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Chris Joss - Volume II
submitted Chris Joss - Volume II. over 4 years ago
Chris Joss - Misophonia
submitted Chris Joss - Misophonia. over 5 years ago
Chris Joss - Escape Unlikely
submitted Chris Joss - Escape Unlikely. over 6 years ago
Chevron - Lifeshake
submitted Chevron - Lifeshake. over 8 years ago
Amen Andrews - News Of The World EP
submitted Amen Andrews - News Of The World EP. over 8 years ago
Tony Palkovic - Born With A Desire
submitted Tony Palkovic - Born With A Desire. over 9 years ago
Chris Joss - Bimbo Satellite
submitted Chris Joss - Bimbo Satellite. over 9 years ago
Kyler - Magiske Rør
submitted Kyler - Magiske Rør. over 9 years ago
Bizzy B - Infactuation E.P.
posted a review of Bizzy B - Infactuation E.P.. over 13 years ago
This EP is absolutely wonderful, the second I heard it, I felt that I had to have it as soon as I could get my hands on it. This is Jungle at its rawest form, and arguably at its preeminent condition in the early 90's. Here, the legendary junglist... See full review
Shitmat - One Foot In The Rave
posted a review of Shitmat - One Foot In The Rave. over 13 years ago
"One Foot In The Rave, described by Shitmat as a "warm mix of jungle and rave," takes a tone of professionalism unseen in his previous releases. Playing off of the saying that someone is near death, the artwork depicts a Garbage Pail Kid DJ with his... See full review