Dear valued customer, I hope you will be happy to know that all proceedings of sales of my items will be spent on musical software. Thus by buying from me, you will indirectly fund developers of audio production software.

Money I have received so far have for instance been used to buy software from independent developers like CL-Projects, Synth Magic, BigTick and Homegrown Sounds, too mention just a few.

My main interests lie in new wave/synthpop and ambient-techno, but I listen to all sorts of electronic and progressive music. My favourite records of all time are something like this.

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Various - Tone Science Module No​.​9 Theories and Conjectures
submitted Various - Tone Science Module No​.​9 Theories and Conjectures. about 1 month ago
Dr. Atomic - Schudelfloss
posted a review of Dr. Atomic - Schudelfloss. about 1 month ago
To define Progressive House in one track to me that is Spooky's High On Hedonism Mix.
The Alan Parsons Project - Gaudi
posted a review of The Alan Parsons Project - Gaudi. 2 months ago
For the prog rock listening experience, you want La Sagrada Familia, Inside Looking Out & Paseo De Gracia on the same side.
Dave Bessell - Chromatic Lightning Cage
submitted Dave Bessell - Chromatic Lightning Cage. 3 months ago
Ian Boddy - Modal Operandi
submitted Ian Boddy - Modal Operandi. 3 months ago
Global Goon - Goon
posted a review of Global Goon - Goon. 3 months ago
I got tricked into buying this album, as the record store had put a note on it that it was by The Aphex Twin under alias.
Parallel Worlds - Fragmented
submitted Parallel Worlds - Fragmented. 4 months ago
Cherry Bomb - Electronics For Dogs
posted a review of Cherry Bomb - Electronics For Dogs. 4 months ago
Not a classic, but some worthwhile tracks here for the old school IDM fans to dig out.
Benge - Forms 16 - Watercolour on Paper
submitted Benge - Forms 16 - Watercolour on Paper. 4 months ago
Benge - The View From Vega
submitted Benge - The View From Vega. 7 months ago
Various - Tone Science Module No​. 8 (Tone Science Live)
submitted Various - Tone Science Module No​. 8 (Tone Science Live). 8 months ago
Children Of The Bong - Sonic Ambulance
submitted Children Of The Bong - Sonic Ambulance. 8 months ago
Erik Wøllo - Cloud Of Strings
submitted Erik Wøllo - Cloud Of Strings. 8 months ago
Source Direct - Mind Weaver
posted a review of Source Direct - Mind Weaver. 8 months ago
Mind Weaver is Source Direct at their best, simplistic but clear and effective in making a lasting statement.
Art Of Trance - Voice Of Earth
posted a review of Art Of Trance - Voice Of Earth. 8 months ago
I really do like this release, I find it much more in line with golden age trance of 1993, than the trance scene of 1999. It is not banging hard psytrance, neither cheesy lightweight vocal trance, but pleasant well produced mid-tempo melodic trance.
Polypores - Multizonal Mindscramble
submitted Polypores - Multizonal Mindscramble. 9 months ago
An MLO Production* - Io
posted a review of An MLO Production* - Io. 9 months ago
Music from the forthcoming film "Io" that was to be shown to live accompaniment on the Pink Floyd tour MLO undertook later in 1994.
Scott Edward - Distant Horizons
posted a review of Scott Edward - Distant Horizons. 9 months ago
This album is more Berlin School than Ambient Techno, lots of synth soloing backed by simple grooves, closer to Klaus Schulze than Autechre.
Symbiosis - Numinous
posted a review of Symbiosis - Numinous. 9 months ago
I wonder if the EP is maybe called "Numinous" because the rhythm box intro of Concepcions II is possibly sampled from the opening of Gary Numan's "Remind Me To Smile"
Symbiosis - Meta
posted a review of Symbiosis - Meta. 9 months ago
Good stuff, not groundbreaking, but for those into the Planet Dog et al sound it is quality not to be missed.
Various - Jet Set
posted a review of Various - Jet Set. 9 months ago
A rather excellent mix that have stood the test of time, deep yet up for it.
Symbiosis - Clandestine Electronic Subculture
posted a review of Symbiosis - Clandestine Electronic Subculture. 9 months ago
"Dreamlight (Green Mix)" sounds a lot like Children Of The Bong on Planet Dog, and this excellent album would have fitted well on that seminal UK label IMO.
System 7 Featuring Ultra Naté - Altitude
posted a review of System 7 Featuring Ultra Naté - Altitude. 9 months ago
"Altitude (Paradox) (Deep Mix)" with Ultra Nate sounds like a completely different track than the Altitude album song. Had it not been better to release it as a new single called "Paradox" ?
System 7 - Depth Disco
posted a review of System 7 - Depth Disco. 9 months ago
More or less the blueprint for the System 7 sound, they have not strayed much from this over their 30 years career.
System 7 / Derrick May - Mysterious Traveller
posted a review of System 7 / Derrick May - Mysterious Traveller. 9 months ago
Pleasant deep Detroit techno, timeless music, this collection hasn't aged much in thirty years. The only track a bit out of place is System 7's own E-Merge.
The Cut (2) - Shadow Talks
posted a review of The Cut (2) - Shadow Talks. 9 months ago
Solid synth driven new wave, good songs and interesting arrangements. Had The Cut been an English band, I am certain they would have enjoyed similar success as Simple Minds at that time.
Helge Gaarder
posted a review of Helge Gaarder. 9 months ago
Forferdelig trist at Helge Gaarder skulle gå bort så tidlig, han ville ha feiret 70 år i 2023. Han var en bauta i norsk nyrock, og skrev bra tekster.
Cirkus Modern - Cirkus Modern
posted a review of Cirkus Modern - Cirkus Modern. 10 months ago
En skikkelig "Opp" plate, sånn skal det låte !
Hadde Cirkus Modern vært et engelsk band, ville man ha skrevet bøker om denne skiva nå.
Montasje - Presence!
posted a review of Montasje - Presence!. 10 months ago
En real nedtur etter Kjøtt's klassiker "Op."
Presence er stampende og teatralsk, klarer ikke å ta av.
Heldigvis tok Gaarder seg sammen, og kom tilbake i form med "Cirkus Modern".
Raga Rockers - Varme Dager
posted a review of Raga Rockers - Varme Dager. 10 months ago
"I Amazonas dampende jungel, på Himalayas snedekte topp, ved Donaus buktende bredder, ved Rio's lange gylne strender, i Kalaharis brennende sand, der Ganges renner ut i havet"

