Dear valued customer, I hope you will be happy to know that all proceedings of sales of my items will be spent on musical software. Thus by buying from me, you will indirectly fund developers of audio production software.

Money I have received so far have for instance been used to buy software from independent developers like CL-Projects, Synth Magic, BigTick and Homegrown Sounds, too mention just a few.

My main interests lie in new wave/synthpop and ambient-techno, but I listen to all sorts of electronic and progressive music. My favourite records of all time are something like this.
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Eat Static - In The Nude!
posted a comment on Eat Static - In The Nude!. 8 days ago
I just can't like this at all, Crash & Burn was not a blip on the radar they actually decided to go even further down the Big Beat route, three years after it was an in-thing. No wonder they took a 6 year break releasing any new material after this.
Banco De Gaia - The Magical Sounds Of Banco De Gaia
posted a comment on Banco De Gaia - The Magical Sounds Of Banco De Gaia. 11 days ago
Never judge a book by its cover, but the sleeve was so off-putting back in the day that I stayed away from the album, thinking it was another one of those 'horrid' Ibiza compilation.
Polypores - Hyperincandescent
submitted Polypores - Hyperincandescent. 16 days ago
The Cure - Seventeen Seconds
posted a comment on The Cure - Seventeen Seconds. 19 days ago
A masterpiece of an album, maybe the best The Cure album ever.
Chris Child & Micah Frank - Tape Pieces Vol. 3
submitted Chris Child & Micah Frank - Tape Pieces Vol. 3. 19 days ago
Two People
posted a comment on Two People. 25 days ago
Annoying that some CD budget label in the 90's wouldn't release an omnibus collection, collecting all their tracks. There is no money earned for either artist or label leaving the material behind.

Rescue Me
Wonderful Thing
Back Into The Room Of... See full review
Brooks (12)
posted a comment on Brooks (12). about 1 month ago
With both Mike Nolan (Bucks Fizz) and Limahl (Kajagoogoo) making it big and recording for RCA and EMI in the early 80's, it is amazing that Polydor didn't reissue 'Brooks' output to cash in on that success, the ten tracks would have sat nicely on one... See full review
Planet Earth (4) - Planet Earth
posted a comment on Planet Earth (4) - Planet Earth. about 1 month ago
Anyone up for "Soft Machine" + "Sky" disco album ? Yes, Please!
Orbital - Blue Album
posted a comment on Orbital - Blue Album. about 1 month ago
In Orbitals discography this album is the dud, production like it was made on a laptop, Transient a long lament of an opener, instead of something like "Technologicque Park". Bath Time and Easy Serv throwaway easy listening pieces suitable for Plone,... See full review
afp* - AFP Mixture #2 By DAFT
submitted afp* - AFP Mixture #2 By DAFT. about 1 month ago
Eskimos & Egypt - Perfect Disease
posted a comment on Eskimos & Egypt - Perfect Disease. about 1 month ago
Dreams of yesterday indeed: This album was released 3-4 years too late, by 1993 electronic music had moved on. Had it been released in '89/90 it would have mingled well with Jesus Jones, The Beloved and EMF.
Genesis - A Trick Of The Tail
posted a comment on Genesis - A Trick Of The Tail. about 1 month ago
"It's Yourself" the b-side of "Your Own Special Way" is like the missing intro to Los Endos.
afp* - AFP Mixture #3 By Biophonix
submitted afp* - AFP Mixture #3 By Biophonix. about 1 month ago
Genesis - Paperlate
posted a comment on Genesis - Paperlate. about 1 month ago
Paperlate is basically a rewrite/remix of "No Reply At All" on the Abacab album. "Paperlate" the word is also the first spoken in the second verse of "Dancing With The Moonlit Knight".
The Boys Next Door - Door, Door
posted a comment on The Boys Next Door - Door, Door. about 1 month ago
A big positive surprise, I had expected this to be some "Flower of Romance" post-punk racket. But the band have really worked on the songs, and are good players, the crooning vocals adds atmosphere. Like a breath of fresh air even all these years later.
Electronic - Raise The Pressure
posted a comment on Electronic - Raise The Pressure. 2 months ago
Disappointing follow up to their great debut album. The two lead of singles "Forbidden City" and "For You" are forgettable Brit Pop, while "Until The End Of Time" and "If You've Got Love" are dated italo house piano "stormers", that sounds like they... See full review
Benge - The Dreamer
submitted Benge - The Dreamer. 3 months ago
Various - Tone Science Module No​. 6 (Protons And Neutrons)
submitted Various - Tone Science Module No​. 6 (Protons And Neutrons). 3 months ago
Thomas Fehlmann
posted a comment on Thomas Fehlmann. 3 months ago
It seems the Advent Drop mix of December 2017 isn't listed in Discogs, still available though
Orb* - Orblivion
posted a comment on Orb* - Orblivion. 3 months ago
I have been revisiting and listening through the album many times this week as it becomes 25 years. I have to conclude that this is excellent, not a dud or dated track in sight, on average on par with U.F.Orb & Orbus Terrarum. So why is this album not... See full review
Little Boots
posted a comment on Little Boots. 3 months ago
Little Boots means Caligula in the Latin language, so maybe inspired by that person.
Howard Jones - Cross That Line
posted a comment on Howard Jones - Cross That Line. 3 months ago
An important thing with vinyl/cassette back in the day, was that there were definite sides. How I wish "Last Supper / Out Of Thin Air / Guardians Of The Breath / Those Who Move Clouds" would have been sequenced together on one side of this album. That... See full review
Marc Almond - Stories Of Johnny
posted a comment on Marc Almond - Stories Of Johnny. 3 months ago
A more smooth and holistic album than its predecessor, this album flows from start to finish. In my opinion this release is one of the very best in Almonds excellent discography. I also find it interesting that "Traumas Traumas Traumas" is that kind... See full review
Marc Almond And The Willing Sinners - Vermin In Ermine
posted a comment on Marc Almond And The Willing Sinners - Vermin In Ermine. 3 months ago
Can't get my head around the sequencing on this album, there is an obvious pop side and a mantra/tribal side:

