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Rhythm 'N' Ryme - Luv Drug
posted a review of Rhythm 'N' Ryme - Luv Drug. over 16 years ago
This is a true hardcore classic from 1992, pumping breakbeats with some of the best piano, vocal and synth stabs of it's time! It sounds like it could be an early DJ Seduction release such as Hardcore Heaven, You And Me, and Come On. This is a real... See full review
Piano City Productions - P.C.P (Vol. 3)
posted a review of Piano City Productions - P.C.P (Vol. 3). over 17 years ago
Another fabulous piano anthem from P.C.P.!
Very happy and uplifting four tracker, all the tracks deserve "classic" status as they stay true to the old skool feel with their piano breaks and house beats.The P.C.P. volumes are well worth hunting down... See full review
DJ Ham - The Double Pack
posted a review of DJ Ham - The Double Pack. over 17 years ago
It's very rare to find a double 12" set with more than one good tune, the rest being cannon fodder to fill the empty space...This however is the exception!
All four tunes on this compilation are monster madness 4 beat piano stompers with samples... See full review
The Essence (5) - Jawz (There's No Escape..)
posted a review of The Essence (5) - Jawz (There's No Escape..). over 18 years ago
This 12" is not to be confused with "Just When You Thought It Was Safe" by DJ Excel released also in 92'.This 12" uses the Jaws chopped and stabbing bassline over a kickin breakbeat with some nice synth overlays and uplifting female vocals.The main... See full review
Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era, Smart E's, Rachel Wallace - The Video EP
posted a review of Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era, Smart E's, Rachel Wallace - The Video EP. over 18 years ago
This VHS was made and distributed by Suburban Base Records in 1992 to promote the artists on their label. It was sent out in very limited numbers, and I don't think many have survived. The VHS contains full music videos for all the tracks featured,... See full review