As of February 2016:
boldEverything I have in my collection is up for trade with anything in my want-list - please contact me if you wanna do a deal. Sorry but no cash offers.bold

A little personal history:
I have been a collector of vinyl/quality music since my school days of the late Seventies - my first single was by X-Ray Spex 'The Day the World Turned Dayglo' in lovely orange vinyl. My first LP was by XTC 'Go 2'. They certainly turned my world upside down and I've been hooked on music ever since.

In the late 80s, I got into the rave/dance scene, collecting everything from Electro, Hip Hop, US/UK House, Acid and some of the earlyTechno and going to raves, mostly illegal, around the south coast before they became big corporate affairs. Waiting at a pub or motorway car park for the call for where rave was was all part of the experience - though more often than not you'd whizz off and follow other cars into the countryside and end up in an abandoned field or empty waste ground and find out later we'd been used as a diversion tactic for the police - happy days :)

My favourite DJs I've had the fortune to seeing live being: Marshall Jefferson, Eddie-evil-Richards, Colin Favour, DJ Cash Money, A Guy Called Gerald, Cut Chemist, several of the DJ Food collective, Cutmaster Swift, Kenny ken and DJ Hype for his blistering crossfading and scratching tricks.

Couldn't get into Hardcore, though I'll admit there were some fine examples of this form made and then just as dance music was wandering up its own arse, Jungle came along which felt a bit like the excitement/explosion of punk from the late 70s and Acid in 1988/89

I'm a keen amateur DJ - living room, bedroom, kitchen and even bathroom - playing anything and everything that moves people: latin funk, disco, beats, breaks, jungle, early hip hop ...........and songwriter/singer/guitarist...well, I try!

