As of February 2016:
Everything I have in my collection is up for trade with anything in my want-list - please contact me if you wanna do a deal. Sorry but no cash offers.

A little personal history:
I have been a collector of vinyl/quality music since my school days of the late Seventies - my first single was by X-Ray Spex 'The Day the World Turned Dayglo' in lovely orange vinyl. My first LP was by XTC 'Go 2'. They certainly turned my world upside down and I've been hooked on music ever since.

In the late 80s, I got into the rave/dance scene, collecting everything from Electro, Hip Hop, US/UK House, Acid and some of the earlyTechno and going to raves, mostly illegal, around the south coast before they became big corporate affairs. Waiting at a pub or motorway car park for the call for where rave was was all part of the experience - though more often than not you'd whizz off and follow other cars into the countryside and end up in an abandoned field or empty waste ground and find out later we'd been used as a diversion tactic for the police - happy days :)

My favourite DJs I've had the fortune to seeing live being: Marshall Jefferson, Eddie-evil-Richards, Colin Favour, DJ Cash Money, A Guy Called Gerald, Cut Chemist, several of the DJ Food collective, Cutmaster Swift, Kenny ken and DJ Hype for his blistering crossfading and scratching tricks.

Couldn't get into Hardcore, though I'll admit there were some fine examples of this form made and then just as dance music was wandering up its own arse, Jungle came along which felt a bit like the excitement/explosion of punk from the late 70s and Acid in 1988/89

I'm a keen amateur DJ - living room, bedroom, kitchen and even bathroom - playing anything and everything that moves people: latin funk, disco, beats, breaks, jungle, early hip hop ...........and songwriter/singer/guitarist...well, I try!

thanks for reading
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posted a comment on Audio One - Journeys Into Rhythm EP. 7 days ago
Anyone giving this less than 4 stars either never went clubbing/raving back in the early days or never heard it through a PA or is deaf or has the attention span of 5 year old, like a lot of the i-phone clutching youth today
posted a comment on Dollar Don Paul - Rough Rider / Bazooka. 9 days ago
my copy of hand painted sleeve reads: 'Trippy Important Monster' - haha, love this early 90's DIY approach to the underground.
Aside from that, the tunes on offer here are super deep ragga infused rollers with nice fat bass
posted a comment on Tom And Jerry - I Surrender. about 1 month ago
I know a lot of people are feeling I Surrender (of course lovely tune) but the loops, beats and samples on Make U Feel Better are just stunning.
posted a comment on King Crimson - In The Court Of The Crimson King (An Observation By King Crimson). 2 months ago
While their parents were making 'In The Court ...', the kids were down in the basement making thier own version of 21st Century man
posted a comment on No Smoke - International Smoke Signal. 2 months ago
Thanks for the link pludisco even though it is now sold out :-(
Let's hope you a re-repress ;-)
posted a comment on No Smoke - International Smoke Signal. 2 months ago
This LP is up there with other great works like Sven Vath's Accident In Paradise

