Dear valued customer, I hope you will be happy to know that all proceedings of sales of my items will be spent on musical software. Thus by buying from me, you will indirectly fund developers of audio production software.

Money I have received so far have for instance been used to buy software from independent developers like CL-Projects, Synth Magic, BigTick and Homegrown Sounds, too mention just a few.

My main interests lie in new wave/synthpop and ambient-techno, but I listen to all sorts of electronic and progressive music. My favourite records of all time are something like this.
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posted a comment on Various - Against All Odds (Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). 2 days ago
Why weren't Tony Banks and Steve Hackett invited to contribute tracks, would have been a wonderful Genesis reunion.
submitted Various - Chillout. 4 days ago
submitted Jeffrey Koepper - Transmitter. 5 days ago
posted a comment on Limelight - Limelight. 11 days ago
An ambient-trance classic, will sit perfectly in the mix alongside early Biosphere and Guerilla progressive house.
posted a comment on Gary Numan - I, Assassin. 15 days ago
The synth funk of Dance taken to the next level, raw and refined, this album is as perfect as it gets, to dare is to do, the self indulgence of the title track sums it up in a nutshell, a raw Linn Drum machine playing to the room, so simple, so pure, but ... See full review
posted a comment on Gary Numan - White Noise. 20 days ago
Overall this is an excellent live performance, icing on the cake is the version of "My Shadow In Vain" which blows the original out of the water. If only they could have included rejuvenated versions of other golden oldies like "Listen To The Sirens" and ... See full review
posted a comment on Gary Numan - The Fury. 20 days ago
A major embarrassment in Numan's back catalogue, this album is dire and poor, texture having won over content. There are a couple of passable tracks like "I Still Remember", but except for the Numan diehards avoid at all costs.
posted a comment on Gary Numan - Warriors. 21 days ago
The first dud in the Numan discography, I Am Render and The Tick Tock Man are not of Numan quality and destroys the album flow and listening experience. I would have preferred the following track list, would have pulled the album up to passable descent ... See full review
posted a comment on Gary Numan - Dance. 21 days ago
Perfect self-indulgent synth funk psychedelia, if looking for Numan's genius, this is the album that proves it. Telekon was perfect, but Dance is giant steps into new territory.
posted a comment on Gary Numan - Exile. 22 days ago
There can be no doubt about it, even compared to the über classic Beggars Banquet back catalogue, this shines as one of the finest releases in Numans portfolio. What puts the icing on the cake is his vocal performance, among his best ever.

It can't ... See full review
posted a comment on Steve Braun - Love Could Be So Good. 25 days ago
"Red Light Districts" is excellent, like a re-write of "My Conversation".
posted a comment on Boom Boom Room - Julie. 26 days ago
The chorus sounds a bit like Alison Moyet's Ordinary Girl.
submitted Various - Sunset Chilled. about 1 month ago
submitted Medwyn Goodall & Scott Jasper - Tribal Nation. about 1 month ago
submitted Various - Samsung ChillOut Sessions - Vol.3. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on Communards* - Communards. about 1 month ago
I wish they had sequenced the album into "disco" and "cabaret" sides:

