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All your most favourite songs wouldn't be the same without those crispy, cheesy beats.

Are you looking for some hard-to-find or hard-to-get imports? Especially the Japanese ones?
NO PROBLEM - Hit the 'send message' button and ask me for help. It's my pleasure to help you get your fingers on your desired album.

Tracks from my I Don't Want To Buy Compilations wantlist:

Slomo, _by Surreal Madrid
Ruff And Tough, _by Cut La Roc
Don't Touch My Hair, _by Lunatic Calm
Somebody Came Shooting, _by Indian Ropeman
Lincoln Memorial, _by Fatboy Slim
Hang Tough (Original Mix), _by Fluke
Snooprah, _by The Chemical Brothers

EPs to buy, but didn't do yet:

Run, _by Ecano
Melodica, _by Leama
Ghettotech, _by Leama
Requiem For A Dream, _by Leama
Alive, _by Heliotropic
Walk With Me, _by Heliotropic
Rise Up, _by Phoenix (4) (@BeatPort)
Ghosts, _by Tenth Planet
(~ maybe) Walk On Water, _by Tenth Planet

My THIS YEAR's (2015) wantlist:

All Possible Futures, _by Miami Horror
Alternative Light Source, _by Leftfield [fail]
TBA, _by Way Out West
TBA, _by Cassius
Born In The Echoes, _by The Chemical Brothers [fail]
Hybrid's 5th longplayer, which is currently under completion:
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posted a comment on Dub Pistols - Rapture. over 2 years ago
Somewhere a copy for sale available? Let me know, please!
posted a comment on Infusion - Legacy. over 2 years ago
Which platform offers these mixes? Can someone please help that already owns these songs and redos?
submitted Mint Royale - Time. over 2 years ago
posted a comment on Mint Royale - Ring. over 2 years ago
Who knows if even non-Apple-fanatics can buy and download this somewhere? Maybe lossless?
posted a comment on L. Calm* - Untitled. over 2 years ago
Is this a LC song already released under another title? Or is this untitled song a completely new one?
posted a comment on Doi-Oing - Blue. over 2 years ago
Help me, please: What's the difference between the Trance Mix, the Album Mix and the later final edit of The Experiment's Blue?
posted a comment on Laidback, Westway, Lo-Fidelity Allstars & Beachcomas - Donuts #1 - Album Sampler. over 3 years ago
B1 - A HELL of a title! Who owns this in a playable, digital music format?
posted a comment on Plump DJs - Eargasm. over 3 years ago
I'm sharing the same opinion!
posted a comment on Quivver - Yeah Yeah. over 3 years ago
This should be released on CD. Why does the music industry hate audio compact disks? What happened to this format?!
submitted Maroon 5 - V. over 3 years ago
posted a comment on Maroon 5 - V. over 3 years ago
There's some releases from foreign countries coming out with this song, check out the Japanese editions!
posted a comment on The Chemical Brothers = ケミカル・ブラザーズ* - Born In The Echoes = ボーン・イン・ザ・エコーズ. over 3 years ago
The lyrics are a bit odd, but the bonus track Direct Buki is just an acid banger! Kicks me back in the golden days of the 90s synth music.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 3 years ago
posted a comment on Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Julia's Song (Dub Version). over 3 years ago
Only a small note for myself: I have to check this out. Nice and beautiful Junk Culture cover redo!
posted a comment on Mint Royale - Take It Easy. over 3 years ago
Is this a real release? Can someone please explain to me, what the difference in this song is? Any changes compared to the album version or Take It Easy single release?
posted a comment on ApolloFourForty* - Electro Glide In Blue. over 3 years ago
What does its cover actually show?
posted a comment on Etienne De Crécy - Super Discount 3. over 3 years ago
I am still waiting for its Eastern release from Japan.
posted a comment on The Prodigy - Nasty. over 3 years ago
Nice single artwork, bad and repetitive song. I guess the Prodigy era is getting to an end.
posted a comment on The Chemical Brothers - B-Sides Volume 1. over 3 years ago
Do you own that B-Side compilation? If so, can you tell me where you obtained it from? Is there also a chance of these tracks in lossless file versions? I am only for Snooprah since I already have the other songs on CD singles by the brothers. And Silver ... See full review
posted a comment on Plump DJs Feat. Gary Numan - Pray For You / How Much Is Enough. over 3 years ago
And again, some place or online platform where both WAV edits are available to buy?
posted a comment on Plump DJs - The Funk Hits The Fan / The Gate. over 3 years ago
Where do I get the WAV files from? Where can I buy them? I'd love to get the fully unmixed versions!
posted a comment on Various - Need For Speed: High Stakes. over 3 years ago
Are you one of those happy owners?
posted a comment on Fluke - Risotto. over 3 years ago
Maybe you should switch to another CD player. I can't help, but I don't know which album you're referring to with your comment. Risotto is one of the best electronic albums ever produced and a pure pearl of the 90s era.
posted a review of Etienne De Crécy - Hashtag My Ass. over 3 years ago
I had to tap my head when I found out the song's already more than 4 months on the market and I didn't notice that. What a funny banger by Sir EDC. I commonly don't like using modern wordings and terms in songs that much. That's why I still don't dare to ... See full review
posted a comment on Avia - Why Should I Cry. over 3 years ago
I can't tell if this single is worth a buy. The main song's Original Mix is the same as on the I See That Now album. Both remixes have a smooth funky touch, but aren't unable to beat the original. Try for yourself.
posted a review of Röyksopp - The Inevitable End. over 3 years ago
Röyksopp: Please get back to your roots. Do sounds, that people have never heard before and which sound so familiar at the same time. It's sad to say so, but I am really disappointed with your latest and last album on CD. The Inevitable End won't find ... See full review
posted a comment on Surreal Madrid - We're Going To Vegas Baby!. over 3 years ago
Is there a difference in time and variant of the "We're Going To Vegas Baby!" mix on this LP compared to the album version?
posted a comment on Overseer - Force Multiply. over 3 years ago
If someone is going to sell his CD copy some day. please let me know since I am a huge Overseer fan and would like to call some of his hidden gems my personal own!
posted a comment on The Avalanches - Frontier Psychiatrist. over 3 years ago
When I first heard "With My Baby" it seemed like being a cut-off part of "Frontier Psychiatrist"... But today and after listening it over and over again, I think it stays for itself with great justice.
posted a comment on Fatboy Slim - Everybody Needs A 303. over 3 years ago
Everybody needs a Norman Cook. Where's yours at?
posted a comment on Overseer - Coldrock / Supermoves. over 3 years ago
Supermoves, super sound. I like "Coldrock" a lot. Quite funny and very sentimental Big Beat sound. I think it ha(s/d) the power to get a part of the Wreckage album. But sadly, there was no more space for it.
posted a comment on Echosmith - Cool Kids. over 3 years ago
I think the time has come for an Extended Mix release. Please. With some varying lyrics, maybe.
posted a comment on Gypsy And The Cat - The Late Blue. over 4 years ago
"Sorry" is such a catchy song, everyone should check it out! Even if I can't tell what the video was intended to be about. So much confusing...