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In 94 - 95 i listened to a local radio show in oost-vlaanderen called "promotrax" hosted by two guys called "dj's Burtony". every sunday i used to listen to their show, it always gave me a kick to start the week, i'm looking for cassete-recordings from that show so if anybody can sell me some, feel free to send a mail.
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posted a comment on Kelis - Acapella. over 8 years ago
Absolutely love it !! just about the only descent thing they play on daytime radio overhere - wich isn't saying much - but regardless it's still a great song, kinda ravy sweet mellow summertune. First Black Eyed pees, now Kelis, seems like american ... See full review
posted a review of KC Flightt - Voices (Remix '97). over 14 years ago
These Remixes have all the formulas of nu-house;
The Daft Punk - fading in-and out, the vocoder-voices...
Almost all the stuff i hate about house nowadays.
sure it stil sounds nice if you hear it once every year,
But if you are looking for a nice ... See full review
posted a review of J. Bertoli - Dreamfall. over 15 years ago
Another fine example of "Oscillator"-enginuity, an eary vocal-sample followed by a carefull use of atmospheres and acidloops. This record made me an instant fan.
posted a review of Sequencial - The Big Cahoona. over 15 years ago
I first bought this CD because i thought it was a kind of best of Sequencial, but to my surprise all the tracks on the CD where different from the verions i was searchin for so i wasn't to happy with it, but after a few years i decided to listen to a bit ... See full review
posted a review of The Boy From Nowhere - High Life. over 15 years ago
3 different tracks 3 different moods. symply wonderfull and magical, to me this is the best record Mike Dierick made in his career, one of the best records i have ever heard. this record defines progressive house, minimalistic sounds creating a dark and ... See full review
posted a review of Trax-Star* - Eclips. over 15 years ago
The first time i heard "Asteroid" i nearly soiled myself,this track defines dark: a slow treathening atmosphere with short teasing acidloops driving on a fast beat. Deeply terrifying.
posted a review of Various - Megarave 93 - 20 Tracks From The Radioactive Zone. over 15 years ago
Quality tracks from begin to end. A CD from the time when gabber wasn't "Happy" yet, If you like the music and don't just listen for the "bang-bang" you can put this on and enjoy for a whole hour.
posted a review of DJ's Burtony. over 15 years ago
These are 2 Dj's ; "Captain Tone" , "Burt" who had a regional radio show in Belgium from 1993 - 1995 called "Promotrax". "Fatal Morphine" Was their first adventure in Producing.
posted a review of Various - House Party - The Ultimate Megamix. over 15 years ago
Track 32 - shown on the sleeve of the cd as "Leftfield" : "More Than I Know" - is actually the other side of the same 12" wich is Leftfield's : "Not Forgotten"
posted a review of Oscillator. over 15 years ago
In 1994 and 1995 "Oscillator records" and its sisterlabels "DBT" and "Mindcontrol" released some of the most innovative and mindbubbling acid and progressive ever created. If you like it weird, just listen to any of their tracks and you'l be in instant ... See full review