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posted a comment on Rising Sun (7). 21 days ago
No. People keep saying that. Yes their music is similar. No they are not the same person.
posted a comment on Schwefelgelb - Die Stimme Drängt. 4 months ago
Can anyone else comment on the quality of this pressing? Is the entire run noisy...?
posted a review of Function - Existenz. 4 months ago
First time listening to this felt a lot like listening to Photek's Solaris (2000) album. I was expecting one thing but got another, and ultimately far more. With Photek I was expecting another drum'n'bass masterpiece and was instead shocked by the... See full review
posted a review that has since been deleted. 5 months ago
posted a review of Niteworks - Experience. 5 months ago
Essential compilation for lovers of techno, collecting a handful of 12"s produced by two exceptionally talented and skilled artists.
posted a review of Nebula (8) - The Dream Begins. 5 months ago
Ho snap I came to this release page hoping to find a copy but guessing it'd be pretty expensive.
Nah. There's none for any price : P Understandable, if I had a copy, I wouldn't sell it either.
4 break-y jungle stormers in that mid-90s 'atmospheric'... See full review
posted a review of Max Graef - The Love Tapes. 5 months ago
Listening to this 12" again today along with some other Max Graef releases. Everything he's released has been great, and this 12" may be my favorite along with Broken Keyboard. Rarely are all four tracks this strong for most releases, most artists,... See full review
posted a review of Minimal Violence - InDreams. 6 months ago
A very cyberpunk album, the perfect soundtrack tonight while reading Altered Carbon.
posted a review of Air Liquide - The Red And Black E.P.. 6 months ago
A2 is brilliant but available elsewhere on vinyl. I really wish this had Time Code #2 instead, as that track has more ballz than #3. This release was so close to being essential. A2 will always be a timeless classic at least.
posted a review of Roger* - Give Me Love Or A Brand New Car. 7 months ago
There Is No Reason (Roger Remix) is a great example of the KORG ER-1 being used in a track.
posted a comment on S.O.N.S presents SYO (4) - Tears / D.U.N.E. 7 months ago
Check out 90s Sun Electric and Orb. Dub trance in full effect.
posted a comment on Dwig - Music For XXX. 7 months ago
My vinyl rip is fairly noisy. Not terrible, but if I'd gotten this as a test pressing I wouldn't have approved it. It's kept me from buying the vinyl. Now if I heard a cleaner copy...
posted a review of Paul Bishop - The End Of Eternity. 7 months ago
Beautiful record that I've had in my collection for some time now but only today did I discover that this was made by The Ghost That Walks, easily one of my favorite electro artists.
posted a review of Privacy (3) - Autonegotiation. 7 months ago
Pants down one of the best records I own. Every track is fantastic. Side A tracks are blindingly good.
Sick dark electro? Check. Acid? Check. Sooooooooo good.
posted a review of Cocksure (2) - Corporate_Sting. 8 months ago
I've been skeptical of anything RevCo /Ministry-related after the 90s.
Corporate Sting is solid. Check it out.
Love the artwork photos!
posted a comment on Traxx (4) Presents The Dirty Criminals - Collision Between Us And The Damned. 8 months ago
"...saddest electronic music period of history" ... I immediately thought *Mid-2000s?* then checked the year of release: 2006.
posted a review of Bill Laswell vs. Submerged / Fracture + Neptune* - Photo Op Before A Long Hard Fuck. 8 months ago
Fracture + Neptune - Normality Complex Parts 1 & 2 sounds like they graduated from the School of Photek. Not at all a bad thing.
posted a review of Doc Daneeka feat. Seven Davis Jr. - What's It Gonna Be? (Remix EP). 9 months ago
The Andres remix is truly great. Definitely worth picking this record up.
posted a review of Kamikaze Space Programme - Dead Skin Cells. 9 months ago
Sampling 90s FSOL, Kamikaze Space Programme takes cues from the best of influences.
posted a comment on Andrew McLauchlan - Love Story. 11 months ago
I might be wrong, but isn't the piano from the doors? For some reason I always thought it was.

From The Doors? I don't think so. What song . ..?
posted a comment on Chris Moss Acid - The Waiting Room EP. 11 months ago
Looks like I'll be researching that SE70 tonight . . .
posted a review that has since been deleted. 11 months ago
posted a review of Terry Farley - Acid Rain (Definitive Original Acid And Deep House 1985-1991). 11 months ago
If anyone asked for the best condensed history of Chicago acid house, I'd refer them to this compilation. Not only is Acid Rain the most comprehensive compilation available in one release, it also contains some of the best digitally-released masters... See full review
posted a review of Ilo - Take You To Love. 11 months ago
'Miracles' contains portions of True Romance (1993). Directed by Tony Scott. Words written by Quentin Tarantino. And spoken by Patricia Arquette.

