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Deep Dish
posted a comment on Deep Dish. 2 months ago
Just like David Morales, Mood II Swing, Masters At Work, Phil Asher and so on, these guys are among the best house music producers of the 90's! Just buy whatever they made during the 90's!
Elastic Reality Feat. Shaun Kéng Collins* - Cassa De X
posted a comment on Elastic Reality Feat. Shaun Kéng Collins* - Cassa De X. 2 months ago
Get a hold on this one as you still can get it! Dope as fuck is the Cassa De X!
Gene Perez
posted a comment on Gene Perez. 3 months ago
The guy with the dopest basslines in house music history!
Ralphi Rosario
posted a comment on Ralphi Rosario. 3 months ago
Year of birth of this house music legend is 1959!
DJ Cam - Street Vox
posted a comment on DJ Cam - Street Vox. 4 months ago
Always thought that the vocalist was Groove Theory's Amel Larrieux! Seems like it to me! This is a BIG release according to me! One of Cam's best remix ever!
Rhythm Plate - Masters At Wirksworth
posted a comment on Rhythm Plate - Masters At Wirksworth. 4 months ago
One of the best Rhythm Plate first seminal release! Buy on sight!
Morcheeba - Charango
posted a comment on Morcheeba - Charango. 4 months ago
20 years already of this masterpiece! They should seriously consider for a repress of this one on vinyl. Don't you guys think so ?
Rob Mello
posted a comment on Rob Mello. 4 months ago
One of underground house music's best kept secret ever! Believe me, this guy is an absolute beast on the production scene! Check out his discography!
Kula Shaker
posted a comment on Kula Shaker. 4 months ago
In the same league of The Beatles & Oasis, Kula Shaker are one of the greatest act of all time!
Robert Del Naja
posted a comment on Robert Del Naja. 4 months ago
After being into thorough research i agree with you on that. Thank you!
Burial - South London Boroughs
posted a comment on Burial - South London Boroughs. 4 months ago
One of the greatest holygrail ever in electronic music history! South London Boroughs!
Masters At Work
posted a comment on Masters At Work. 4 months ago
With an almost impossible collection under numerous aliases that can never be completed in one's vinyl collection, Masters At Work are the best ever on earth! Nuff said! The epitome of quality house that goes unrivaled, untouched and underrated as... See full review
MAW* Featuring India - Backfired
posted a comment on MAW* Featuring India - Backfired. 4 months ago
You wanna celebrate house music in the most glorious way possible ? Just play out that Original Mix and also the Joey Negro Dubfired version!
Decaff Feat. Roland Clark - Helpless
posted a comment on Decaff Feat. Roland Clark - Helpless. 5 months ago
All for that Helpless (Hott 22 Vocal Mix)! Such a classic vibe to it! The way house used to be and the way it no longer is :)
Ralph Lawson
posted a comment on Ralph Lawson. 7 months ago
One of the biggest & dopest name to have ever graced the house music scene! His Galaxy 105 radio shows from the 90's were just fire!!!
Sarah HB
posted a comment on Sarah HB. 7 months ago
Year of birth - 1967
To be updated by discogs as per latest info
Jonathan Meyer - Many Things EP
posted a comment on Jonathan Meyer - Many Things EP. 7 months ago
Kerri Chandler madness all the way! Check it out! Dope stuff!
Doc Martin
posted a comment on Doc Martin. 8 months ago
He is the guy who's a got a beast vibe behind the decks when spinning! His sets from the 90's are just dope! The way he builds up the vibe and cheers the atmosphere is out of this world! He is nothing compared to DJ Sneak who is completely the... See full review
posted a comment on The Turbanizers. 8 months ago
A project by George Thomson aka Plastic Avengers. This EP was big back in the days as far as i know as spun by Ralph Lawson in his Galaxy 105 Radio Show!
posted a comment on Erik Rico. 9 months ago
A great vocalist! I love the vibe of his music! Check him out!
posted a comment on 151. 9 months ago
A project by Chris Simmonds according to latest info on Robsoul website per Matthew Hall. Thank you.
Kevin Yost
posted a comment on Kevin Yost. 10 months ago
Kevin Yost is my favorite house music producer, there's a long story behind how his music blessed my childhood and teenage years! Awesome producer!
The Astro Trax Team* Featuring Shola Phillips - The Energy (Feel The Vibe)
posted a comment on The Astro Trax Team* Featuring Shola Phillips - The Energy (Feel The Vibe). 10 months ago
Among one of the greatest house tracks of the 90's!
George Morel
posted a comment on George Morel. 10 months ago
Date of birth:
20th September 1967.
Amazing house music producer! Just check out his discography
Lady Laistee
posted a comment on Lady Laistee. 10 months ago
Date of birth: 20th April 1972.
To be updated by discogs.
Prince Quick Mix
posted a comment on Prince Quick Mix. 10 months ago
One of the greatest to ever did it for house music! He joins the dope gang of Mike Huckaby, Phil Asher, Erick Morillo in heaven!
