Dear valued customer, I hope you will be happy to know that all proceedings of sales of my items will be spent on musical software. Thus by buying from me, you will indirectly fund developers of audio production software.

Money I have received so far have for instance been used to buy software from independent developers like CL-Projects, Synth Magic, BigTick and Homegrown Sounds, too mention just a few.

My main interests lie in new wave/synthpop and ambient-techno, but I listen to all sorts of electronic and progressive music. My favourite records of all time are something like this.

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Higher Intelligence Agency* & Pete Namlook - S.H.A.D.O 2
posted a review of Higher Intelligence Agency* & Pete Namlook - S.H.A.D.O 2. about 14 hours ago
Out of Namlook's mainly releases, this has to rank among the best IMO, very involved, lost of things going on, changes happening mid-track, a great allround IDM album.
Orbital - Blue Album
posted a review of Orbital - Blue Album. 6 days ago
I don't hate it, I just find it their least engaging album. Compared to other artists it is pretty good, but I have come to expect the very best from the Hartnolls.
Eat Static - De-Classified
posted a review of Eat Static - De-Classified. 12 days ago
After the misguided "Crash & Burn" and "In The Nude" albums, this is a great return to form and their own roots.
Eat Static - B-World
posted a review of Eat Static - B-World. 17 days ago
A good album, but among the worst sleeves I have yet to see.
Aphex Twin - Ventolin E.P
posted a review of Aphex Twin - Ventolin E.P. 19 days ago
I wonder what was the original mix of Ventolin? To take one comparison, The Coppice Mix is VERY different from the Salbutamol Mix. One common denominator is that distortion is used on the beats, but that is about it. The 10 Aphex Twin tracks on the... See full review
Andrew Souter - Abduction (Mix)
posted a review of Andrew Souter - Abduction (Mix). 21 days ago
The mix from Havana's "Shift" to Hardfloor's "Acperience" is pure genius, and Andrew Souter only ever did one mix CD ? That is a waste of great talent.
posted a review that has since been deleted. 24 days ago
Saints & Sinners - Peace
posted a review of Saints & Sinners - Peace. 25 days ago
Peace (Humate Remix) is super, it starts minimal, but like a flower opens up, and from around the midpoint it goes places. This is what remixing is about!
Stay Up Forever
posted a comment on Stay Up Forever. 26 days ago
More like play the same key forever, if it is in C, why bother harmonize (that is like intelligent), bang the bassline in C all the way through.
Active Loop Zone - Return Of The Sonic Puppertees
posted a review of Active Loop Zone - Return Of The Sonic Puppertees. 26 days ago
Released in 2018, it sounds like it had stayed in the can since the mid-90s. And that is not a bad thing, this is pleasant classic listening.
Terry Lee Brown Jr. - Chocolate Chords
posted a review of Terry Lee Brown Jr. - Chocolate Chords. 26 days ago
I like Feller when doing downtomp, but his TLBjr stuff I stay clear off. The kick drum in general is mixed far too loud in the mix, and little EQ or FX is applied, it just goes bang, bang, bang, bang from start to finish.
Model 500 - Sonic Sunset
posted a review of Model 500 - Sonic Sunset. 26 days ago
Pleasing laidback techno, a perfect soundtrack for cruising on lazy summer days.
Maas - ep 01
posted a review of Maas - ep 01. 26 days ago
Excellent all round EP by Pearson, deep listening techno, that hasn't dated.
Various - Soma Quality Recordings
posted a review of Various - Soma Quality Recordings. 27 days ago
A rather excellent compilation of deep and progressive house, the only track out of place is "Positive Education (Richie Hawtin's Stripped Mix)"
Pink Elln + Atom Heart - Elektroniikkaa
posted a review of Pink Elln + Atom Heart - Elektroniikkaa. 28 days ago
Super release, both the remixes are excellent, taking the original to upbeat heights yet staying faithful to the source. That is what remixing is about in my opinion.
Jah Wobble's Invaders Of The Heart - Becoming More Like God
posted a review of Jah Wobble's Invaders Of The Heart - Becoming More Like God. 30 days ago
Kris Needs "Becoming More Like God (Secret Knowledge To Hell And Back Mix)" is like the best The Orb remix nobody heard.
Age - The Orion Years
posted a review of Age - The Orion Years. 30 days ago
Not essential listening, but worth checking out for those into that ambient-techno-trance sound of the early/mid-90. Much more holistic than the follow up "Isolation".
Norman Feller - Frameless Structure
posted a review of Norman Feller - Frameless Structure. about 1 month ago
I admire Mr. Feller for his abilities, under his own name or Nor Elle he invariably turns out quality relaxation listening.
Ian Boddy - Modulations III
submitted Ian Boddy - Modulations III. about 1 month ago
Resistance D - Ztringz Of Life
posted a review of Resistance D - Ztringz Of Life. about 1 month ago
Excellent golden age trance, hasn't aged at all, essential listening.
Way Out West - Intensify
posted a review of Way Out West - Intensify. about 1 month ago