A: Hell Was A City / Gutter Hearts / You Have / The Boy Who Came Back / Tenderness Is A Weakness

B: Shining Sinners / Crime Sublime / Ugly... See full review
Modus Vivendi - Modus Vivendi
posted a comment on Modus Vivendi - Modus Vivendi. 4 months ago
Why wasn't this released as a CD EP back in 1993 ? I want the best audio possibly and that is digital.
Erik Wøllo - Sojourns
submitted Erik Wøllo - Sojourns. 4 months ago
Various - iNDEX07
submitted Various - iNDEX07. 4 months ago
Lene Lovich
posted a comment on Lene Lovich. 4 months ago
The Discogs rules are that to enter a release a user need to have a copy of the release in hand. So for a rare record, if it is not listed on Discogs, nobody that own it has so far wanted to share their information, that seems to be the case.
posted a comment on Hypnotic. 4 months ago
Interesting label for mid-late 90's ambient-techno-trance-goa. Many releases are done by "obscure" Danish artists, but that actually makes it even more interesting, as it becomes a walk off the beaten path, and for those who like that classic 90's... See full review
The Stranglers - Feline
posted a comment on The Stranglers - Feline. 4 months ago
Hugh Cornwell sounds very bored, he speaks/mumbles lyrics, uninspired and often out of tune. "Let's Tango in Paris" must be an ironic statement the limp way he performs the vocal, like reading the lyrics from a notebook, no re-issue on vinyl or... See full review
Mr. Mister - Welcome To The Real World
posted a comment on Mr. Mister - Welcome To The Real World. 4 months ago
My mind wasn't made up overnight, I have listened to this album for 35 years, and on that basis I made my posting.
The keyboard riff on "Uniform of Youth" is more prog than anything Rush released at that time. "Is it Love" stuck in the middle of the... See full review
Mobiles - Mobiles
posted a comment on Mobiles - Mobiles. 4 months ago
I used to own this album, gave it a second spin now via streaming services, and I remember why I passed it on, their biggest hit "Drowning In Berlin" is like second rate Toyah copycats, better go for the real deal.
The The - Mind Bomb
posted a comment on The The - Mind Bomb. 4 months ago
What was the designer thinking putting the logo in the top right corner? That "The The" logo should have been superimposed on Matt Johnson's forehead, and it would become centered like his image and the title of the album.
Frazier Chorus
posted a comment on Frazier Chorus. 4 months ago
According to interview in Record Mirror (January 21, 1989) 4AD at the time overall focus on more "harder" guitar music like Pixies and Throwing Muses, was the reason they didn't pick up releasing more material by the band.
Frazier Chorus
posted a comment on Frazier Chorus. 4 months ago
It is a delight to listen when pop music is done with such care, it really is art. A companion to It's Immaterial "Song" album that was released around the same time, with vocals like I Start Counting/Komputer.
Opik - Opik
posted a comment on Opik - Opik. 4 months ago
Bullitnuts were quite lackluster run of the mill trip-hop, it is quite amazing that they were involved in creating this masterpiece of chilled out prog house, as a prequel to their downfall.
posted a comment on MFS. 4 months ago
