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posted a review of Space Tribe - Religious Experience. over 3 years ago
A Masterpiece!
I enjoyed every second of it. 6 amazing track that are about 53 minuets of an actual religious experience,
surprisingly 'Religious Experience' is the albums title.
at first it thought it's a little bit cocky to name an album this way, but ... See full review
posted a comment on Infected Mushroom - The Gathering. over 3 years ago
Well, it is a most grate album
you probably were more open minded on the third listen then before
the music haven't changed a bit, but you did.

Anyway I really find this album way more Goa (Night-Goa) then Psy-Trance
so I'll add Goa-Junkies to your ... See full review
posted a review of Space Tribe - The Ultraviolet Catastrophe. over 3 years ago
Easily one of my own favorites, every time I listen to it I feel like it was written especially for me (thank you so much Olli Wisdom!).
Goa trance at it finest! + I find it quit funny how the records sides are numbered (A,AA,AAA,AAAA).
Most awesome ... See full review
posted a review of Ololiuqui - Valves. over 3 years ago
This is a low tempo masterpiece, Some danceable-ish tracks but not the kicking Goa style,
as for the sounds used they are truly amazing,
pure psychedelic music!