No intensification, rather a move towards middle of the road with added diva vocals.
Benge - Forms 15 - Dawn
submitted Benge - Forms 15 - Dawn. about 1 month ago
Cosmosis - Cosmology
posted a review of Cosmosis - Cosmology. about 1 month ago
Afterglow is like a remix of Autechre's Basscadet from Incunabula (1993)
Sasha - Global Underground 013: Ibiza
posted a review of Sasha - Global Underground 013: Ibiza. about 1 month ago
Tracks are kept too long in the mix, Smith & Selway "Move!" is a DJ tool at best, nothing to play out for 6 minutes.
The mix lacks a feeling of a journey, CD1 pumps and pumps and ends with "Natious - Amber (Silk Mix)" not a classic in anyone's... See full review
J Majik - Slow Motion
posted a review of J Majik - Slow Motion. about 1 month ago
This is my kind of drum and bass, really involved drum programming, none of the easy rolling techstep kind. However the album is sharply divided between drum and bass and triphop/downtempo, it would maybe have been better to have released "Mermaids,... See full review
J Majik - Slow Motion
posted a review of J Majik - Slow Motion. about 1 month ago
Timeless was released 18 months before this album, that is quite some time in the fast moving genre bending world of 90's dance. But I agree "Slow Motion" is a disc that have stood the test of time.
PWOG* - Kraak
posted a review of PWOG* - Kraak. about 1 month ago
Not much jamming going on, just a minimal techno groove, and some filtering.
PWOG* - Record Of Breaks
posted a review of PWOG* - Record Of Breaks. about 1 month ago
The annoying tabla loop that runs for 10 minutes during "A Kind Of Prayer", and the kitsch piano tinker on top of "Sheap?" makes this difficult listening.
By Truth/True they finally get into some kind of groove.
Recorded at home says it all, this is... See full review
Centuras - Ascension
posted a review of Centuras - Ascension. about 1 month ago
An excellent EP not to be missed for those into the ambient-techno-trance sound of the early/mid 90's.
Sasha & Maria* - Be As One
posted a review of Sasha & Maria* - Be As One. about 1 month ago
The intro piano chord sounds just like Queen's "Keep passing by the open windows" (1984)
Sasha - Arkham Asylum / Ohmna
posted a review of Sasha - Arkham Asylum / Ohmna. about 1 month ago
Had he put on an intro and outro, and made a continuous mix of Be As One, Heart of Imagination, Arkham Asylum, Ohmna, that would have been pretty good album of 1996, 50 minutes+
Jon The Dentist - Additive Compilation Two
posted a review of Jon The Dentist - Additive Compilation Two . about 1 month ago
A great classic trance mix. Only one duff track "Did You Hear Me? (DJ Taucher's Phase II Mix)" I never liked that "House Of God" sample much.
Laurent Garnier - Unreasonable Behaviour
posted a review of Laurent Garnier - Unreasonable Behaviour. about 1 month ago
A rather excellent all-round album, a lot better than his previous long player 30, more rounded yet as fit for the dancefloor as home listening. A standout of the year 2000. Why do I not pick out the CD and play it more often, I guess is because I... See full review
Acen - Trip II The Moon - Part 1
posted a review of Acen - Trip II The Moon - Part 1. about 1 month ago
A massive tune, so inspirational for the darkcore of 1993. Picking that John Barry/James Bond sample was the work of a genius!
Autechre - Incunabula
posted a review of Autechre - Incunabula. about 1 month ago
A wonderful album, lovely naïve in places, long before Booth & Brown became too clever for their own good.
Various - La Creme De La Creme - The Cream Of Underground House - A Retrospective Mix 1993-1996
posted a review of Various - La Creme De La Creme - The Cream Of Underground House - A Retrospective Mix 1993-1996. about 1 month ago
Mix Two is really La Creme De La Creme, excellent showcase of that sound 1993-96. "Cowgirl" being kept in the mix for almost 20 minutes is like the definition of Progressive House.
Solitaire Gee - Slumberland
posted a review of Solitaire Gee - Slumberland. about 1 month ago
Great bassline, but too bad they had to litter the mix with middle-of-the-road diva vocal snippets (It's groovy baby).
Tenth Chapter - Wired
posted a review of Tenth Chapter - Wired. about 1 month ago
So many Prog House tunes just pump in the same bass key all the way through. Wired (The Stonk Remix) goes to show how refreshing and uplifting it is to play with the key of bass.
Lex Loofah - Freaky Deaky
posted a review of Lex Loofah - Freaky Deaky. about 1 month ago
A release that would have benefitted a lot from losing the endless banal diva vocal snippets splattered all over it: "It's Hot" "Come On!" "Alright"
Warp Records
posted a comment on Warp Records. about 1 month ago
Resoraz "Art Of Time" (WAP 37) of 1993, says on the label it is from the forthcoming long player "Soul Circuit"
That could have been assigned WARP13, but have gone unreleased.
Resoraz - Art Of Time
posted a review of Resoraz - Art Of Time. about 1 month ago
Art Of Time is an excellent track, uplifting with a satisfying nasty lead line, it can fit both in a Prog House and IDM set. It is amazing that according to Discogs credits it has never been included in a DJ Mix !?

