Dear valued customer, I hope you will be happy to know that all proceedings of sales of my items will be spent on musical software. Thus by buying from me, you will indirectly fund developers of audio production software.

Money I have received so far have for instance been used to buy software from independent developers like CL-Projects, Synth Magic, BigTick and Homegrown Sounds, too mention just a few.

My main interests lie in new wave/synthpop and ambient-techno, but I listen to all sorts of electronic and progressive music. My favourite records of all time are something like this.
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posted a comment on John Foxx - Metamatic. 6 days ago
Future 4 disc edition could perhaps include the "A new kind of man" CD which is a complete live run through of the Metamatic album ;-)
posted a comment on The Future Sound Of London - Lifeforms. 7 days ago
One of many releases that made 1994 such a magical year for ambient/techno
posted a comment on Ambrosia (2) - Ambrosia. 9 days ago
A choice release: Soft/prog rock expertly played and produced. But refreshingly the band also venture off the beaten path from time to time as heard on "Mama Frog"

I don't know why it hasn’t got further re-issues, this is the kind of release that would ... See full review
posted a comment on Orbital - Monsters Exist. 26 days ago
"Elsewhere there are the obligatory throwback nods to older, better records and the familiar tropes - the synths, the chords, the sampled speeches - but they no longer sound poignant or effective, they simply feel like two ageing men still trying to act ... See full review
posted a comment on Jean-Michel Jarre - Planet Jarre (50 Years Of Music). 28 days ago
This is of course an excellent release filled with quality tracks. But I am nevertheless disappointed by it, seeing the sections the release is divided into I took for granted that he had reworked and melded the tracks into each other. But from what I ... See full review
posted a comment on Jean-Michel Jarre - Planet Jarre (50 Years Of Music). 28 days ago
The tracklisting on my CD player is 82:11 minutes. It is not a problem to go beyond 80 minutes on a CD, just need to lower the quality of the audio (44.1 KHz is the regular). If technology didn't move so fast I wonder if somebody had come up with ... See full review
posted a comment on Bronski Beat - Truthdare Doubledare. about 1 month ago
In the annals of british Hi-NRG/synth-pop this is an important entry, by the time of 1986 Bronski Beat was among few bands who continued that legacy, classic tracks are: "Hit That Perfect Beat", "Punishment For Love", "Do It" and "Dr John".
posted a comment on U2 - The Joshua Tree. about 1 month ago
I bought the album in April '87 but have never really been able to get into it, I have tried and struggled over the years, the sound is just too "grown up"/overly serious in a middle of the road kind of way [pun intended].