and even better is that it has been re-pressed over 2 plates so DJ friendly...Yaaaaah!!
posted a comment on Amore (11) - Shortcuts 1. 2 months ago
Side B is a mighty jazzed out Jungle roller full in intricate samples, drops, clever drum editing, and a pulsing bass lines. - by far the stand out track here for me - something that is actually musically interesting and pushing a few boundaries. Anyone ... See full review
posted a comment on Tom And Jerry - Bring Ya Dub / Dubwar (VIP Mixes). 2 months ago
doesn't name of the label ako arcade help in that regard ;-) and early jungle had loads of arcade game and sci-fi samples so pretty much fits for me
posted a comment on Nucleus + Paradox* - Love Her / Dilettantes. 3 months ago
Well, didn't take long to sell out - got mine back in the day (a rare buy in those days but it stood out from all the other formulaic shit that DnB had become) and both sides have remained firm favourites to play in a harder set.
posted a comment on Various - Full Repertoire Volume 2 . 3 months ago
This has only just dropped for me, having had it at redeye for past few months, but wow, what the wait was worth it. And with my new subs broken in these tunes really shine.
This is a crazy good EP with each tune demanding your attention - and not just ... See full review
posted a comment on On Remand...* - Timeless World / Blacksteel (Part 2). 4 months ago
a tenner and still available at time of writing this - fuck the scalpers
posted a comment on DJ Sports* - Akrasia. 4 months ago
this young man skilfully blends deep jungle with dubbed out reggae vibes - really nice imho
posted a comment on Ricky Force - Two Minds / Forlorn. 4 months ago
Mm, tasty as ever from Ricky - pretty sure he's using that classic bass sound used by gat decor from the way of life ep on Two Minds track. Truly works when played very loud
posted a comment on The Spirit* - Midnight Run / Off Balance. 4 months ago
yeah...always had a soft spot for that track, but final breakdown too short so had to use twp copies to give it its full justice
posted a comment on Innercore Project - Volume 1. 5 months ago
As ceesie states an excellent ep for all tastes - mine is the jungle-tinged Dreams 2 Reality which plays around with a variety of interesting samples from the good ole days, needs to be played very loud though to fully appreciate what it can do.
posted a comment on Charlie Turbo / The Blunt Needles - Headfone / Dare To Keep. 5 months ago
don't pay silly prices - available at time of writing for £4.50 direct to artist
posted a comment on Wetman - The Splash Mountain EP. 6 months ago
Stunning stuff from wetman - music that on first play you feel you've heard before (but haven't) and yet is utterly different from anything you've heard. He takes you on a very personal journey, one you're not sure where it's going to take but at the ... See full review
posted a comment on Salt Fish, Ackee & Bakes - The Gunman. 6 months ago
One of those tunes that when it's mixed those that know smile - been pretty much under the radar since its release though
posted a comment on Jalaludin M. Nuriddin. 6 months ago
A true legend, humble but an inspirational figure for the people who know - he never got anything like the recognition he deserved, what a shame, while other weak ass rappers who have nothing to say get all the fame.
I never met you sir but your words ... See full review
posted a comment on Justice - Fresh Information. 6 months ago
this is an absolutely fab release - and shows you never know quite what to expect from MJAZZ but the tunes on offer here sound fresh and pound their way into your eardrums. Each tune holds something special that keeps you wanting to play them again and ... See full review
posted a comment on Suspicious Circumstance - Unstable Environment / Completely Real. 6 months ago
Well worth hunting down - as their label suggests this is not for the feint-hearted but is so well constructed that it should gain the respect of anyone into any type of Jungle/DnB - and a real pleasure to mix.
I really like the inventiveness of both ... See full review
posted a comment on Nebula (8) - Dance Musik. 7 months ago
sounds like he's using photek's dolphin sample on dance musik
great ep btw employing some nice drum editing and deft use of keyboards. almost on par with the once great mr parkes
posted a comment on Eze G* - Projects Volume 1. 7 months ago
I would agree with you 100% - all tunes have got that magic formula that set raves alight namely a great mix of uplifting pianos, hard well constructed beats and nicely chosen vocals. Eze G was a man inspired at this time and hopefully this comp will ... See full review
posted a comment on Dub-One* - Home EP. 7 months ago
while so much at the moment sounds like everything else, dub one stands out as a producer who creates more than just a piece of jungle. his tracks are mini pieces of art, fusing a variety of musical influences effortlessly, pounding your senses one ... See full review
posted a comment on LQ* & Sekkleman, LQ* & Midnight Dubs - Junglist Rock (Ricky Force Remix) / Exclusive To I. 8 months ago
Both tunes will hit you hard and leave you bruised - just make sure you gotta a limiter on your bass end. Ricky's got such an identifiable sound that rolls effortlessly on Side A and Side AA is straight outta Digital's book and could easily be something ... See full review
posted a comment on Souljah - Urbanology. 8 months ago
anyone giving this 3 stars or less either doesn't understand what this music is about (and I wonder why you'd rate it then) or never heard these tunes in the day through proper systems as the music was designed for. For many, me included, LD is a legend ... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Gaff & Cityspeak - Technology. 8 months ago
def worth getting for skinjob - a nice old skool 95 style jungle roller with plenty of interesting elements woven in between a throbbing bass line
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - The Double Sided EP. 8 months ago
Side A stands out for me here - a nice fuse of hardcore & jungle, both elements well arranged and rolls nicely as the producer doesn't over-complicate the track - it's also well mastered so bass is heavy but evenly matched with the mids