-Don't Leave Me This Way
-So Cold The Night
-You Are My World
-Heavens Above

-La Dola Rosa
-Lover Man
-Don't Slip Away ... See full review
posted a comment on Garden Of Delight - 22 Faces. about 1 month ago
Killing Joke appears to have borrowed the "Eighties" riff from 22 faces.
submitted Steve Roach - Eclipse Mix. 2 months ago
posted a comment on Judas Priest - Ram It Down. 2 months ago
The album as a whole is a bit lackluster, but "Blood Red Skies" is among Priest's best ever compositions.
posted a comment on In The Nursery. 2 months ago
The Humberstone twins have added a lot of enjoyment to my life, I am grateful.
posted a comment on That's Why - Vol. 2. 2 months ago
Would love to see a reissue of this album, "Kom" featured on "Lukk opp kirkens dører" is just an awesome tune, mysterious and funky.
posted a comment on Spooky. 2 months ago
To sum up in a sentence: Spooky is the poor man's Orbital. Forbes/May have made some decent stuff, but too much of it is attempts at trying to catch up, or just threading water.
posted a comment on Pet Shop Boys - Bilingual. 2 months ago
Just delete "Metamorphosis", "Electricity", "Before" and "Saturday Night Forever" and this is among their best ever releases.
posted a comment on Biosphere - Substrata. 3 months ago
When it came to keeping the spirit of ambient/techno alive, Biosphere came to the rescue. In a time of TripHop/Jungle/DnB being in vogue, Geir Jenssen didn't yield a centimeter, he produced an even more chilling masterpiece than Patashnik, with Substrata.
posted a comment on Plastikman - Musik. 3 months ago
'Just because you love chocolate cake, you don't eat it every day'. I got to disagree, to my ears each of the numbers on display here are like high quality exotic confectioneries. I am amazed how Hawtin manages to use such minimal equipment to make such ... See full review
posted a comment on Boys Wonder - Now What Earthman?. 3 months ago
Pioneering Brit Pop release, Blur would sound just like this 5 years later.
posted a comment on Pixies - Trompe Le Monde. 3 months ago
Even for Pixies' top of the line standard, this album stands head and shoulder above anything they did previously. It is just amazing how much quality they manage to pack into 40 minutes!
submitted Beats4Life* - MC Beach Bonjour!. 3 months ago
submitted The Rockridge Synthesizer Orchestra - Plays The Eagles - Classic Trax. 3 months ago
submitted Various - Clubbing In Sundsvall. 3 months ago
submitted M.A.C (Music Art Creators) - Another Piece Of Art. 3 months ago
submitted Various - Healing Collection. 3 months ago
posted a comment on In'R'Voice* - Aesthetica. 4 months ago
I think "Ocean in your eyes" has borrowed the chord progression from the chorus of Ph.D. ‎"I Won't Let You Down".
posted a comment on Erwin van Moll - Awakening E.P.. 4 months ago
"The Great Lover" seems to sample David Sylvian's "Answered Prayers"
posted a comment on Jega - Spectrum. 4 months ago
Phalanx is just about the quintessential hardcore IDM piece, when it comes marching in, you want to be in that number!
submitted John Nilsen - Twelve Shades Of Light. 4 months ago
posted a comment on Fayman* & Fripp* - A Temple In The Clouds. 4 months ago
The album is name-your-price for a short time from the label on Bandcamp:
posted a comment on Various - Feed Your Head. 4 months ago
Tribal ambient dub at it's very best. To pick the best compilations of the 1990's it would be difficult to omit Feed Your Head.
posted a comment on Di_Indicator* - Lovesongs For Electronic Devices. 4 months ago
"Nothing Like You" is a modern IDM classic, it is funky, it is dreamy, it is hard. If I didn't know better I would think Di_Indicator being an alias of Aphex Twin, it is that good!
posted a comment on Spooky - Gargantuan. 4 months ago
The sped-up Pixies "Broken Face" sample on Track 1 is a match made in hell, completely un-fitting, destroys the album experience. There are moments of excellence included like Aqualung, Little Bullet(s) and Orange Coloured Liquid, but overall the album ... See full review
posted a comment on Yes - Leave It. 4 months ago
Orbital plundered "Leave It (Acapella)" to great effect on Halcyon, one of the seminal early '90s progressive house anthems.
posted a comment on Big Audio Dynamite - Megatop Phoenix. 4 months ago
"Stalag 123" should have been a big hit, it's got a gorgeous melody full of summer vibes, but being stuck at the end of the album and given an unfitting title ("Studio Blues" would have been a lot better) it flew under everbodies radar I guess.
posted a comment on The Orb - Blue Room. 4 months ago
It was 25 years ago today. Fantastic collaboration between LX/Trash, Jah Wobble and System 7. In my all time top ten, heavenly ambient/techno.
posted a comment on Orbital - Snivilisation. 4 months ago
At the time Orbital was in a league of their own. Not content just resting on the laurels of Orbital 2, they pushed their sound further and into new directions. No doubt one of the top releases of the 1990's, but in hindsight a couple of the tracks ... See full review
posted a comment on Orbital. 4 months ago
Blood is no doubt thicker than water, the Hartnoll brothers split up in 2004, then reunited in 2009, then split up again in 2014, and reunited for a second time in January 2017 and are doing many live shows this summer of 2017 :-)
posted a comment on Orbital - Orbital. 5 months ago
For some weird reason top material like Open Mind and Choice (especially the Eye & I mix) got stuck on single b-sides while F303 and Steel Cube Idolatry was included on the album. High Rise and Desert Storm are also rather sub-standard material (for ... See full review
submitted Various - Seriously, Eric? #8. 5 months ago
submitted Various - Tranquil Moods. 5 months ago
posted a comment on Nigel Shaw - The River. 5 months ago
25th Anniversary edition will be released May 30, 2017 according to website:
submitted Benge - Forms 6 - Works On Paper. 5 months ago