Beautiful record.
posted a review of Jon Convex - Day After Day. 12 months ago
Solid tracks. Bought this for the Mr. G remix . . .
posted a comment on Buttechno - badtrip. 12 months ago
U.D.U. is really jarring but I like it regardless. I get it, or rather, it gets me.
posted a comment on LCD Soundsystem - Losing My Edge / Beat Connection. 12 months ago
To be fair my copies don't skip, sometimes I use a 5p piece so it has extra weight. And i've heard it played live without issues. Anyway. I have the green ones.

The remasters are green, similar-looking labels. You don't... See full review
posted a comment on Traxx (4) - To The Beat Bizarre!. 12 months ago
The sample is taken from a track by Kiew-Aspirin-N - Dad Gone It and is from

Holy balls that's it! Thank you so much; I'm amazed my inquiry... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 12 months ago
posted a review of Rrose + Silent Servant - Air Texture VII. about 1 year ago
A lot of beautiful contributions on this comp. I've probably listened to the Silent Servant and Octo Octa tracks the most.
Psychic Harms Of Economic Deprivation = all too real.
posted a review of Various - Acid Fika . about 1 year ago
Solid comp. Daniel Araya's Research Prototype One is ill; would love to hear a more balanced mix to better hear those sinister tones.
posted a review of Various - Ruiner (Original Soundtrack). about 1 year ago
Imagine if the Drive soundtrack only had one pressing of maybe a couple thousand copies like this did. That'd be a $500+ album now.
Some great tracks here. I'm really looking forward to getting this game for PS4.
posted a review of Orbital - 2Orbital. about 1 year ago
Two dated mixes but the Tom Middleton remix saves this release. So glad 'fidget house' died.
posted a review of Kanyalang! - WH012. about 1 year ago
Fuuuuuuuu*kin beautiful. Super luscious. Would love to have these tunes on vinyl.
posted a review of James Cotton* - Buck! EP. about 1 year ago
Where's the love.
Side A jacks. Period. B1 has a buried melody that I heard in a Melvin O 12", and he said it was sampled from this record. I hope JTC sampled it, so there's a chance I can find the original source. I want it to go on forever.
B2 is... See full review
posted a comment on Traxx (4) - To The Beat Bizarre!. about 1 year ago
Cool that's it. Now I'm wondering if JTC sampled it... I want more of it, so really hoping it's sampled from a longer piece of music.
posted a comment on The Other People Place - Lifestyles Of The Laptop Café. about 1 year ago
I've heard tales of the soulless dead among us. 'Walkers' some called them. Now I know they exist...
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - Drgs003. about 1 year ago
How much would you like for your copy . . .?
posted a review of Youandewan / Midland - Bring Joy (Youandewan Warehouse Dub) / 93. about 1 year ago
Two excellent tracks with different affections. Both super vibey.
This record deserves more love.
posted a review of Luvless - Part Of Me EP. about 1 year ago
Love it. All great tracks. "In My Arms" is a straight up stunner; earns that entire A-Side.
posted a comment on Breaker 1 2 - Breakin'. about 1 year ago
Interesting description. Seefeel in username = automatic win.
two words .
posted a review of Ptaki (3) - Kalina EP. about 1 year ago
"Foxy" is a nice polite Dee-Lite re - edit smoothie.
posted a comment on Marcos Valle - Brazilika. about 1 year ago
My record has a pressing fault on BOTH sides. Both towards the end of the track. Very annoying, and for some reason it seems to happen more often on Theo's stuff.

Theo has some pretty wild bass that sometimes throws... See full review
posted a review of Various - A-Sides Vol. 8 Vinyl Three Of Seven. about 1 year ago
Please repress the original mix of "Your Mind". The original vinyl is far too scarce.
posted a review that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
posted a review of Cube 40 - You Make Me Function. about 1 year ago
I rate "You Make Me Function" a 13 out of 10.
Thank you so much for this essential reissue.
The transparent vinyl is surprisingly low noise so no complaints with pressing non-standard /black here.
Buy the last copies now before they is gonezo.
posted a review of Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch - Blade Runner 2049 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). about 1 year ago
Excellent score! Not as timeless as the original (especially Vangelis's opening theme and end credits stormer.) But it's brilliant in its own right. Just as I enjoy Villaneuve's sequel as much as the first film, but in different ways.
I love both... See full review
submitted Neil Landstrumm - Bedrooms And Cities. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Kaiji - უკუკავშირი. about 1 year ago
Ha so true. Usually the case but Kimochis are so limited and quality that most sell out.
posted a review that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago