As of February 2016:
Everything I have in my collection is up for trade with anything in my want-list - please contact me if you wanna do a deal. Sorry but no cash offers.

A little personal history:
I have been a collector of vinyl/quality music since my school days of the late Seventies - my first single was by X-Ray Spex 'The Day the World Turned Dayglo' in lovely orange vinyl. My first LP was by XTC 'Go 2'. They certainly turned my world upside down and I've been hooked on music ever since.

In the late 80s, I got into the rave/dance scene, collecting everything from Electro, Hip Hop, US/UK House, Acid and some of the earlyTechno and going to raves, mostly illegal, around the south coast before they became big corporate affairs. Waiting at a pub or motorway car park for the call for where rave was was all part of the experience - though more often than not you'd whizz off and follow other cars into the countryside and end up in an abandoned field or empty waste ground and find out later we'd been used as a diversion tactic for the police - happy days :)

My favourite DJs I've had the fortune to seeing live being: Marshall Jefferson, Eddie-evil-Richards, Colin Favour, DJ Cash Money, A Guy Called Gerald, Cut Chemist, several of the DJ Food collective, Cutmaster Swift, Kenny ken and DJ Hype for his blistering crossfading and scratching tricks.

Couldn't get into Hardcore, though I'll admit there were some fine examples of this form made and then just as dance music was wandering up its own arse, Jungle came along which felt a bit like the excitement/explosion of punk from the late 70s and Acid in 1988/89

I'm a keen amateur DJ - living room, bedroom, kitchen and even bathroom - playing anything and everything that moves people: latin funk, disco, beats, breaks, jungle, early hip hop ...........and songwriter/singer/guitarist...well, I try!

thanks for reading
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posted a comment on Sublove* - Vexation EP. 4 days ago
I'll let others comment on the hardcore tunes here as I was never really into it though of course there are some blinding tunes of the genre that even I'll, what I'm gonna speak about is Vexation. This is just a sublimely crafted piece of... See full review
posted a comment on Various - One Track Mind. 5 days ago
I'd agree that Bruce Lee is an excellent jump up styled track with a nice Asian vibe to it (and like all jump up is only really understood heard through a loud PA) but for my money though as best jungle tune on Ninja it has to be Dillinja's remix of... See full review
posted a comment on Luca Lozano, RüF Dug - MASSIVE1. 7 days ago
understand this being labelled under jungle but Blabba is pure breakbeat - a most tasty tune btw and one where your subs will shine
posted a comment on DJ Junk - Acetates Anonymous Presents Junk Vol 12 EP. 13 days ago
All about B2 for me, intelligent and deep vibes - A-Side unfortunately is badly mastered and sounds very muddy
posted a comment on Hyper On Exp* - The Family We Never Had. 16 days ago
A buyer at a record fair I was doing asked me to play this for him - after a few minutes of Disturbance, I thought what am I doing selling this!! Thankfully he passed on it and it's safely back in my go to box to play again. Strange how time allows... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Junk - Break Dance Records - Junk 10. about 1 month ago
No comments?? Okay, I'll give it a go. Quite simply this is the epitome of Jungle back then, inventive, non-repetitive, clearly influenced by hardcore but seeking new frontiers in the genre, using technology to its max but not sacrificing the musical... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Scoobie - Wait 4 The Bass. 3 months ago
BIG BAD BASS - MACHINE GUN SNARES (that only really work thru a loud system not your home hifi) - HEAVY AS...!
Nice way to start a set me thinks
posted a comment on Tom And Jerry - How It Feels / Slam. 3 months ago
Phwoar!! Slam has that nice deep end bass that your subs dream of, coupled with uplifting soul groove that T&J do so well. Drum breaks do there job not too over-edited, but that just lets the bass end shine.