thanks for reading
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posted a comment on Various - The Kings Of Drum + Bass. 1 day ago
You've probably got the older tunes like Shadow Boxing...but there's a very good reason to buy this and that's the Stunna Track - just a wonderful good-feel piece of DnB
posted a comment on 175* - Volume One. 3 days ago
Both sides are top quality floor destroying drumfunkinbasswobbling rollers...but need to be heard through a big system for full effect. Sound simple but are expertly arranged and produced
posted a comment on M-Beat - Free. 3 days ago
that's a shame - maybe you should check your needles or your copy has been hammered - I've two copies of this and they both have crystal clear dynamics and nice warm low bass end
posted a comment on Dust-e-1 - The Dust In The Dance EP . 4 days ago
There are two basic energies in this world, 'stress' (you ain't currently got this record) and 'relaxation' (you've got this record and can play it whenever you want) ...nuff said, as everyone below has said what needs to be
posted a comment on Various - Enforcers 19 & 20. 8 days ago
Double O does a great job on his remake of Cold Mission's Come On Strong (one of my fav releases which like all original reinforced tunes can't really be bettered), bringing it right up to date but still firmly holding on to that 94 vibe.
Seba equally ... See full review
posted a comment on Capone vs Peshay - I Need You / 2 Da 1. 10 days ago
Peshay on one side, Dillinja on the other...if you ain't got this,what are you waiting for?..a royal
so here's Peshay as about as minimal as you're ever likely to get from him (and this works a treat on any large system)..and Dilly in ... See full review
posted a comment on Calibre - Mystic / Feelin. 10 days ago
Oh my......when Fabio first dropped this, well it was just liquid heaven, pure vibes but heavy. I thought it was Peshay (as did many of us) at first but then heard him play it on his radio show a few weeks later and introduce us to this then pretty ... See full review
posted a comment on Equinox (3) - Vivid Dreams. 10 days ago
two really great roll outs from Marlon, with reverse, panned and filtered drums all to full effect - definitely worth having in your collection and not one many people know so it's a nice hidden dj tool
posted a comment on Goldie - 25 Years of Goldie (Unreleased And Re-Mastered). 16 days ago
listened right through a few times - drum editing/beats sounds all the same, except for riders aftermath nothing really stands out - not surprising there are so many for sale - and to think this was originally priced at over £30
posted a comment on Dug (13) - Expansion EP. 18 days ago
and the line, 'Blood has no nationality' in Identity is from another classic film - Gattaca also highly recommended viewing, probably one of my top ten -- and the tune is also absolute dope, as is the whole of this EP
posted a comment on Dug (13) - Expansion EP. 18 days ago
Outset was f***ing good - this is just next level from Dug
posted a comment on Rude & Deadly* - Lightnin And Tunda / Mash Dem Down. 18 days ago
if you ever come across a copy I'll give you £9.50 for
I first heard this dropped by hype, but many caned it and if you had back then you probably wouldn't be saying the kind of comments you just did. I don't give a rats arse the ... See full review
posted a comment on Underground Software - Real Mean Bastard Rmx. 18 days ago
Only just seen these reviews - what a shame - I've got two copies (both from their website) and they're fine with overall dynamics clear...And like r.brown600 thought the amen sound was intentional
posted a comment on Phaze III & Klass A* - Fearful Dimensions. 18 days ago
This was on a CD (with a load of other Pterodactyl Records ‎tunes, well worth hunting down if you can find it) that me and my mates would always play in the car when we out to a gig - like evergreen says, you never heard it played out but that made it ... See full review
posted a comment on J.Majik* - Your Sound / Tranquil. 19 days ago
with a nice dose of the Apache break expertly weaved in between
posted a comment on Seba & Manos* - Etherall / Always. 20 days ago
Oh My! A truly wonderful piece of music. I had the fortune to be playing through a Function One PA system recently, it was a retro house night but I played this as a sound check and it had the hairs on the back of my neck standing up as well as the guys ... See full review
posted a comment on Tim Reaper - Monarchy. 20 days ago
Monarchy is a great trip full of explosive elements for all tastes but for me it's all about My Soul...a very classy roller indeed, one of the tunes of 2018.
unrest is a deep drum workout which finishes off a really great EP Well done sir
posted a comment on Kloke - Diamond Life 04. 20 days ago
YES YES YES quality indeed, there's only been a few really high calibre things recently in my opinion (Ricky Force's What To Do, Seba & Manos' Ethereal and Tim Reaper's My Soul ) and this release by Kloke is also one of them - Artificial Memories has ... See full review
posted a comment on Dubtronix - Time Is Right / Jump Up. 22 days ago
jump up is a mean ole banger as moogacid says and I love the experimentation but time is right is just as good - it's more of an intelligent roller, full of deep vibes, and it's pure quality like only dubtronix can do (only recently discovered it's a ... See full review
posted a comment on Underhythm* - Sub Circle. 23 days ago
yeah, so yours was a test press, probably needs a release page to be made- superb ep by the way, well happy to have this as all tracks have something nice
posted a comment on Roger Johnson - Modular / Deepmotion. about 1 month ago
Really amazed this hasn't any reviews and such low ratings - this is absolutely class by the man Mr Johnson, just showing what skills he had. It's a deep (dare I say 'intelligent') musically journey - and you really ought to have a decent sub to ... See full review
posted a comment on Tyrees - Tidy / Switch Back Smith. about 1 month ago
Switch Back Smith employs some great variation in the time signatures of its drum edits/breaks - really nice
posted a comment on The Regulators* - Top Gun / Hero's Welcome. about 1 month ago
When you see who's behind these tunes is not hard to understand the quality that literally oozes from each track. Well produced, well arranged and got a nice blend of samples, vocals and brutal bass end and twisting reversed drum patterns.
I'd grab one ... See full review
posted a comment on Ricky Force - The Touch / What To Do. 2 months ago
What To Do is an example of an artist at his peak - Ricky seems to effortlessly roll out these stunning productions - just love all the elements here, lovely synths, nicely dropped vocals, drum editing and great bass end which underpins everything.
For ... See full review
posted a comment on Rico (5) & Sticks* - IZM. 2 months ago
Anyone wanting something fresh on a left field hip hop tip, then this should be your bag - don't really understand it but the vibes, beats and musicality are top notch and most importantly puts a smile on ya face
posted a comment on Jose Cheena - Jose's Party Breakdown. 2 months ago
Mixes really well to Reese's Rock to the Beat as musically, the opening lines are exactly
posted a comment on 2 Men On A Trip - You Make Me Feel (Get Funky). 2 months ago
No reviews? No comments? Okay.
So, as a DJ this is one of those indispensable tunes that just gets people on the floor. People might not be able to tell you who it is but it has one of those driving bass lines and really well used piano/organ samples ... See full review
posted a comment on Bluejean. 2 months ago
Released one of my favorite early House tracks which i always loved droppin and was always get great reaction on the floor - This is The Sound Of House Music

