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posted a comment on Gala - Come Into My Life. 7 days ago
Wow! It was really high time for a repress of this one Maschina Records! Hats off to you guys! Impatient for September 2020!
posted a comment on Dave Angel - Funk Music. 14 days ago
One of the greatest if not one of the best Dave Angel & DJ Tonka masterpiece ever! I remember this Tonka Mix was quite big at the time! Churning and fierce beats! Crazy grooves and happy vibes through it!
posted a comment on 151 - I Like It. 18 days ago
I House It, dope slammer from the 90's! Yet another hidden secret weapon deep into the basement of 90's house. Such a serious groover! :)
posted a comment on Black No Sugar. 18 days ago
Epic brilliant quality late 90's house label! <3 5 stars releases!
posted a comment on Kings Of Tomorrow. 26 days ago
One of the most enigmatic dopest act in the house music scene for years! Sandy started back in 1992 under his alias of Awesome Foursome. His tracks from the 90's are highly energetic! Personally, he is my most fav house producer! Just check out all of ... See full review
posted a comment on Sandy Rivera & Jose Burgos - The Path. about 1 month ago
One hell of a phenomenal classic bomb from Sandy Rivera! Amazing trumpets and wicked beats! All jam-packed into one to turn this out into a monster groover! <3
posted a comment on Roxy & The Effects - The Art Of Sampling. about 1 month ago
The John Ciafone Chronic Mix is a serious stripped back groover right here!
posted a comment on Ten Lovers Allstars - Suede Bear. about 1 month ago
If it is possible to repress this one, that would be just amazing! This is such a serious groover! Only 10 presses for such an amazing piece of art is unacceptable ;)
posted a comment on Flying Lotus - Reset. about 1 month ago
Flying Lotus' seminal holygrail majestic release! Tea Leaf Dancers is AMAZING!
posted a comment on Cricco Castelli - A Day In Copacabana. about 1 month ago
A Day In Copacabana! I Love this track by Cricco Castelli! To me, this is his best ever release! Dope ass party track!!
posted a comment on Rebel MC - Junglist. 3 months ago
For those who have ever heard of the S.P.Y Bootleg of this track, if ever you know where to get it, let me know! :)
posted a comment on Mary J. Blige - My Love / Reminisce. 3 months ago
D&D Dub is the one that bangs this record! Play it loud <3
posted a comment on Gala - Come Into My Life. 3 months ago
Great release from Gala! If there is any possibility to repress this one again on vinyl, it would be amazing! Hope a repress would be possible very soon :)
posted a comment on The Mighty Bop. 3 months ago
Great duo from back in the days of chill out downtempo and dope hip hop beats! That remains the only project that i will always cherish by Bob Sinclar. At that time, he was true to his roots, playing underground house music and dope hip hop selections! ... See full review
posted a comment on Kasra - Mécanique EP. 3 months ago
I won't say much about this one! But the least i can say is that this is a MONSTER release from Kasra! One of the best release of 2019! All four tracks are serious bangers but 40HZ is one hell of a phenomenal bomb! Kasra & Enei and this is what you get! ... See full review
posted a comment on Blast From The Past - Broadway / Get It Up. 4 months ago
Released in 1997! There you go for the proper year of this release's date!
posted a comment on Mike Huckaby. 4 months ago
Rest in power master! Today we've lost one of the most revered figures of the underground house music scene! Detroit royalty and staple figure to have graced the house music scene for years! Your legacy will live on genius! <3
posted a comment on Milton Jackson. 4 months ago
Amazing house music producer! His tracks are often blended skilfully with deep stripped back beats over some tech infused grooves! Remarkable talent of the new era of deep house music producer! Highly recommended artist to check out if you want to hear ... See full review
posted a comment on Davina - Best Of Both Worlds. 4 months ago
So when is the repress of this one ? My copy is near exhaustion :)
posted a comment on Ceybil Jefferies. 4 months ago
Rest in power Ceybil! Your music will always be celebrated!
posted a comment on Todd Edwards. 4 months ago
Todd "The God" Edwards! The staple personality, the mighty producer that he is, the garage scene royalty! Todd's trademark sound and notable remixes and dubs! You wanna know how good garage sounds like ? Todd Edwards is THE man! There is some reason as ... See full review
posted a comment on House Lovers (3) - House To House. 4 months ago
Mashup between Syndicate Of Law - Right On Time Vs. Alan Braxe & Fred Falke - Intro (Running)
posted a comment on The Brand New Heavies. 4 months ago
Brand New Heavies is a great acid jazz/soul/funk band, they are my favorite! In the same line as Incognito & Jamiroquai. They epitomize the 90's soul/funk scene to the best! Their discography is awesome! Check them out!
posted a comment on Scottie Deep* Presents Daddy's Moods - C.H.A.N.T.S. / About You. 5 months ago
Please get yourself a cookie and get back to listening David Guetta!