Michael Krohn skulle ha skrevet for Vi Menn
The Cut (2) - Silent Movies
posted a review of The Cut (2) - Silent Movies. 10 months ago
Plata er for veik, halvparten er "depp": "Silent Movies" "Now & Then" "Invaded" & "Dance On Glass"
At sistnevnte ble valgt som single er ikke lett å fatte. "Red Light" er låten som skulle vært valgt som single.
The Future Sound Of London - Dead Cities
posted a review of The Future Sound Of London - Dead Cities. 10 months ago
Replacing We Have Explosive, with We Have Explosive Part 2 (of the CD single) makes a massive upturn in the listening enjoyment !
Tournesol - Kokotsu
posted a review of Tournesol - Kokotsu. 10 months ago
1994 was such a diverse year in electronic music, things changed month to month: enter the year as ambient techno and leave it as drum and bass.
As I remember this was released early in 1994, and indeed it is an ambient techno choice release.
Amorphous Androgynous - Tales Of Ephidrina
posted a review of Amorphous Androgynous - Tales Of Ephidrina. 10 months ago
The album is OK, but feels a bit dated now, a sample collage that is rough around the edges. They made giant strides releasing Lifeforms less than a year later, that is a polished diamond.
Various - Global Technological Innovations: UK 1
posted a review of Various - Global Technological Innovations: UK 1. 10 months ago
Too much of a compilation, rather than a journey when stuff like Dave Clarke's "Graphite" is forced on it.
Code Of Practice - Infiltrate / Can We Change The Future
posted a review of Code Of Practice - Infiltrate / Can We Change The Future. 10 months ago
Can We Change The Future (Dub Plate Mix) is built around Future Sound Of London's Cascade single (1993).
Strange Cruise - Strange Cruise
posted a review of Strange Cruise - Strange Cruise. 10 months ago
How the mighty can fall. Steve Strange sounds truly uninspired and bored, and no wonder given such dour songs to sing.
Beranek - Trigger
posted a review of Beranek - Trigger. 10 months ago
From leftfield to the midfield, not a good move. 1983's X-Ray is a lot more interesting album than this
The Black Dog - Music For Adverts (And Short Films)
posted a review of The Black Dog - Music For Adverts (And Short Films). 10 months ago
An album for those that thought Echo Mike and the Bolts were the best things about Bytes and Spanners.
I wonder if "Dumb & Dumber" could be a dig at Handley and Turner, who responded with "Not For Threes" a year later ?
Midge Ure - Pure
posted a review of Midge Ure - Pure. 10 months ago
This is like nails scratching a blackboard. dull predictable "state of the art" production, lackluster songs. I just can't believe it is the same Midge Ure that was involved with classic Ultravox album's like Rage In Eden and Lament.
Hohokam - King
posted a review of Hohokam - King. 10 months ago
Superb release, the cleanliness of Depeche Mode mixed up with the roughness of Nitzer Ebb. HoHoKam should have been Numa's star act.
Larry Loeber (2) - Shivers Up My Spine
posted a review of Larry Loeber (2) - Shivers Up My Spine. 10 months ago
A different Larry Loeber than the New York person, this is most certainly Numan's friend Nicky Robson in disguise.
Various - iNDEX08
submitted Various - iNDEX08. 10 months ago
Humania - Sinews Of The Soul
posted a review of Humania - Sinews Of The Soul. 11 months ago
If Currie was to resurrect an Ultravox MK2 song, I wish he had left "Lament" alone, and rather chosen "Paths And Angles". An excellent b-side showcasing his keyboard and viola skills.
Dread Zone* - 360°
posted a review of Dread Zone* - 360°. 11 months ago
Excellent release, the double speed reggae mixed well with the fledging jungle scene at the time.

A blueprint for Leftfields' Leftism
Ultravox - Revelation
posted a review of Ultravox - Revelation. 11 months ago
From Mr X to Mr Mister: This is too bland and middle of the road to be of major interest to old school Ultravox fans, sadly.
Silent Phase - (The Theory Of)
posted a review of Silent Phase - (The Theory Of). 11 months ago
Decent deep Detroit Techno, well worth a listen on a rainy Sunday, all these years later.
H2SO4 (2) - Machine-Turned Blues
posted a review of H2SO4 (2) - Machine-Turned Blues. 11 months ago
Ammonium sulfide rather than Sulfuric Acid. Abhorrent music for the lad mag 90's generation. I spent money buying this album on the back of Code's excellent releases of the early 90's. What ever happened to the likely lads?
Eyetek - Moonshine
posted a review of Eyetek - Moonshine. 11 months ago
Moonshine (I Ambient Mix) is solid Ambient Techno. But who was Eyetek, is it another one of Jake Stephenson alias's ?
Output (3) Featuring DJ Oz - Reset / Technozone
posted a review of Output (3) Featuring DJ Oz - Reset / Technozone. 11 months ago
"Technozone" sound very much like it was made by The Prodigy, a fine hardcore track.