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Leviticus (2) Featuring Victor Cook* - Life Story
posted a comment on Leviticus (2) Featuring Victor Cook* - Life Story. over 2 years ago
Tune ! Can you please tell me what the lyrics are ? I don't understand what she sings, except "life story" ;-)
Ilian Tape
posted a review of Ilian Tape. over 2 years ago
Is everybody can remember the experience where its passion for electronic dance music has begin ?
Even if in any specific case, influence vectors are multiple, everybody can probably remember its really first real rave party experience. The kind of... See full review
Gordon Bass - Perpetual Peace EP
posted a comment on Gordon Bass - Perpetual Peace EP. over 2 years ago
Is it Pepe Bradock I guess, or not ?
Paul Johnson
posted a comment on Paul Johnson. over 3 years ago
Nice to read you here again Eph Dé, you missing on Discogs. Take care.
Metro Area - Metro Area
posted a comment on Metro Area - Metro Area. over 3 years ago
I agree with renek, the sleeve is too small and without any paper inside so it warps your records ...
Gene Hunt, Alfonso Bottone, Francisco Di Gianni, Raoul & Katsuto - Underground Sound Of Italia
submitted Gene Hunt, Alfonso Bottone, Francisco Di Gianni, Raoul & Katsuto - Underground Sound Of Italia. over 3 years ago
Nuron / Fugue - Likemind 06
posted a comment on Nuron / Fugue - Likemind 06. over 3 years ago
I remember when I discovered Likemind, ten years ago. I was working by night in a call center for a cab company in Paris. This job was often boring but, except the weekend, the line was really quiet after 1am and we had few breaks and the right to... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 3 years ago
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 3 years ago
The Coastal Commission - Straight No Chaser / Rhodes Through Space
posted a review of The Coastal Commission - Straight No Chaser / Rhodes Through Space. over 3 years ago
I remember when I discovered this records in the 2014 late springs. I lived in Quebec City at this time, and after a very tough winter during six month of snow, at the end of my bachelor, the summer was rising up. I was in the high of a love story... See full review
Drain Pipe - New Life
posted a comment on Drain Pipe - New Life. over 3 years ago
Source ? At least 10 words must be entered.
K15 / Culross Close - Volume 1
posted a comment on K15 / Culross Close - Volume 1. over 3 years ago
Another impressive release on Mother Tongue Records, and what a start for this young italian label, which is already a major place for house lovers. Here is K15 with a totally uplifting production, with all his classy jazzy-keys and his looking... See full review
Strapontin - The End Of Logic
posted a review of Strapontin - The End Of Logic. over 3 years ago
I never heard about Strapontin before, but this one sounds like one of the most interresing 2020 electronic dance music release so far. As noticed in the Hard Fist introduction, The End Of Logic has something cross-genre, wich bring dance music into... See full review
Significant Other (3) - Club Aura
posted a review of Significant Other (3) - Club Aura. over 4 years ago
Highly remarquacable release. It sounds like a stunning techno LFO beamed from the future and it remind me the dark powerfull energy of techno of the origins, but in another (and very innovative) way. I don't know if this kind of techno's... See full review
posted a review that has since been deleted. over 4 years ago
Ambien Baby - En Transito
posted a review of Ambien Baby - En Transito . over 4 years ago
I don't know if this records is underrated or not, as said in the previous comment, but the fact is this duo is a nice match between two of the most inspired and respected producers of the moment who are able to perfectly combine their owns feelings... See full review
Bruise (4) - Presentation EP
posted a review of Bruise (4) - Presentation EP. over 4 years ago
Top notch records by Bruise, undoubtedly one of the best 2020 house release and maybe a future classic, in my opinion. Each side has one strong deep cut (Dark Sun and Portrait), and one dancefloor filler (Jagged Angels and Grand Hi) and it shows a... See full review
Stranger - Partly Cloudy E.P.
posted a review of Stranger - Partly Cloudy E.P.. over 4 years ago
Picked for 2€ at Extend And Play, in Marseille, France. Totally overlooked records. As noticed DanceDisc bellow, the Derrick Carter remix is a worth track, as many of his remix or collaborative productions from this period. But to me, the best track... See full review
Sepehr - Shaytoon
posted a review of Sepehr - Shaytoon. over 4 years ago
Coup d'Etat, Consortium or Magma are great to spin and sounds like some versatile & raw & nasty electro cuts you need in yours late nights or early mornings, in the opposite way of the wild style artwork cover. Definitly, it looks like there's an... See full review
Kuldaboli - Milljón Ára En Held Mér Ungum
submitted Kuldaboli - Milljón Ára En Held Mér Ungum. over 4 years ago
Demi Riquísimo - Stride EP
submitted Demi Riquísimo - Stride EP. over 4 years ago
Lostlojic - Imperfect
submitted Lostlojic - Imperfect . over 4 years ago
Max D* - Drizzling Glass
posted a comment on Max D* - Drizzling Glass. over 4 years ago
As said in the previous comments, this records looks so slept on. There is only 959 views for Jubilee on Youtube, that's crazy... Is it because it's a bit "leftfield" and not strictly for the dancefloor ? Because there's is not 4x4 kick drum ? Please... See full review
Various - LIONOIL002
posted a review of Various - LIONOIL002. over 4 years ago
Philip Budny shows all his class and his feelings with Hash. It sounds wet and atmospheric, like in a dream and when keynotes are falling, we have top notch House Music as all we want. His other releases are worth too, and he seems to be an high... See full review
A1 Bassline - Intasound EP
posted a review of A1 Bassline - Intasound EP. over 4 years ago
The Mr G’s Ibiza Dub is stunning : heavy sub and deep vocal, hypnotic percutions, great track progression with nice colors... it can be played in every set, pitched down or up... What do you expect ?
posted a comment on Metatone. over 4 years ago
In 2019, J. M. Atkins' tracks under his allias Electro Music Union, Xonox & Sinoesin tracks are repressed on a compilation called "Works 1993 - 1994". We hope it will be the same for any Nine-L releases.