posted a comment on Manu Dibango. 5 months ago
Rest in power Manu! You're one of the greatest that ever did it on the afro jazz scene! To me, you remain one of the most enigmatic staple legend of all time on the world jazz scene! From a great fan of yours, your legacy will live on <3
posted a comment on Ten Bar - Got2get2gether. 5 months ago
I hunted this to death, finally found it!!! <3 Jef K brought me here!
posted a comment on Fusion Groove Orchestra - If Only I Could. 5 months ago
Plagiarized to death by Liem unfortunately :( making money while stealing sample from this one!!!
posted a comment on Sinan - Sinan EP. 6 months ago
The Warning! Sinan Mercenk's best track! Goosebumps guaranteed bla bla bla
posted a comment on T>I. 6 months ago
T>I is one hell of a phenomenal drum n bass producer. Personally, i just enjoy his productions of high fidelity bass infused grooves. He delves that old school jungle sound that headz love. Amazing artist rising high on the relentless and unstoppable ... See full review
posted a comment on Playboy - In Da Jungle. 6 months ago
MOD Wheel Safari Mix!!! Awesome techno classic! No words can describe that amazing track! Just hear it! <3 Slammin' bomb!!
posted a comment on Various - The Best Of U.S. Garage. 7 months ago
Most of the releases are from 1997. Most probably its release year is obviously 1997...
posted a comment on Kawabata - Persuasion. 7 months ago
Serafin's Back To New York Re-Interpretation is THE bomb! Check it out!
posted a comment on Groupe Magma - Z'Enfants des Iles vol 1. 7 months ago
There is also a compact disc version of this release from Mauritius Island.
posted a comment on Robert Del Naja. 8 months ago
This guy to me is just so fascinating, so amazing and thrilling...his personality is what makes him be apart from other artists...simply because this guy has the ability to draw attention yet be under the radar under his moniker of Banksy, who has been ... See full review
posted a comment on The Advent - Shaded Elementz. 8 months ago
Clinical techno madness from Surgeon! The way he does it is just amazing! If you ever drop this one loud on a Berghain sound system in 2020, the crowd will still roar to its adrenaline groove!!!
posted a comment on DJ Disciple - The Banji Boy EP Revisited. 8 months ago
B2 is THE one you're hunting for! DJ Disciple and City High slammin' those beats n grooves for your clubbing pleasure :) Play it loud on a big sound system, it will still blow you away in 2019!
posted a comment on Burial. 8 months ago
One of the dopest trip hop artist of all time in the same league as Massive Attack! His first album release was quite of a rollercoaster ride into a new genre <3
posted a comment on Danny Tenaglia Featuring Carole Sylvan - Look Ahead. 10 months ago
Murk's Big Bottom Vocal Mix is one of Oscar G & Ralph Falcon aka Murk most remarkable production of the 90's! An absolute fav of mine! <3
posted a comment on DJ Disciple - The Sidebar EP. 10 months ago
DJ Dove and George Thompson!!!! You guys drove me crazy for years!!!! <3 This track was rinsed to death by Boris Dlugosch, Mike Huckaby and Armand Van Helden during the 90's!
posted a comment on Datura - Voo-Doo Believe?. 11 months ago
Baron Samedi is the only version on this ep that stands out the most, rest is of no importance...
posted a comment on Nightcrawlers Featuring John Reid* - Lets Push It. 11 months ago
High time for a vinyl release of this amazing album! Begging for a press on vinyl please!
posted a comment on Those Guys - Love, Love, Love / Sierra Leone. 11 months ago
Sierra Leone is da shit! Play this loud! blablablablabla la!
posted a comment on Derrick May. 12 months ago
Powerful techno drive, slammin' grooves and wicked vibe is all that you can expect from this techno don! Derrick is one hell of a phenomenal techno producer to have ever graced the scene!!!
posted a comment on Jeff Mills. 12 months ago
The wizard of techno! One of the heavyweights of the genre to blow you away! <3 At the beginning of his career, he would rinse those wax to death and then throw it backwards to the crowd! This guy is a living legend!
posted a comment on DJ Rasoul. 12 months ago
Simply a great house music producer in the same league as Miguel Migs and Mark Farina! One of the best in the house music scene!
posted a comment on M People - Excited. 12 months ago
MK Snow-Call Dub! Nuff said! Classic MK vibe and dopeness! Turn up the bass! <3
posted a comment on CJ Mackintosh. 12 months ago
CJ is just another brilliant house music producer from the 90's in the same league as Mark Kinchen. He has a very distinctive sound that once you here them, you know it's a CJ Mackintosh production! Highly recommended artist!
posted a comment on Sound Stream - "Live" Goes On. 12 months ago
Whooooooaaa!! What an amazing piece of art this is! All tracks are phenomenal to the core! <3
posted a comment on Murk. 12 months ago
Classic stylish 90's house sound from those phenomenal producers! Highly recommended artists representing quality US house sound!
posted a comment on Kevin Yost - Unprotected Sax EP. 12 months ago
Amor Unico! <3 The cut that one should use for making love :)