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submitted Philippe Russo - Envies Douces. 15 days ago
submitted Various - La Chance Aux Chansons. about 1 month ago
submitted Laszlo* - Herzschlag. about 1 month ago
submitted Patricia Kaas - Ma Liberté Contre La Tienne. about 1 month ago
Philippe Gil - Laurence
submitted Philippe Gil - Laurence. about 1 month ago
submitted What For - What For. 2 months ago
submitted Whitney (11) - Le Deal D'Une Idylle. 2 months ago
submitted Vicky Lou - Comment Tu M'Parles. 3 months ago
posted a comment on Scott O'Donoghue. 3 months ago
Is this musician related to The Script singer Danny O'Donoghue?
Marc Lavoine - Je Me Sens Si Seul
submitted Marc Lavoine - Je Me Sens Si Seul. 4 months ago
submitted Natalia (5) - Lo Mejor De... Natalia. 5 months ago
Michel Jonasz - La Famille
submitted Michel Jonasz - La Famille. 5 months ago
submitted Sébastien Izambard - Libre. 6 months ago
Sébastien Izambard - Libre
submitted Sébastien Izambard - Libre. 6 months ago
posted a comment on Mickels Réa. 7 months ago
What happened to Mickels? He wasn't present during the 20th anniversary shows of Star Academy, aired earlier this month on TF1! Mickels was the winner of the eighth season, the last one aired on this channel. I heard that his contract with Universal... See full review
submitted Emily Robins And Maddy Tyers - The Elephant Princess. 8 months ago
submitted Katerine Avgoustakis* - The Real Me. 8 months ago
submitted Morgane (9) - Cœur Samouraï. 9 months ago
Ludovic Delamoga - Unis
submitted Ludovic Delamoga - Unis. 9 months ago
submitted Thierry Amiel - Je Regarde Là-Haut. 10 months ago
submitted Various - Stars France 2004. 10 months ago
submitted Steeve Estatof - Garde-Moi. 10 months ago
Laura Pausini & Hélène Segara* - On N'Oublie Jamais Rien, On Vit Avec
submitted Laura Pausini & Hélène Segara* - On N'Oublie Jamais Rien, On Vit Avec. 10 months ago
Thomas Fersen - Les Cravates
submitted Thomas Fersen - Les Cravates. 11 months ago
Lavelle* Avec Les Chœurs De L'Opéra* - Ave Maria Norma
submitted Lavelle* Avec Les Chœurs De L'Opéra* - Ave Maria Norma. 11 months ago
Le 6-9 - La Tactique (AEO)
submitted Le 6-9 - La Tactique (AEO). 11 months ago
submitted Gotainer* - Polochon Blues / Le Moustique. 11 months ago
submitted Damien Sargue - Merci. 11 months ago
submitted Damien Sargue - Merci. 11 months ago
Skalp (2)
posted a comment on Skalp (2). 11 months ago
I've always thought that Pascal Lemaire/Skalp (2) was a successful composer/musician/producer for French artists in the 2000 decade - thinking of the duo Kore & Skalp (with Djamel Fezari aka Kore).
So Pascal Koeu/Skalpovich and Pascal Lemaire/Skalp... See full review
submitted Monsieur Lune - Déguisé En Moi. 12 months ago
submitted Cylia - Plus De Mal Que De Bien. 12 months ago
Graham Bonney
posted a comment on Graham Bonney. 12 months ago
Did Mr. Bonney record songs in French, aside from the English and German singles shown above? Unfortunately, "Marie" and "Salut" are both sung in German. From him, I have found nothing yet for my "Les Francophiles" list.
submitted Maurane - Maurane. about 1 year ago
Kylie Minogue - Got To Be Certain
posted a review of Kylie Minogue - Got To Be Certain. about 1 year ago
After "Locomotion" (cover of Little Eva, re-recorded in 1988 under the title "The Loco-Motion") and "I Should Be So Lucky", it is the third single of the Australian singer. The first to record the track was not Kylie but Mandy Smith, another singer... See full review
Jana (42) - To Make A Difference Revisited
posted a comment on Jana (42) - To Make A Difference Revisited. about 1 year ago
So this Jana isn't the one who released the single Near Me the same year, 1998? It could have been Near Me instead of Hear Me on this album. But I'm afraid we're not talking about the same singer...
submitted Various - Le Top Des Tops Volume 3. about 1 year ago
Dido - Thank You
posted a comment on Dido - Thank You. about 1 year ago
I've just listened to the single again, and had to pause the song at about 3:05, only to sing a part that doesn't appear in the single version. Between the last 2 choruses, Dido sings a bridge that I've only heard on the radio 20 years ago, and it... See full review
Little Birdy - Confetti
posted a review of Little Birdy - Confetti. about 1 year ago
I wish this album was better known outside of Australian territories, even with 11 years late, and probably bring European success to this band. That would be disappointing to spend money for the original 2009 CD. Any European edition, either CD or... See full review
Ze Pequeño
posted a comment on Ze Pequeño. about 1 year ago
Didn't they have one album on Universal in 2006/2007, with 2 of the aforementioned singles Le Centre Du Monde and Ze Phénomène? I had heard there was one album, but it hasn't been added yet. I don't remember its title, must have been a S/T one, and... See full review
submitted Maroon 5 - She Will Be Loved. about 1 year ago
Cauet* - T'es Radio Star
submitted Cauet* - T'es Radio Star. about 1 year ago
submitted Romain Ruer* - Tout Simplement Je T'Aime. about 1 year ago
Ahmed Mouici - Regarde-Moi
submitted Ahmed Mouici - Regarde-Moi. about 1 year ago
Warrior Records (19)
posted a comment on Warrior Records (19). about 1 year ago
I'll say it has. It has since been replaced by another label Paradize Music.
submitted Various - NRJ Music Awards 2002. about 1 year ago
Various - RFM Années 2000
posted a comment on Various - RFM Années 2000. about 1 year ago
How come Amel Bent and Jonas Brothers, both artists from the 2000-to-2010 decade, are on the picture (right) and not on the CDs themselves? Did the label Wagram have copyright problems with Sony BMG and Hollywood Records, respectively? Or do they both... See full review
submitted Gabriella Cilmi - Sweet About Me. about 1 year ago
Various - Champs-Élysées Volume 3
submitted Various - Champs-Élysées Volume 3. about 1 year ago
submitted Patrick Fiori - Sans Bruit. about 1 year ago