Update. April 2015. I get a lot of messages from people telling me they only have an ipad or a computer without a cd drive or only want one track and could I please send them a free high quality digital file.... very sorry but no, I cannot.

I am English, born in Bucks, but left the UK in the mid 80's for Guernsey in the Channel Islands until 1990, when I moved to Luxembourg and also began travelling. Since 1990 I've spent 8.5 years in Thailand, 6 months in Greece, 4 months in the US, 4 months in South Africa,15 months in the Dominican Republic, 6 months in London & Brighton, Interrailed around northern Europe and ridden a motorbike from the UK to Greece and back and London to Killarny, Ireland. The rest of the time I was in Luxembourg. Career-wise, I began Dj'ing in my late teens in Guernsey and have continued this ever since. I turned professional in 1994 and also began a parallel radio presenter career, working variously for Radio WAKY, Ara City Radio and the RTL group for Radio Luxembourg. My chief passion has always been dance music (after attending the Phantasy Rave in 1988 in Guildford, I'll never forget the BBC turning up to video 10,000 teenagers high on ecstacy jumping around in a field). In the last few years I rose to the position of Managing Director/Director of production at Ara City Radio whilst also freelancing for RTL on Radio Luxembourg. At night I was also a resident of The Playground, The Elevator, The Marx, H20, Urban, and Luxury Group, played at numerous one-off events for MTV, the Luxembourg Government, the Luxembourg Dj Awards (made it to the final but came in second),played alongside Groove Armada, Roni Size, Steve Travell from Pussy 2000, DJ Marino Beradi, DJ Chook (who these days is a Drum n' Bass superstar), Dj Remy, interviewed Rob from the Stereo Mc's, Maxi Jazz from Faithless,Skunk Anansie, Eagle Eye Cherry and the Stereophonics, and warmed up for the Ministry of Sound tour in Luxembourg - sorry if I've forgotten some venues or events, those that were there will know exactly why. Since 1999, I've also started to produce a few of my own tunes in my spare time and consulted for Itunes Europe(thanks for that Miriam!). At the end of 2006, suffering from my unhealthy lifestyle, I resigned from the radio, all my residencies, rented out my flat in Luxembourg and spent a year in Thailand and the Dominican republic doing as little as possible. Now, 2 years later, I've moved to Koh Samui in Thailand where I'm running Morning Glory Beach Bungalow Resort, on Maenam beach with my business partner Hannes. I am continuing to Dj in Thailand... only on a smaller scale. However, I'm still a massive fan of electronic music, and will continue to expand my collection, but confess I'm far too lazy to make submissions to Discogs. Having said that it'd be great if someone with much more patience than me could add the last 10 years of the Cd Pool's Underground Beats and Club Beats to the discogs database - along with many other releases!! Aside from music I'm also a big fan of martial arts, kung fu movies(Jackie Chan is the greatest living human), and riding big sport bikes (I love my '09 Hayabusa).
Update May 2013. Moved to Dominican Republic, Samana Peninsula, Las Terrenas - currently resident DJ at http://republic-of-gaia.com
Cheers to all music lovers,
Update September 2016 - back to Dominican Republic for the winter season.

Nic Scarlet.

Also - If anybody has a copy of: Balance 001, Sean Quinn or:

for sale please contact me.
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Digweed strikes again! A return to top form following a couple of slightly plodding releases in the "Digweed Live In" series.
posted a comment on Liberation - Liberation 2. about 1 year ago
Hi. Yes, I have also acquired that version. You're right... better.
posted a review of The House Crew - The Theme / Euphoria. over 2 years ago
The cd version inexplicably fails to include the hottest alternative version... Releasing 'Euphoria' without the fantastic 'Nino's Dream' mix is like playing golf without clubs - totally pointless - why not include that instead of Keep the Fire Burning ... See full review
posted a review of Ratpack - Searchin' For My Rizla. over 2 years ago
Feel good breakbeat house with some real depth and a piano in the break. Some might argue it's verging on commercial, but if that's the case it worked out great.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 3 years ago
posted a review of Global Trance Mission - Global Trance Mission. over 3 years ago
Fontaine and Vern Mix! Very memorable jump around tune. Loved it back in 1997. Appears on Solid Sounds [Format 4].
posted a review of DJ Atomico Herbie* - Feel Good. over 3 years ago
Very much worth having for the included Underground Mix Vocal of 'Come On Boy' - also sometimes known as the Larry Levan Underground Mix (Vocal) - released three years earlier (only on vinyl). I hear this is one of the very last remixes Levan produced ... See full review
posted a review of Cass & Slide - Essential Mix Radio One 23.12.01. over 3 years ago
Quite a rarity these days and fetching ever higher prices. Very different from the type of stuff Cass & Slide usually put out. A cool mishmash of mostly groovy downtempo styles interwoven with samples from an experimental 70's album (A Child's Garden Of ... See full review
posted a comment on 16 Bit Lolitas* - Süpermårkt. over 4 years ago
It is available as a mixed cd.