The Huddersfield 4th Wave crew... See full review
Various - Goa Vibes Vol. 1
posted a review of Various - Goa Vibes Vol. 1. about 1 month ago
Do something with the bassline, it just pumps in the same key all the way, that is my main gripe with Psy Trance.
Juno Reactor - Transmissions
posted a review of Juno Reactor - Transmissions. about 1 month ago
I never got this at the time, but listening back to it 30 years later, I am amazed at how well it has kept, a real classic. A blueprint for a whole scene, seldom bettered.
Deep Piece - Torwart
posted a review of Deep Piece - Torwart. about 1 month ago
"Torwart" is the german word for goal keeper, or goal tender
Justin Robertson - Journeys By DJ
posted a review of Justin Robertson - Journeys By DJ. about 1 month ago
Excellent mix, that twist and turns and builds up to raison d'être Humate's "3.1" which should have been played out to close the mix. "Human Behaviour (Underworld Dub 2)" becomes just a stuck on appendix after that.
Jose Padilla* - The Ibiza Chill Out
posted a review of Jose Padilla* - The Ibiza Chill Out. about 1 month ago
Not really a mix, tracks are rather segued together, and sadly harsh in many places both in tempo and key. The track selection is very good though, so one would have wished for an unmixed compilation.
Strata 3 - Strategic Manoeuvres
posted a review of Strata 3 - Strategic Manoeuvres. about 1 month ago
Was this meant as an album, that got aborted at the test pressing stage
Basement Jaxx - Remedy
posted a review of Basement Jaxx - Remedy. about 1 month ago
I was thinking about what happened to Speed Garage, the hyped genre of 1997, and this is a result, one of the most popular releases of 1999. So UK Garage is viable, more than just hype.
Gravity Wheel - Bulldogtunawasp
posted a review of Gravity Wheel - Bulldogtunawasp. about 1 month ago
"Playing Out" is an excellent nu-skool electro track, with some indie vocals to set it apart. But overall this album is not coming together for me, being eclectic is often good, but not here.
Aux 88 - Bass Magnetic
posted a review of Aux 88 - Bass Magnetic. about 1 month ago
Premier League Electro, sounds as fresh today as 1993.

In Electro the Funk is on number 2, it is all about that relentless snare!