Private collector, tape trader, and seller since the mid 80's. I am more than willing to negotiate a price on my items. Just make me an offer and we will see if we can work something out. 🤘

🚫If you're aspiring to someday be a modern day Sherlock Holmes, consider yourself a proud card carrying member of the price police, or are a stick your nose where it doesn't belong badass and scene drama queen: do us both a simple favor, and keep your thoughts, opinions, and holier than thou attitude to yourself. Thanks in advance!🚫


🔥🔥👉PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE👈 🔥🔥 As a general rule, 20-30% off is about the most I will consider. Of course, like with everything in life, there are exceptions. Offers have a better chance of being accepted when ordered with multiple items. 🤘

THREE DOLLAR FIRST CLASS SHIPPING Y'ALL! Because of this, the order total must be at least $9.95, and shipment will only be sent within the UNITED STATES 🇺🇸 . Anywhere else you are outta luck. 🤘

***Any CD's under the price of $5.00 WILL NOT come with the jewel case. JEWEL CASES are NOT part of condition grading. They may often have scuffing, broken teeth, sticker residue, slight cracks, or can even be damaged while in transit. Though this can be irritating the cases are replaceable and if you just swap it out with a clean new one, all will once again be proper in the world. 🤘

Unfortunately, as of 01/01/21, because of buyers filing false "item(s) not received" disputes on orders shipped to addresses other than that on their PAYPAL ACCOUNT, I will now ONLY be shipping to the address listed on your PAYPAL. Tracking #️⃣ info will also be provided through your PAYPAL account and NOT here on Discogs. Any other request or attempt to have an item shipped to a DIFFERENT address will result in an order cancellation and/or refund. I am sorry about this but because of the bad apples 🍎 out there causing problems; everyone has to suffer. With all that being said please be sure to leave positive feedback once you get your order and I will return the gesture, thanks!🤘

Your order will be cancelled if payment is not received within 4 days after invoice is sent. As a result, system generated negative feedback will be automatically posted. If there is 🚫 zero communication from you I may cancel your order after 4 days. Please at least get in touch about when you intend to pay or with any other questions you may have. Packages are shipped in groups (try to do 5 or more at a time) with each trip taken to the post office (usually once or twice a week), so please be patient and rest assured everything with your order will work out just fine. Feel free to message at anytime; any and all communication is welcome and encouraged. 🤘

US BUYERS ONLY!!! Shipping cost in the US is $3.00 for the total order and will be shipped using FIRST CLASS mail. I use the kiosk in the post office lobby late at night and media mail is NOT an option when doing so. Please be aware that in order to keep the shipping cost low I may NOT include a jewel case or two when ordering 3 OR MORE items. If you are absolutely against me doing this please mention it in the notes section when placing your order. 🤘

Believe it or not sometimes I make mistakes on my listings. I try my best to be accurate, but unfortunately I screw up from time to time. Please understand this when placing an order with me and rest assured we can work out any issues that may arise. 🤘


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