posted a comment on Labi Siffre / Syl Johnson - I Got The (Blues) / Is It Because I'm Black?. 8 months ago
what a tune from Labi Siffre and hard to believe it's originally from the 70s - one that I often use to start a set or end a set with - lots of potential mixing points - big up to Hostile for putting this on a nice fat loud 12" pressing
posted a comment on James Brown - Ultimate Remixes. 8 months ago
A1 is such a remix - latin bossa nova bass line with all the great elements of Sex Machine - this will rock any floor hard
posted a comment on Caveman - Positive Reaction. 9 months ago
remember this in the shops back in the day but after giving it a quick listen thought that they were just copying Master Ace (and Marley Marl) just a bit too much - and like the reviewer below, wished the rapper would stay truer to his normal accent. ... See full review
posted a comment on Boca 45 - Hey Hey / Come On. 9 months ago
such good tunes and so nicely i had to buy two copies, 3 minutes is just not enough
posted a comment on A Skillz - Insane Bangers Vol 10. 10 months ago
you are right, but it's Bobby 'Byrd' my friend ;)
posted a comment on Various - Gradients Volume 2. 10 months ago
Vol 2 drops and it blows Vol 1 away imho. Especially Love Luke Vibert's 165 303 (title should be self explanatory) with it's cheeky vocal, 'When I do say acid, I mean acid' and for any of you much older heads, there's Tyree's Acid Over dropped in to the ... See full review
posted a comment on Darkman (4) - Dianetics EP. 10 months ago
right up there as possibly the best unreleased tunes this year - cuts from the likes of Deep Jungle, Dubs From The Dungeons, Spandangle and Infrared all contenders of course but this got my juice going....hahah! Absolutely takes you back to that ... See full review
posted a comment on Theory (3) / Dead Man's Chest (2) & Thugwidow - Venus . 10 months ago
as Jim below said, a wonderfully crafted piece of jungle that as smooth as silk - hats off to Theory and so nice see this side of jungle being rediscovered by producers this past year. Ranks right up there in my top 10 for 2018 with people like Seba, ... See full review
posted a comment on Keith Mansfield / Alan Hawkshaw - The Big Beat. 10 months ago
available for £18.00 on amazon not £11.00 so I guess the ones you saw have gone but still, £18 a lot better than the scalpers here charging 3 times the retail price
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - Wasted Time. 10 months ago
Perfect marriage of a classic house/rave tune from 1990 (beats international 'dub be good to me' in case you don't know) and thumping Jungle - don't 'waste' time tracking this one down if you're into melodic rollers
posted a comment on Alpha Omega - The Lost Dats Vol 1. 10 months ago
Great to see alpha omega getting some well deserved exposure - both heavy brutal tunes that will destroy a sound system - simple (well not so simple to make them sound simple, and that was always his, as well as Mampi's I should say, true talent) but oh ... See full review
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - Luv This Music / Sweet Murda. 11 months ago
Having given up waiting for Dem2Ruff to release his old dubs, this more than makes up for it - I just love the melodic rare groove influenced side of Jungle and this hits all the right spots -uplifting old style synth stabs, storming amens and even a bit ... See full review
posted a comment on LTJ Bukem - Hardcore Volume 11. 11 months ago
incredible tunes beautifully mixed - played this many a time in car trips across the UK, sets you up nicely before a gig as well as afterwards - and was always a real buzz to hear any of the tunes being played out or finally find them in the shops - like ... See full review
posted a comment on Borai - Cold Rushing EP. 11 months ago
it. certainly. does. mate. but. how. did. you. only. use. 4. words??
posted a comment on Jumping Jack Frost - Underworld EP. 11 months ago
A-side with thrill me is the one people remember but i find it a bit too repetitive/military sounding on the drums - I far prefer Say with it's lovely organ stabs and vocal samples and the drum editing is much more interesting
posted a comment on Borai. 11 months ago
Have to admit only first heard of Borai's productions with the anyone from London ep which I played to death - as a Lancashire lad that made me laugh. For me this guy has the same instinct about what made the early 90s breakbeat scene so fresh and ... See full review
posted a comment on dgoHn - So Be It, Lumbricina. 11 months ago
And if you like Dooky so much , you gotta check Pod by Snapper - great review by the way and agree with all the points you make.
posted a comment on dgoHn - So Be It, Lumbricina. 11 months ago
another classy set of tunes from dgoHn that are both musically interesting and masterfully produced. I particularly like his use of light and shade and pausing which keeps you wondering what is going to happen next.
So be it has so much going on within ... See full review
posted a comment on Human Being - The Box EP. 11 months ago
A1/A2/B1 for me is what is so compelling about jungle music - imaginative use of breaks with deep pulsing bass and quirky sample from a classic horror movie
B2 is for me anyway, an example of what sadly jungle morphed into - formulaic Dnb without any ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Celestial Changes EP. 11 months ago
A1/A2 quite simply these are beautifully crafted pieces of music - so nicely layered that you uncover different textures each time you play them.
B1 an ambient stepper that just grows on you after each play (if you got subwoofers then you'll appreciate ... See full review
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - Untitled. 11 months ago
I, like you, was waiting for this, having only heard a short clip and I'd say it's a solid attempt at rare groove infused piece of jungle (and I'm a big fan of this style) but it's just a little bit too busy and feels like the producer is trying too hard ... See full review
posted a comment on DJ D Lux & Persian Prince - Lost Dat's 91 - 95 Vol 4. 11 months ago
still available from redeye for under a tenner - be quick, these are some hot-jungle bass-speaker-destroyers