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posted a comment on White Knight - New World Order. 5 days ago
Trying to find the mix from the youtube video wherein the label says "ALARM".
Is this the AXL Nose Mix? It's closest in track time compared with other mixes.
posted a comment on White Knight - New World Order (Remix). 5 days ago
Trying to find the mix from the youtube video wherein the label says "ALARM".
Is this the AXL Nose Mix? It's closest in track time compared with other mixes.
posted a comment on Tractile - Silent Movie. 9 days ago
Fave M_Nus tracks:1. Barem - Link2. Tractile - Dynam3. Marc Houle - Techno Vocals

"Techno Vocals" always cracks me up. That's a fun track.
posted a review of Marty Bonds - EVA - Extra Vehicular Activity. 9 days ago
A1 is what it sounds like when you make a track entirely with just a Korg ER-1. Also used prominently in "Celestial Drift".
That's cool that people are into it. I love that machine. If you're into this check out Hakim Murphy. ER-1 is on a ton of his ... See full review
posted a comment on Marshall Applewhite - Leave Earth. 9 days ago
Which tracks from the CD-R are pressed here . . . ?
posted a review of Kirilik - Infinity Is Not A Number. 10 days ago
I tend to write a lot of notes when I 'Add to Wantlist'. Here's what I wrote for this release:
"People r dumb this record is sick esp B2. Buy if < $10"
posted a comment on Airliner Series - Muisto EP. 11 days ago
Yes I understand how records are cut. I've cut lacquer masters for more than 300 projects.
I'm commenting on the noise that was introduced during the plating and /or pressing process.
posted a review of Ricky Force & Mecca (13) - The Essence E.P.. 12 days ago
Siiiiiiiiiiiick tunes. It's hard to pick a favorite here since they're all great. If "The Essence" were on vinyl I'd most likely be buying that record. Assuming I still buy records.
posted a review of Various - Controverse. 17 days ago
When I was five years old my mother wanted to see Platoon and wasn't paying for a babysitter. My GI Joe playing would be forever altered. For years I only wanted Joes in real fatigues, none of that hypercolour viper or Dreadnok sh*t. Anyway, I'm watching ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Trance Europe Express². 19 days ago
A friend was playing the Autocreation track in her car last week and I'm like, "What is this? Sounds so familiar."
Oh. I'd bought the cd box set at a Disc-Go-Round in the mid 90s then later got the vinyl.
So f*cking good. While I like all the volumes in ... See full review
posted a review of Holden* - The Idiots Are Winning. 27 days ago
"Lump" is nuts in the best way and still crushes dancefloors. Try it.
posted a review of Rising Sun (7) - Atmosphere EP. 28 days ago
"Antares" is *p u r e m a g i c*
posted a review of Bowery Hotline, Metropol (7) - Split 2. about 1 month ago
Solid. Very fine release. Good breakbeats s s s s
posted a review of Vort (2) - Silverlight E.P. . about 1 month ago
"Rainfall" might be a masterpiece.
( . ) ( . )
posted a comment on Ricardo Villalobos - Sei Es Drum. about 1 month ago
Dear Occidental, do you think buying five copies is fair?

What the fu*k is "fair" ? I returned them all; they skipped.
posted a comment on GSMSK* - Reprise Du Fade To Grey / Reprise Du Move Any Mountain. 2 months ago
Does somebody know why this record has been blocked on Discogs?

