroxed cover, black logo on white background, regular tape]
"We are Naglfar - Fuck you!" MC 1995 [Not on label]
"Maiden Slaughter" MC 1996 [Not on label]
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submitted Naglfar - Stellae Trajectio. over 5 years ago