A fitting and also prophetic name, as they went on to have lots of success.
Timeshard - The Planet Dog Years
submitted Timeshard - The Planet Dog Years. 4 months ago
Howard Jones - You Know I Love You ... Don't You?
posted a comment on Howard Jones - You Know I Love You ... Don't You?. 4 months ago
The 12 inch extended version is a showcase of Yamaha DX bass
Genesis - Invisible Touch
posted a comment on Genesis - Invisible Touch. 5 months ago
Switch "Tonight Tonight Tonight" with "Throwing It All Away" to get:
A (Pop Side): Invisible Touch, Throwing It All Away, Land of Confusion, In Too Deep, Anything She Does
B (Prog Side): Domino, Tonight Tonight Tonight, The Brazilian
Steve Roach - Zones, Drones & Atmospheres
submitted Steve Roach - Zones, Drones & Atmospheres. 5 months ago
Duran Duran - Seven And The Ragged Tiger
posted a comment on Duran Duran - Seven And The Ragged Tiger. 5 months ago
I find it a bit weird that an instrumental "typical b-side" "Tiger Tiger" would be included on the album instead of the number 1 hit "Is There Something I Should Know"
Alphaville - Forever Young
posted a comment on Alphaville - Forever Young . 5 months ago
The extended "Special Dance Mix" has to be among the best showcases of a 12 mix ever, as it keeps all the hallmarks of the original yet turns a ballad into a dance floor stormer. I was mesmerized when I first heard it during the winter of 84/85, I got... See full review
Big Country
posted a comment on Big Country. 5 months ago
I can't understand why Big Country got stuck with the bagpipe label. They have chiming, harmonic guitar playing as their raison d'être, but that is still quite far from bagpipes.
Ian Boddy & Nigel Mullaney - Smoke & Mirrors
submitted Ian Boddy & Nigel Mullaney - Smoke & Mirrors. 6 months ago
Orbital - Pusher
posted a comment on Orbital - Pusher. 6 months ago
The music is pretty good, but will never watch the movie, titles like "Pay Me The Money" "Driving And Clubbing" "Bridge Deal" "Cutting And Doing" means this is 13 to the dozen Scandinavian noir. Kojak did such TV better back in the 70's!
Prodigy* - The Fat Of The Land
posted a comment on Prodigy* - The Fat Of The Land. 6 months ago
The reason this album was included in 1001 albums you must hear before you die, must be to sense how things were back at the time: 80% was about presentation, 20% about the music. Tailor made for readers of lads mags like "Loaded".
Nik Kershaw - Radio Musicola
posted a comment on Nik Kershaw - Radio Musicola. 6 months ago
The main problem with getting the vinyl back in the day, was that it omitted "When A Heart Beats" that was included on both the MC and CD. Nevertheless this is another quality product by Kershaw, but by late '86 his sound had fallen out of fashion, so... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 6 months ago
Orbital - Live At O2 Academy Brixton 24.09.2009
posted a comment on Orbital - Live At O2 Academy Brixton 24.09.2009. 6 months ago
It is a shame that these recordings have not been re-issued officially by Orbital. 2009 was an island between their 2004 and 2012 output, so these live shows are unique and no doubt among their best, including rare gems like The Moebius. Raw and... See full review