A problem is that there is too ... See full review
posted a comment on U2 - The Fly. about 1 month ago
It is not the sound of four men chopping down The Joshua Tree, it is the sound of four men bulleting the blue sky.
posted a comment on 808state* - Gorgeous. about 1 month ago
A disappointing follow up to the magnificent ex:el. It starts promising with Plan 9 and Moses, but that is as good as it gets. It quickly falls into vocal valley mainstream, 10x10 is a tacky piano house "anthem", something Black Box could have churned ... See full review
posted a comment on Orbital - Monsters Exist. about 1 month ago
To me Hoo Hoo Ha Ha is an absolute stunner, it is a playful/sentimental throwback to the Middle of Nowhere album, and it is also got that "trademark" Orbital harmonic bass backing. I wish they had used more horns on the album, there is an Oboe on the ... See full review
posted a comment on Orbital - Monsters Exist. 2 months ago
Who sequenced this album? There is a lot of winners on display here, but put together in a way that makes them more like losers. Obviously "Buried Deep Within" needs to be the opener, follow that with "Hoo Hoo Ha Ha", "Kaiju" and "Vision OnE" and et ... See full review
posted a comment on Love And Rockets - Express. 2 months ago
I really wish I had been exposed to this album at the time of its release. Growing up I think it would have influenced me, it is something out of the ordinary.
posted a comment on Orbital - Style. 2 months ago
I tend to forget how excellent this release is, a tribute to all things good of the early 70's: Stylophones, Suzi Quatro, and they even use the Autobahn bassline to good measure. No doubt a disc that needs to be played more often!
posted a comment on Red Box - Saskatchewan. 2 months ago
Compared to the original version, I am sad to say that this lacks in every department, it is an anemic lifeless depiction, Buffy's original version is far superior.
posted a comment on Intermix - Phaze Two. 2 months ago
One of the best early IDM releases, and a haven for sample spotters. Example: The Process (check Joey Beltram's remix of Orbital's Oolaa).
posted a comment on Orbital - Orbital. 2 months ago
I guess it can come down to personal taste, so I understand that.
posted a comment on Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine. 2 months ago
A make or break facor for liking Carter USM is Jim Bob's vocal style. If he could vary it somewhat, and try to sing in tune (once in a fortnight) that would have been a big big plus.
posted a comment on New Order - Low-life. 3 months ago
The best New Order album no doubt, with this they did a proper house cleaning and got rid of any Joy Division link. Every song is a celebration.
submitted Various - Solid Gold Soul - 70's Gold. 3 months ago
posted a comment on Steve Roach. 3 months ago
Reviewing my reason for making such a bold comment some time later. It is because I admire/envy and respect the following terms which IMO he possesses: autodidact, prolific/result-oriented, pioneer/creator, longevity/quality.
posted a comment on Steve Roach - Return To The Dreamtime. 3 months ago
Like most of Roach's output I think only one word is needed to describe it: Equisite
submitted Steve Roach - Electron Birth. 3 months ago
submitted Steve Roach - Return To The Dreamtime. 3 months ago
posted a comment on Skids - Joy. 3 months ago
For those liking Irish pub singalongs. If not, it is only worth checking out for "The Sound Of Retreat", a beautiful ambient instrumental, piano and saxophone. Iona sounds like it was recorded by Jessie Rae, got all the cliches covered with bagpipes and ... See full review
posted a comment on The Cult - Love Removal Machine. 3 months ago
Sounds like a rewrite of "Start me up" by the Rolling Stones.
posted a comment on Howard Jones - One To One. 3 months ago
Being a big fan of his first two albums, this third outing felt like a kick in the groin, a total letdown. A recurring lyrical theme on "Dream Into Action" was letting go of security, while this album turns it 180 degrees and preaches security all the ... See full review
posted a review of M (2) - The Official Secrets Act. 3 months ago
Bought this album back in the 80's, but could not really get into it, as it felt like a collection of tracks rather than an album. But I have come to realize that it is a bit of a Rubik's Cube challenge, I solved it for myself by arranging the songs in ... See full review
posted a comment on Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft - Alles Ist Gut. 4 months ago
To capture their irony, I think "All Swell" would be an even more fitting album title.
posted a comment on The Mission - Children. 4 months ago
I agree with you: "Heaven On Earth" & "Tower Of Strength" is like a two part song/medley. Instead of fading out, "Heaven on Earth" should have faded into "Tower of Strength".
submitted The New Age Academy - Awakening. 4 months ago
posted a comment on Various - Order To Dance III. 4 months ago
Very dated by now, bordering on euro-cheesness with Dominator and House of God, trying for some world record in how many times the same vocal sample is repeated.