posted a review of Desert - Feelings Run So Deep / Quadraped / Moods. over 4 years ago
The original version of 'Moods' is a stone cold classic tune and an absolute must have for any fan of electronica. The later 2003 mix, which beefs up the sound with better mastering, is preferable for dj'ing on a bigger system.
posted a review of Valkan - Doornrossje EP. over 4 years ago
Worth having for the excellent dark, atmospheric and moody Dornrossje.
posted a review of Guy J - Been Here Before. over 4 years ago
Beautiful, mournful track...
posted a review of Mark Knight & Funkagenda - Man With The Red Face. over 4 years ago
Mark Knight and Funkagenda do a top job of updating Laurent Garnier's classic. Not too many copies of this card sleeve cd single around but it's a must have tune for any house fan.
posted a review of Ben Shaw - So Strong. over 4 years ago
Classic tune. Despite solid remixes from Cass & Slide and Soul Mekanik the full length original mix is 'the one' but is quite hard to find. It wasn't included in UK releases (at least on cd), but is available on this dutch release.
posted a review of Joris Voorn - From A Deep Place. over 4 years ago
Exceptional album. Close to perfect.
posted a review of Next Generation (6) - Drop The Bass. over 4 years ago
I played the Mankey mix many times including New Years Eve 1999. Has one of the biggest breakdowns you'll ever hear in hard house....
posted a review of Solar Stone* - The Calling. over 4 years ago
An undisputed classic that has weathered the past 18 years very well. Inner Peace Mix sounds great slowed down to a near chill out tempo.
posted a comment on Space Manoeuvres - Stage One. over 4 years ago
Awesome track.
posted a comment on Pete Lazonby - Sacred Cycles. over 4 years ago
Hard to find release these days, but certainly worth having for Sacred Cycles obsessives.
posted a comment on Deep Dish - Toronto #025 . over 4 years ago
Sterling 4 disc set from Deep Dish. Of course the afterclub mixes can be bought separately for quite a lot less cash, but this longbox version remains very desirable. They rarely come up for sale at any kind of reasonable price so grab one if you can.
posted a comment on Joris Voorn - Future History. over 6 years ago
The words to the spoken sample at the start are nicked from Lil Louis' "Blackout" from 1988.
posted a review of Gabrielle - Rise. over 6 years ago
One of the very few cd's which include the full length Deep Dish Hi-Rise Remix - a masterful Progressive House rework that is now difficult to find on cd. A shortened version was included on some cd singles and can be found without much difficulty but ... See full review
posted a comment on Robert Miles - Children.... over 6 years ago
About as "soulful" as the NCIS theme tune...... Cheesy & commercial & therefore loved by many.
posted a review of Various - If You Can't Please Yourself You Can't, Please Your Soul. over 6 years ago
A classic alternative compilation. It's also the only cd featuring The The's "Flesh and Bones".
posted a review of Push - Universal Nation ('99 Remixes). over 6 years ago
Oliver Lieb transfoms a very commercial and cheesy trance 'anthem' into an absolute bomb. It does sound quite dated now, but is still a top tune.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 6 years ago
posted a review of Various - According To Quality 2003 - 2008. over 6 years ago
A really nice, more deep than tech, collection of house tunes.
posted a review of Various - Club Beats (Series 2 Volume 9). over 6 years ago
A cross section of what was potentially hot back in April/May of '99. Worth having for the Dillon & Dickens extra trumpety super-funkified remix of Trumpet Gun by Nature. On Disc 1 Eric Kupper turns in a lovely moody remix of Garbage and Olav Basoski ... See full review
posted a comment on Gabrielle - Rise (Remixed). over 6 years ago
The Deep Dish Hi-Rise Mix on here is actually the Deep Dish Hi-Rise Dub Mix.
posted a review of Cicada - Cut Right Through. over 6 years ago
Dj Delicious turns in a foor filling house mix. I've used this tune professionally many, many, times and it's still in my flightcase 6 years later, it easily fits into a lot of different Dj sets at different types of venues. The Cicada vocal mix is ... See full review
posted a review of Soundsation - Do You Feel It?. over 6 years ago
The original version is a bit of a mid 90's Progressive classic, appearing on Dave Seaman's mix on Renaissance The Mix Collection Part 4. So it's great to finally get a digital version, instead of a vinyl rip, but the Remastered version sounds almost ... See full review
posted a review of Avant Garde - Get Down (The Remixes). over 7 years ago
Another late 90's funky house tune. I usually rate Olav Basoski remixes from around then, but this time it's the original X-Tended mix that filled dance floors across Europe. "If your DJ is really funky, you will get all the way down!" The included ... See full review
posted a review of A.T.G.O.C. - Repeated Love. over 7 years ago
Da Techno Bohemian turns the oddball original into a classy funky house monster. If you like tough funky house, you'll probably love this.