Fade to Grey sounds like a cover version. I guess Move Any Mountain uses too many samples for the discogs techno police. By these standards, half of the electronic ... See full review
posted a review of I.O.S. - The Many Voices Of Erik. 2 months ago
Fantastic tracks marred by bad plating. Even Mint copies will play VG in parts due to vinyl noise. ( I listened to multiple copies to verify. All copies have noise in the same spots, which means improper plating translated the same noise to all ... See full review
posted a review of Andrea Parker - The Swamp. 2 months ago
Siiiiiick dark electro holds up perfectly nearly two decades later. Timeless music.
posted a review of Dub-One* - Below / King Operator. 3 months ago
Excellent release. "King Operator" is an outstanding track. A + +
posted a review of Double O (4) - Wisen Up EP. 3 months ago
Four fire tracks each getting an entire side on this pressing cut @45rpm. Perfect release.
posted a review of AGNARKEA - Black Helicopters . 3 months ago
Short tracks but no lack of complexity here. Black Helicopters delivers an anti-consumerist message without being preachy. Full of trap /hip-hop /breakbeats and plenty of lo-fi ambient sludge, peppered with sampled dialogue and some original vocals. ... See full review
posted a review of Black Booby - Dickies Dubs. 3 months ago
It's funny how b!tchz complain about record prices when you have OVERLOOKED GEMS LIKE THIS PERFECT RELEASE SITTING HERE FOR RETAIL PRICES.
Hey remember when you were complaining about L.I.E.S. and White Material records being too expensive. Go buy them; ... See full review
posted a review of Artificial Funk - Polly Pocket EP. 3 months ago
* * * Tales From Da' B Side * * *
posted a review of Timothy J. Fairplay* - An Introduction To Consumer Electronics. 3 months ago
Yeah honestly thought this was Legowelt. Shocking. And a damn fine collection of tunes.
posted a review of Adapta - Adapta 4. 3 months ago
Siiiiiiiiick tunes. Possibly my favorite Adapta release and unfortunately it's the one not released on vinyl. Would love to have this on 12" with "Say You Don't Stop" included.
posted a review of Etcher - Polytom Dusk. 3 months ago
Sublime collection of acid trax. Perfection A + + + + +
posted a review of Disjecta - Clean Pit And Lid. 4 months ago
Just as beautiful now as it was in the early 2000s when I bought it.
posted a review of Shawn Rudiman - Rubin's Place.... 4 months ago
A decade ago I wrote a Discogs review for this release, praising it. Especially "Rainy Days And Nights".
Dark and achingly beautiful.
That was deleted why?
Fah q.
posted a review of Solidar - Prolog. 5 months ago
Purple Mood is a masterpiece track and seems to have completely slid under everyone's radar.
posted a review of Juan Atkins & Moritz Von Oswald Present Borderland (4) - Riod. 5 months ago
Riod is a masterpiece and a perfect example of funky dub techno that works on the dancefloor.
posted a review of Lena Platonos* - Sun Masks Remixes. 5 months ago
Solid ! Avalon Emerson and Borusiade Remixes are my faves here.
posted a review of Edanticonf - Highway Of Thoughts EP. 5 months ago
Super beautiful music. It's unfortunate that every copy is noisy. Most likely due to improper plating since every copy is affected.
posted a review of Naeem / Hits Only / Shawn Rudiman - PGH Electro Vol. 1. 5 months ago
Beautiful 'lectro comp. PGH heavy hitters deliver the jams. Buy the repress.
posted a review of Caroline K - Now Wait For Last Year. 5 months ago
I C A N N O T B E L I E V E T H I S W A S R E L E A S E D I N 1 9 8 7
posted a review of Boneless One - Untitled. 6 months ago
Sick, Sick, Sick, Sick, Sick, Sick, Sick, Sick, Sick
posted a review of Uexkull - Hormad. 6 months ago
Wrote a review for this last year but it was deleted because !?!?!?!
I picked this up at a local record store for a couple bux cuz it sounded amazing even on their crappy in-store listening station.
Turns out :

1 ) It's rare and valuable now
2 ) Uexkull ... See full review
posted a review of Bitstream - One Third Standard Lux. 6 months ago
Woulda been dope to have such a spectacular compilation officially released on vinyl. I wonder why this sure-fire project was shelved... ?
posted a review of Lopez - Why Can't It Stop?. 7 months ago
Bitchez complain about Discogs prices because they're too lazy to find gems like this. The Dirty Underground is one of my favorite Moby productions and this record is cheap af.
posted a comment on Moby - Everything Was Beautiful, And Nothing Hurt. 7 months ago
Just tell me which ones are the ambient tracks. I'll check those out.
posted a comment on Frankie Bones - Dirty Job. 7 months ago
Funny I picked this up the previous summer. BONEZZZ Z Z Z
posted a review that has since been deleted. 7 months ago
posted a review of Various - Warsaw Admixture Series 02. 7 months ago
Basically a tribal techno compilation, Takaaki Itoh's Death Report is my pick here, a track that takes the tribal element in a different direction, using more-machine-than-man (Vader) sounds. Some wet sound design too, which I tend to love. AND Uplifting ... See full review
posted a review of Paul Woolford - Chaos. 8 months ago
There's too much noise on "Chaos"; where can I steal a good digital master of this track ?
posted a comment on Jim Williams (12), Martin Pavey, Blanck Mass - A Field In England - Original Soundtrack Recording. 8 months ago
Save up a couple $k and DIY . . .
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 8 months ago
posted a review of Bookworms - Standards Of Beauty. 9 months ago
Psychedelic chuggy machine sounds. Was listening to this whilst semi-homeless and biking in a shitty suburb at night. Standards Of Beauty scored the night ride beautifully. "500 Wounds" is my choice cut.
posted a review of Nehuen & Nick Hook (3) - How Y'all Feeling / Work That Pussy. 9 months ago
B2 is a jam. Hatzzz off 2 Cardopusher... P U M P the B R E A K S
posted a review that has since been deleted. 9 months ago
posted a review of Kryptic Universe - JC Michigan EP. 9 months ago
Still my favorite in the Lockertmatik catalog. Very glad to have picked this up a few years back.
Sick sick acid techno.
posted a review of Gunnar Haslam - KL01. 9 months ago
Kavalanic Languages starts with this super solid release from Gunnar Haslam. Perfect entry to launch a new label.