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I do NOT sell any records of my collection!
Only the records I have for sale!

But perhaps I will swap records I have twice...!?
Look into my wantlist and make a suggestion.

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submitted Various - Halbton Compilation. over 5 years ago
posted a review of Acqua & Sphere - Dream Trance. over 5 years ago
At the end of the 90's a friend of mine searched for that record and in the end he called the label directly. The answer of the man on the phone was: "Oh, my friend, i have bad news for you. We had many of them in stock, but nobody wants them for years, ... See full review
posted a review of Melt (4) - Sex-O-Matic / Radioactivity. over 11 years ago
This is an excellent Re-Edit of the Kraftwerk-Song "Radioaktivität" from 1976. If you hear these 10 minutes of this song you will automatically reach a higher state of trancy excitement initiated through the original english and german songtext from 1976 ... See full review