posted a review of Dave Seaman - Top Dj's 2 - Dave Seaman Plays For Θέμα New Years Eve 2008. over 7 years ago
Despite the misleading title. This CD is unmixed. Aside from that it's a pretty solid collection of darker edged Progressive House (with the exception of the awful vocal mix of Last Goodbye).
posted a review of Stefano Greppi - Technologies In House Music.. over 7 years ago
A collection of Stefano Greppi productions and remixes. It's all pretty well done, but it's a must have for his reworking of AD Finem's "Angel". An artfully, dark, Progressive take, that gives it real depth. I often mix this with the M.A.S. Vocal mix of ... See full review
posted a review of Problem Boy - Self Control. over 7 years ago
I first heard the Basoski Remix on CD Pool's Club Beats Series 2 Vol 11, back in mid 1999 and have been playing it ever since. A top class, peak time Funky House monster that avoids the generic, cheesy Swedish House Mafia type sound that seems to be ... See full review
posted a review of Toots & The Maytals - Funky Kingston. over 7 years ago
This is one of my favourite Roots/Reggae albums and certainly one of Toot's very best. In the 70's he could do wrong. More or less a must-have for any Reggae fan that doesn't already own it.
posted a review of Culture - Strictly Culture - The Best Of Culture 1977-1979. over 7 years ago
Culture made unbeatably catchy tunes. I expect most Roots fans already own all these tracks, but anyone into 70's Reggae, who's somehow unfamiliar with Culture, could do a lot worse than buy this release.
posted a review of Various - Clubbing In Paris With DJ Ravin. over 7 years ago
This is worth having just for the true masterpiece of a remix from Fauna Flash of Stereotyp's "Keepin' Me". I must have played it out a hundred times and that vocal still gives me goosebumps. The mixed disc is pretty heavy on less memorable deep vocal ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Underground Beats (Series 3 Volume 5). over 7 years ago
A superb collection from CD Pool. The last two tracks on each disc were included as "classic retrospective tunes of '99". Aside from the big names this release also includes the amazing Deepsky track which I played many, many times - At that time it was ... See full review
posted a review of Behrouz - Touch. over 7 years ago
A beautiful tune. Downtempo moody and dark Progressive House with a laid back feeling. Sounds a bit like a Gui Boratto production, or maybe Trentemøller in an unusually cheerful mood.
posted a review of Various - Bermuda 2011 Presents City Sound Berlin. over 7 years ago
A very well put together collection of "Tech with soul". CD1 is a little too downtempo at times, but CD2 oozes dancefloor friendly cool. There are a stack of funky edged Tech/House tunes here including the moody and dark "Starblazer" from Deetron (The ... See full review
posted a review of Futureshock - Junior, Fuju And Muzik Present Dark & Long Mixed By Futureshock. over 7 years ago
Over 10 years later this remains a blindingly good mix from Futureshock.... available for pennies, i't's far superior to many more expensive mixes. The only downside is the tracks aren't individually indexed.
posted a review of Various - Club Beats (Volume 24). over 7 years ago
A great chance to pick up a copy of the very rare (on CD) Rhythm Masters Melodic Mix of Kinetic by Golden Girls.
posted a review of Souvlaki - Inferno. over 7 years ago
The fired up mix featured on quite a few compilations in 1997 - an unashamedly high energy house tune filled with orchestral stabs and with a speeded up vocal sample, leading to a peaktime breakdown - it may not be sophisticated but the whole thing is ... See full review
posted a review of Dave Seaman - Renaissance - The Silk Mix. over 7 years ago
One of the rarest Renaissance Cd's and probably the most expensive Seaman mix in his back catalogue. Also contains the rare Phil Jubb Remix of Justin Garret's There Must Be Music.
posted a review of Phonique - For The Time Being. over 7 years ago
What a pity this is the solitary cd available of this track. I used the Montero mix many times as a dj, and really liked the melancholy feel of the Alex Kid mix for home listening. The Funkagenda/Trophy Twins mix adds a funky tech feel and is well worth ... See full review
posted a review of Francesco Farfa - Methods Of Dance - Music: Public Property. over 7 years ago
A great mix showcasing the amazingly consistent Serial Killer Output. Francesco gets pretty close to techno before he heads straight back to very classy Progressive. Some of these tracks are available unmixed on the Serial Killer 5 Years compilation.
posted a review of Dreadzone - The Warning. over 7 years ago
Not many of these around these days. Lifted from the superb 360˚album the title tune can easily be found elsewhere, the other 3 are not so easy. Africa appears on Performance but has notoriously poor sound quality, this copy is far superior. The two ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Serial Killer Vinyl - 5 Years. over 7 years ago
Very, very, good compilation. extremely DJ friendly.