A most untimely ... See full review
posted a comment on Together - Hardcore Uproar. 2 months ago
some tunes should be played from the very start and not beat mixed in - this is one of them.
5 stars, not for complexity of musical ideas but for its simplicity and impact on the dance floor
as moorie says below in his review...rave on
posted a comment on Black Ice* - Black Ice E.P. Vol. 1. 3 months ago
All about B1 - deep as you like with vibes a plenty - got that real 1998/89 feel to it. Yes, I'm Up In Heaven is a nice enuf party tune but for those who know, it's a different space.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 3 months ago
posted a comment on U.P.I.* - That String Track. 3 months ago
All great house tunes but A1/A2 but I feel they need some vocals/acapella dropped with them to give them that extra lift and keep the interest of listeners
posted a comment on Photon Inc. Feat. Paula Brion - Generate Power. 3 months ago
Yes. crackle/pop same as you on B1 and mine also has a fairly pronounced dish warp making cueing a bit tricky
posted a comment on Various - November 91 - Three. 3 months ago
ref better days: Oh come on...the original is hands down the version to play - Sasha's has, although tight production, taken all the raw life and soul out of it.
posted a comment on Twin Hype - Do It To The Crowd. 3 months ago
Oh yeah ...this is my definition of dance music ...comprehenda!
Mixes so nicely in with Petra's Just let Go
posted a comment on Roberta Flack - Uh-Uh Ooh-Ooh Look Out (Here It Comes). 3 months ago
Hard to believe it's an 1988 production - still raise hairs on the back of my neck - Of course it's all a matter of personal taste but for me it's the Hurley remix for straight up vocal Diva House that I've found blows people away when played through a ... See full review
posted a comment on Goldseal Tribe - Addicted E.P. 3 months ago
Addicted: Here's a bit of drumfunk well before it's name tag was invented
Test Da Champion: Great DJ friend intro with nice ragga vibes.
Soundcheck: here's one for the PA

all in all a great little ep on a label that often slips under people's radar
posted a comment on Midi Tribe - Pure Energy. 3 months ago
The techno buzz version is a classic example of relating the arrangement of the mix to what a raver will be feeling on his E
posted a comment on House 2 House - Good Feeling / Everybody Get Up. 3 months ago
the sax in the 'House 2 House' mix is wheat makes me still hold onto this - gets a good reaction when played still today
posted a comment on Room 13 (3) - I Love Acid 001. 4 months ago
love the limited number being 303 copies - has to be a reference to the Roland TB 303
posted a comment on Homeboy - Control Yourself Cousin. 4 months ago
yep...have to agree. heard it pirate radio and searched all around the dance shops in London until I got a copy. well I bought twp copies so i could keep the mix going in my sets
posted a comment on The Hypnotist - The House Is Mine / Pioneers Of The Warped Groove. 4 months ago
the mix of light and dark is all about taking people on the same ride as what the ecstasy pill would do to ya...;)
posted a comment on Rogue Unit vs The Dream Team Featuring The Voice Of Princess - Good To U. 4 months ago
both tracks kill it - no point trying to decide which is best ;)
posted a comment on Icicle / Dub-One* - Broken Fingers / Volcon. 4 months ago
Just great record? This is an fabulously great record that displays the talents of the one and only Dub One - one for any fan of his to snick while prices remain low. And the icicle tune is not half bad as well
posted a comment on Foul Play - Finest Illusion / Screwface. 4 months ago
My copy does have the pressing fault but it's not that bad and once the track kicks off you're taken to hardcore heaven so what the hell...pun intended ;)
posted a comment on DJ Peshay* - Protegé E.P. 4 months ago
subjectively speaking, don't think there is a "the greatest 'anything' of all time" - but it's a most fine EP that all junglists should have ;)
posted a comment on Macc - The Way Of A Small Thought / A8V. 4 months ago
Put A8V through headphones and indulge yourself with Macc's expert handling of the hi hat cymbal - The Way Of a Small Thought, shows great use of the double bass which punctuates itself with a kind of delicate power like that of distant thunder ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - 3 Shots To The Head. 4 months ago
All fab tunes but it's City Connection's Heaven that does it for me - pure jungle vibes and heavy as you like - with that female screaming vocal that lifts it that bit higher, dare I say it, heaven.
posted a comment on Horace James & Kevin Yost - Black Fuse 2. 4 months ago
Games Over You is such a beast of a tune - I've mixed it with old and new school House sets and it always get a good reaction - Grab it if you see it and you can thank me later ;)
posted a comment on Various - Remixes I. 4 months ago
All I can say, is that DJSIKsf speaks words of truth (that's my 10)