posted a comment on Concept 1 - Concept 1 - 96:VR. 4 months ago
I wouldn't label this as "techno" or "minimal", there is no 130+ BPM four-to-the-floor beats on display here, but instead downtempo dub-techno in the style of Basic Channel.
posted a comment on Ultramarine - United Kingdoms. 4 months ago
I bought this album around the time of its release, early autumn '93. I really wanted to like it, but there is something about the instrumentation and arrangements that is just too dry, too programmed, too Casio-like, too rigid (ironically that is maybe ... See full review
posted a comment on Alex Bollard - Pink Floyd Songbook. 4 months ago
An exquisite tribute album, in hindsight it might be obscured by Arcade TV CD branding, making punters think it is some kind of euro house cheese cover albums of that time (1994). But don't be fooled by that, this is the real deal, this one has been made ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Hardleaders 5 Presents Jungle Dub. 4 months ago
A distant summer, makes me homesick, anybody into this kind of sound, this is about as good as it gets. It is not about nostalgia, these tunes still sound like they were made in the future.
posted a comment on Talk Talk - Spirit Of Eden. 4 months ago
What happened to the drummer Lee Harris, he was a fierce ball of energy on Talk Talk's first couple of albums, but here he is just plodding along, as witnessed on "The Rainbow" hitting the snare like a metronome on downers (every fourth beat).
posted a comment on Cybotron - Alleys Of Your Mind. 4 months ago
I couldn't care less about trying to find styles trying to label this record, or who was first this and that. What matters is that this is a very good record.
posted a comment on Yazoo - You And Me Both. 5 months ago
A dour goodbye, Vince Clarke was moving away from warm fat analogues to tinny digital Casio synths at this time, says it all.
posted a comment on Talk Talk. 5 months ago
The early Talk Talk live shows (as witnessed on "Off The Record" and "Ahoy") reveals an unique powerful electronic tribal sound, not witnessed on the albums (maybe except "Hate"). Lee Harris is such an underrated drummer, he shines in the live ... See full review
posted a comment on Talk Talk - Life's What You Make It (The BBG Remix). 5 months ago
All the talk (talk) about Talk Talk maturing with age, and then this cheesy remix ditty gets released after Spirit of Eden. Did Mark Hollis and the boys have absolutely no control over their output? This must be the low point of their career.
posted a comment on Talk Talk - It's My Life. 5 months ago
I find it strange that the b-side "Call in the night boy" has been included on the album. It sounds like b-side does: cheap and cheerful, thrown together in five minutes. While the single A-side, the majestic "My Foolish Friend" with its epic memorable ... See full review
posted a comment on Underworld - Second Toughest In The Infants. 5 months ago
"Deep Arch" & "Cherry Pie" b-sides deserved to be on the album rather than the lackluster "Confusion the waitress". "Rowla" being an off-shoot of "Cherry Pie" (or vice-versa) would have made for a great mix-up two part track.
posted a comment on Talk Talk - Laughing Stock. 5 months ago
Studying for my first major University Chemistry exam, this tape was played non-stop during November and December '91. Seems a natural progression of their sound, becoming even more wry than "Spirit of Eden". Sadly it was their last, but I guess it is ... See full review
posted a comment on Talk Talk - The Party's Over. 5 months ago
I don't like the sequencing of the album, it is difficult to get a listening mood going when the bubblegum synthpop "Another Word" is stuck in between moody songs "Mirror Man" and "Candy". I would prefer something like:

Disco side (A): Talk Talk, ... See full review
posted a comment on Talk Talk - The Colour Of Spring. 5 months ago
It is a shame that the best tracks got stuck on b-sides, while "I don't believe in you" and "Give it up" got included on the album.

The perfect b-side of this album would be:

B1-It's Getting Late In The Evening
B2-April 5th
B3-Chameleon Day
B4-For ... See full review
posted a comment on John Foxx - Metamatic. 5 months ago
Not so happy with the mastering on CD3, volume is all over the place, got to adjust it for almost every track.
posted a comment on Thorsten Quaeschning's Picture Palace Music* - Cargo (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). 5 months ago
A really good effort by Thorsten Quaeschning, doesn't feel like a soundtrack at all, just sounds like a good old school Tangerine Dream album.
submitted Thorsten Quaeschning's Picture Palace Music* - Cargo (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). 5 months ago
posted a comment on Gary Numan. 5 months ago
Maybe my post was badly worded, I didn't mean to put him down, unlike the mid/late 80's I think taking more time between albums over the last 20-25 years has given those albums a better quality control.