and anyone who is serious about reliving... See full review
posted a comment on Voyager (3) - Possessions. 3 months ago
without vocals it's just an empty instrumental, albeit nicely arranged but surely the vocals are the human element that transports you to the next level - otherwise it's just noughts and ones
posted a comment on Jazz Vibes - Sax. 3 months ago
All about Mix 1
A-Sides showing his mastery of producing jungle rollers that take you on a journey - his deft use of jazz organ samples and vocals always blows me away - the way he builds the tune and with sudden drops that just take the tune to... See full review
posted a comment on Sophisticated Bad Boyz - Feel The Magic. 3 months ago
these are bad boy tear-out rollers with some real nice inventive touches in the mix, especially roughed up version - anyone giving less than 4* just don't know or never heard jungle thru a sound system
posted a comment on Double A - Step. 3 months ago
One helluva fat deep roller - one to wake up a tired dance floor and regenerate the night - both tunes are class and give different emotions, I particularly like the A-Sides Remix, well I just love everything he did in that early 92-96 period
posted a comment on DJ Plant Texture - Cyclone EP. 3 months ago
so you ignore all my glowing review and just pick on one side issue which is purely a personal statement - Mm, I guess that's people today
posted a comment on Flapjack* - Final Solution / Reverb. 3 months ago
Final Solution is a really well crafted techy roller, suspenseful intro and then all guns blazing after the main drop
posted a comment on Andy Skopes - Ready For The Syndicate / Foolish. 4 months ago
What a tune Foolish is - reminds me a bit, in terms of arrangement and emotion, of his tunes on Utopia Music (check UM013)
Such a shame he was taken away from from his family and his fans but his music will live on. Go to bandcamp and buy it now and... See full review
posted a comment on Krust - Unit 23 / Pentacle. 4 months ago
just pitch down some of your DnB before mixing in Krust's
posted a comment on Halfbreed* - Spandangle Selection Volume 9. 4 months ago
Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd - as Squidlid says is utter fire. All the tunes on offer here kill it to be honest but this is a f**kin beast in terms of it's arrangement, bass lines and skull cracking drum edits. Just buy it and support... See full review
posted a comment on Ray Keith - Vol 2. 4 months ago
A tune for the big PA - a minimal stripped back floor destroyer - everything is perfectly placed, the horns, vocals, pulsing bass and twisted synth. Big up the Renegade Master
posted a comment on DJ Phantasy - .44 Mag / Just Waiting. 4 months ago
For me this release is all about the flip side - a real nice vocal led roller with a pulsating bass that'll give your speakers a work out and drums that fly in all directions.
posted a comment on Various - A Phuture Never Happened EP. 5 months ago
Deep808's tune is just sublime and as his moniker suggests, the track on offer her is just that...effing deep in fact!! With cavernous bass, rumbling sub work, great atmospherics but most importantly a tune that rolls with very nicely edited drum... See full review
posted a comment on L Double - Your Love. 5 months ago
that was a bit harsh seeing the cat number is exactly same - but if it made you LOL then that's great - must feel good to be so much knowledgeable than others..haha!
posted a comment on DJ Nine-T-X - Ni Slova O Lubvi / Tanz-Tanzevat!. 5 months ago
THIS is what jungle is all about - taking your native influences/background, embracing them and creating something new with them. And the fact this came about from the passion of similarly minded people not for profit but for the music makes it even... See full review
posted a comment on The Medicine Men (3) - Scream In The Jungle. 5 months ago
Yeah, LD on fire. Sounds like something that could've been released by him on Conqueror - also worth seeking out is a fine alternative remix by SD on the Hard leaders LP
posted a comment on XTC (8) - On A Mission EP. 5 months ago
They just don't make jungle like this anymore - the diverse range of samples and breaks and 'The Way' they are arranged epitomises what this style of music is all about. All the tracks here are so well put together and with a passion that it's clear... See full review
posted a comment on 3 Way / Mask & Swabe - Sub Zero / Cash Till. 5 months ago
minimal stripped back tunes that are made for subs (+ tweeters), well all dnb/jungle is of course, but where other tunes can do well without them, they are essential here to understand and feel
and if any crew know how to fully exploit these two... See full review
posted a comment on Deadly D - Punani Nuh Fi Nurse. 5 months ago
A samples this: Merciless - Nuh Fi Pet, which came out mid 90s
posted a comment on Fine Feline - The 9 Lives. 5 months ago
know what you're saying about the imagery - which is as much part of the scene as anything else if were completely honest, just look at dave Nodz or Frank Long's artwork for example - but it makes my copy of the original feel extra special now
posted a comment on Nucleus + Paradox* / Alaska + Paradox* - Funkitivity / Shinjuku. 5 months ago
used to stay in Shinjuku whenever I visited Japan - crazy built up area of Tokyo mainly for business and crammed with hotels for business reps but good to find nice cheap deals. That aside, this track is just a great example of how to use an amen, and... See full review