Ellen Allien
posted a comment on Ellen Allien. 10 months ago
Date of brith:
16th September 1968. To be updated by discogs
Saskia Slegers
posted a comment on Saskia Slegers. 10 months ago
Born in 1962. Just check out her productions to taste some quality acid vibes!
Monika Kruse
posted a comment on Monika Kruse. 10 months ago
Been following her since early 2000. great tracks, just scroll through whatever she made during the early 2000 era.
Date of birth:
23rd July 1971
posted a comment on Manon. 10 months ago
Simply a great music producer, just check out her catalogue from the 90's till now.
Date of birth:
21st July 1970
posted a comment on Nerissa. 10 months ago
Date of birth:
20th July 1966
To be entered by discogs as update
Paul Johnson
posted a comment on Paul Johnson. about 1 year ago
Rest in Peace Paul! Legends dying out, Phil Asher, Mike Huckaby, Erick Morillo and now Paul. All i got is pleasant memories of my childhood, Get Get Down :) Thank you for your legacy :)
Kings Of Tomorrow - I Want You (For Myself)
posted a comment on Kings Of Tomorrow - I Want You (For Myself). about 1 year ago
What an amazing love song this is! Dedicate the Ruff Mix to the one you love!
David Morales & Albert Cabrerra* Present Moca Feat. Deanna - Higher
posted a comment on David Morales & Albert Cabrerra* Present Moca Feat. Deanna - Higher. about 1 year ago
Knee Deep & KOT all the way! Dope stuff! Bang!
Joey Negro
posted a comment on Joey Negro. about 1 year ago
Date of birth: 18 June 1964.
To be updated by discogs
Sandy Rivera
posted a comment on Sandy Rivera. about 1 year ago
Date of birth: 18. 01. 1971
info to be edited by discogs
Da Mob Featuring Jocelyn Brown - Fun
posted a comment on Da Mob Featuring Jocelyn Brown - Fun. about 1 year ago
Epic release from Subliminal! One of their best! The Main Vocal Mix is the one to go for!
The only let down are DJ Sneak mixes, outdated & sounded the same like whatever he did during that time!
Mark Bell (3)
posted a comment on Mark Bell (3). about 1 year ago
This guy has got to be my favorite house music producer of all time! His tracks, the vibe, his signature basslines from the times around the '97-00's era are the best! Check out all of his productions, numerous aliases, remixes & dubs, you shall be... See full review
Sylk 130 - The Reason
posted a comment on Sylk 130 - The Reason. about 1 year ago
Martin & Bell mixes are da sh!t! Check it out!
The Mountain People - Mountain017
posted a comment on The Mountain People - Mountain017. about 1 year ago
Mountain People still got the touch of their classic signature sound!
Big Twan
posted a comment on Big Twan. about 1 year ago
A talented rapper whom I really like! His flow, the vibe, his voice is all good for hip hop. Though this is his only release. If only he could have released more tracks!
Big Twan - One Time 4 The Lyricist
posted a comment on Big Twan - One Time 4 The Lyricist. about 1 year ago
One Time 4 The Lyricist is da dope sh!t! It's got that Freddie Fox vibe to it! One of the dopest hardcore 90's hip hop you would find in the archives of hip hop history!
Cut Killer - Tape 1
posted a comment on Cut Killer - Tape 1. about 1 year ago
Listen to this mixtape on this link, the first ever mixtape from Cut Killer:
Livin' In Da Ghetto Featuring Moktar - Arabian Song
posted a comment on Livin' In Da Ghetto Featuring Moktar - Arabian Song. about 1 year ago
I was after this one for several years but never knew the title until i decided to buy the whole series of Buddha Bar compilations, to my surprise on the volume 3 of it, i stumbled across this track! I was like what the hell was that, is it that track... See full review
Koenie & Frederik Meet Spanner - No Romance
posted a comment on Koenie & Frederik Meet Spanner - No Romance. about 1 year ago
Glitter! is da dope sh!t! Churned by Jerome Pacman during the heydays of disco house of 98-99 ;)
DJ Gregory - Land
posted a comment on DJ Gregory - Land. about 1 year ago
Land is a great track indeed but if you listen closely to B1 - Freeze, you gonna be blown away! My fav pick off this ep!
Xaviera Gold - Good Luv
posted a comment on Xaviera Gold - Good Luv. about 1 year ago
MK Dub is the bomb! Check it out! Delicious flava from MK!
Cultural Vibe - Ma Foom Bey
posted a comment on Cultural Vibe - Ma Foom Bey. about 1 year ago
Quintessential tribal classic! Back to where it all started! Dope!
Braxton Holmes
posted a comment on Braxton Holmes. about 1 year ago
This low key guy might be quite low profile but it's nothing compared to his music production throughout the years! Braxton is one to watch if you seeking for high quality house music, nothing but the best!
Giant Step Records
posted a comment on Giant Step Records. about 1 year ago
Great US house music label renowned for its heavyweight slabs of vinyl! ;)