Hobbies: Music, music... err music
Favorite Styles: Goa/psytrance, trance, progressive, techno, hardstyle and a little bit of hardcore every now and then. Basically, I listen to everything that I find quality music.

I joined Discogs a little while ago because it's a great place to gather knowledge and to share it. I'm quite the goa-head these days, so I'll hope to be adding some cd's and records for that.

I also produce my own music, can't really define what style, but most of it lingers near progressive, chill and goa... As long as it's melody. I've tried techno every now and then, but I guess I wasn't meant to produce that (atleast not yet). Well, thats it :-)
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posted a review of Alien Project - Aztechno Dream. over 14 years ago
One of my new "all-time" favorite albums, Alien Project really gives us a nice piece of uptempo psytrance madness... Anyone who has ever heard one of their tracks before wil definately notice that Alien Project style of uplifting basslines combined with ... See full review
posted a review of Vibrasphere - Lime Structure. over 14 years ago
What to say... Lime Structure gives us 9 beauties from Vibrasphere. Progressive psytrance at its best. The entire album is utterly chilling though there are some uptempo trakcs as well, and a few that actually remind me of 'normal' progressive trance. ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Immortality - Volume I. over 15 years ago
Two discs, each with fourteen great goa tracks, the old way. Immortality 1 combines progressive and more straight forward goa tracks by artists such as Transwave, Elysium, Humate and Z to A. Essential if you like the old sounds...
posted a review of Various - wipEout 2097. over 15 years ago
The game is great, and so is the soundtrack. As with the previous game, the 2097 version (or XL for america) sports lovely tunes by Cold Storage, Photek and FSOL (among others). It's great to listen to when racing high speed over the track.
posted a review of Various - Jetlag: Futuristic Sound Engine. over 15 years ago
Lovely psytrance... There are some really good tracks on this album, such as the opening track. The tempo of the album is a bit slower than most compilations (which tend to be engergetic and speedy), but that's no problem. Important also is that the ... See full review
posted a review of Astral Projection - Amen. over 15 years ago
This album is great if you like the style of goatrance Astral Projection gave you in the past. Though it might not be very innovative, or even a new sound... the fan of Astral Projection will be glad with a great selection of tunes, sounding the "old ... See full review
posted a review of Man With No Name - Lunar Cycle / Neuro Tunnel. over 15 years ago
For your information, this is not hardtrance but goa-trance which is something completely different. I haven't had the pleasure of hearing Lunar Cycle, but I do have a copy of the second track, Neuro Tunnel.

What can I say, it's a great track and it's ... See full review
posted a review of Lange - I Believe. over 15 years ago
This has to be one of the best trance tracks I've ever heard. The style in which it was made was also being used by Lost Witness at the time, but it's buildup and melody make that track perfect... and that vocal from Sarah Dwyer is to die for.
posted a review of Kai Tracid. over 15 years ago
Kai Tracid is one of my rolemodels when it comes to making music. His productions are a combination between trance & acid as he puts it, and are nearly all beautiful. He does use some major acidlines in his productions, as well as having catchy melodies. ... See full review
posted a review of Transwave. over 15 years ago
One of the best goa/psy-trance producers I've ever had the fortune to listen to. Transwave uses a lot of TB-303 work in his productions, and entrancing lines and melodies... one of the true masters of the genre.