posted a comment on Blak Panta - Do What U Want. 5 months ago
As Mr geese says, the mix on this Tommy Boy release is quite different to the jungle vs hardsteppers version starting right off with its signature bass line and then in crashes a nicely edited driving amen within the next 30 seconds punctuated with... See full review
posted a comment on Swift And Zinc* - Fatters / 12 O'Clock Drop. 6 months ago
Was just sifting thru some crates to slim down and put up for sale and thought I'd listen to this before listing it - Oh my!! I'd forgotten what a good tune Fatters is - such a nicely constructed deep roller that i'm sure Bukem played out ---- and... See full review
posted a comment on Swift And Zinc* - Fatters / 12 O'Clock Drop. 6 months ago
thankfully mine doesn't have this fault you're talking about - plays beautifully - two lovely deep rolllers
posted a comment on Dub-Liner* - Cold Press 01. 6 months ago
Fully agree with Mr_Geese - hard beats with that 95/96 feel and yes it's definitely Hip Hop flavoured but there's also a deft use of melodic samples using soulful keyboards/vocals that give these tunes an extra nice touch. And all underpinned with... See full review
posted a comment on Jazz Juice - Jazz Juice. 6 months ago
Juice is pretty close to a Jungle masterpiece and a mixers delight, personally would use it with Wax Doctor's remix of Drums in a Grip but you gotta tip your hat to Move Your Body - so much going on in that track musically that it could be overcooked... See full review
posted a comment on Secret Weapon - Surgery / Strange Dayz. 6 months ago
This needs to be in your collection or set box or both....simples. DnB/jungle perfection as only Bill - the hypnotist - could do.
posted a comment on John B - Sight Beyond (Remix) / Jazz Sessions (Remix). 6 months ago
sight beyond remix is ,...well, just beyond anyone's expectations. The weird little cat calls, the distorted drum rolls and clever switching, bass contortions and pauses with those creepy vocals.."We have know, we have to see" , and then utter full on... See full review
posted a comment on Northern Lite (2) & TJB* - I Had A Secret. 6 months ago
absolutely mate - the bass booms and the drums are just so intricate it makes you wonder how anyone can not think this as pure DnB/Jungle - and it utilises those dreamy vocals so well
posted a comment on Nathaniel Rateliff - Falling Faster Than You Can Run. 6 months ago
Love this man's voice, his lyrics, his casual and melancholic demeanour which speaks more than a thousand words and the fact he plays a simple classical style guitar just shows the strength of his songs. Might not reach the heights of In Memory of... See full review
posted a comment on Cyba Space - Search For Me / What Way To Turn. 7 months ago
it's simple, 5 stars, it's a Dilly remix - a brutal roller that would devastate any dance floor -
and then for something soothing after your ears have been sonically battered, along comes Dom to smooth out any wrinkles left.
Both are examples of... See full review
posted a comment on Various - True Tequila. 7 months ago
nice tunage - hit me up if you're interested in it
posted a comment on Dillinja - You Don't Know (The Remix) / Heavenly Bass. 7 months ago
Yes dica, you ain't wrong - whether played through a pounding PA or headphones, this is one that makes you realise that Dillinja resided on a different planet to most other producers
posted a comment on Dillinja - You Don't Know (The Remix) / Heavenly Bass. 7 months ago
All about Heavenly Bass - a masterful fusion of beats and twisted bass. This is one for the connoisseurs.
posted a comment on DJ-D* - Jungle Love Part 1. 7 months ago
the essence of a jungle tune - rare groove/soul vibes, pounding bass and drum breaks that demand your attention - and has that sound that only comes from early/mid 90s technology, a sound that no one now thankfully can truly re-create - should be in... See full review
posted a comment on Ronin Arkestra - Sonkei. 8 months ago
Oh My Word - jazz of the highest order. Whatever genre you're into just take a moment to taste this witches brew. Heard a track from this LP on the Huey show (BBC Radio 6) while driving around one Saturday morning and almost blew my speakers as I just... See full review
posted a comment on FBD Project - Ruff To Da Smooth (The Remixes). 8 months ago
surprised you can remember with such precision such a long time ago, you must have had a clean head ;)
posted a comment on Bizzy B & Agent K (2) - Original Gangster. 9 months ago
Really? How fascinating. Sorry but what was the point of you posting this?
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 9 months ago
posted a comment on Undercover Elephant - Jelly-Head. 9 months ago
As most peeps say here, all about the destroyer tune, played it the other night and it sure destroyed a few heads
posted a comment on Plug - Plug 1 + 2 (Double Pack). 9 months ago
if Frank Zappa made jungle, cheesy gigilo mix would be it
posted a comment on Moby - Feeling So Real. 9 months ago
it's the old skoooool mix every time - floor shaker, mind taker
posted a comment on Accident & Emergency - Flyest Gangster / B-Side. 9 months ago
Flyest Gangster is one of thoze tunes that you could quite easily dismiss but give it some attention and it f***ing rolls with lots of clever edits and pounding bass - would easily fit on anyone's playlist today with a nicely dropped vocal throughout... See full review