The oldest "record" I own is from 1918.

It is entitiled: Edison Dance Music.

From the cover......

"Originated by the Edison Psychological Research work, Mood Music is being talked about a great deal now, and many of us have discovered that our emotional state may be changed through the subtle influence of music quite independent of our will. But from ancient times it has been known that dance tunes have the power to make us feel happy that we undergo both mental and physical transformation under their spell, even if we do not trip the light, fantastic toe, and are content to dance in our minds only."

Nothing ever changes it seems.....

Music is prophecy: its styles and economic organisation are ahead of the rest of society because it explores, much faster than material reality can, the entire range of possibilities in a given code. It makes audible the new world that will gradually become visible.
--Jacques Atalli: Noise (1977)