Zazou Bikaye - Guilty !
posted a review of Zazou Bikaye - Guilty !. over 4 years ago
Last year, I've heard Lucas Lozano played the Afro-Acid mix in the afternoon at Longevity Festival in Strasbourg, France, and it does the job very well : it sounds still fresh directly from the Summer of love !
Kreggo - New Age
posted a comment on Kreggo - New Age. over 4 years ago
This records is OK, but as some Further Electronix releases, it looks over hyped and the limited edition method looks as a pure tool of communication made to obtain artificial value. For instance, the B1 track sounds good but there is absolutly no... See full review
Luca Durán - Circunvalar
posted a comment on Luca Durán - Circunvalar. over 4 years ago
My copy sounds clear and strong, I disagree with the previous comment. Top notch EP anyway, 5/5.
Voiron - Voironizer EP
posted a review of Voiron - Voironizer EP. over 4 years ago
After Chez Oim sounds really singular to my ears, with a great balance between a deep mood and something optimistic and naive. It's medicinal and it will stand the test of time.

Nowadays and since the 10's, Voiron is maybe the most interresting... See full review
Reptant - Reptilian Magnetism
posted a comment on Reptant - Reptilian Magnetism. over 4 years ago
Shermanic Ritual is a disturbing electro acid track wich is made for your favorite 2-Step move straight into the ground and to lost your mind in outta space with this creative track progression with breaks, acid lines, reverb and many details... As a... See full review
James Shinra - Signs
posted a review of James Shinra - Signs. over 4 years ago
At this time, James Shinra looks as a worth newcomer from the UK, and this four tracker confirm his capacity to make dance music for body and soul. The A side is a cosmic journey where Shinra shows his ability to use technical skills without... See full review
Dea (17) - Canine Carnaval
posted a comment on Dea (17) - Canine Carnaval. over 4 years ago
Maxi & Zissou is a cosmic journey into sound which reminds me the early Patrick Adams work, if you permit me this comparaison. Anyway, Dea seems to be one the most promisefull newcomer in dancemusic, even if you're not especially in "disco" music...... See full review
John T. Gast - Kings X
posted a comment on John T. Gast - Kings X. over 4 years ago
The B side is really impressive. It reminds me Curley Esoteric, R-Zac and some french Tribe from olddays. Unstoppable.
Sansibar - Paradise Industrial Complex
posted a review of Sansibar - Paradise Industrial Complex. over 4 years ago
Even your grand mother could like Glide Till Dawn : it's a pure bliss of emotional ghetto or something like that. There is nothing new here but Sansibar does it well, with feelings, and he confirms that he's one the most interresting newcomer out... See full review
Samantha Fox - I Only Wanna Be With You
posted a comment on Samantha Fox - I Only Wanna Be With You. over 4 years ago
I Only Wanna Burn With You (Mix 1) is an interresting acid house lost track. For sure, in a certain way, the lead theme is quite cheesy but the whole track is FUN with this spicy sampled voice ("I on.. I on.. I on..") and it looks like a little ground... See full review
Paul Jacobs Presents Soul Grabber - Motocross Madness
posted a comment on Paul Jacobs Presents Soul Grabber - Motocross Madness. over 4 years ago
Motocross Madness is well known because 2 Many Dj's played it in their famous CD, As Heard On Radio Soulwax Pt. 2. It was my first vinyl buy at 18, because I've headbanged a lot on it when I was a teenager, especially during my all days long... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 4 years ago
Bread & Water (2) - MotherFatherGod / Just Before Dawn... I Shine
posted a comment on Bread & Water (2) - MotherFatherGod / Just Before Dawn... I Shine. over 4 years ago
This records seems to be under all radars but, IMO, MotherFatherGod (A1) is really well made and sounds deep & strong. It's a real pleasure to still have the opportunity to discover unknown quality 90's US house for peanuts in 2020... Support your... See full review
Glenn Underground - U-Topia-O-Disco
posted a comment on Glenn Underground - U-Topia-O-Disco. over 4 years ago
Obviously, Jaz Love #2 is also based on the well known Heavy Vibes vibraphone. In other words, Jaz Love #2 sounds like a tribute to Vincent Montana Jr., and what a tribute ! This is pure class, even your grand mother could like it... P.S. : don't... See full review
Brain Telescope - Rationality Eclipse
posted a comment on Brain Telescope - Rationality Eclipse. over 4 years ago
What's wrong with this records ? It's clearly an average 12" with random patterns, no more... Is it because someone drop it in a Resident Advisor podcast or something ? Pick it in a 1$ bin or forget it...
Steve Marie, Rukka (2), Arlanoa, HiLo - Itération EP
posted a review of Steve Marie, Rukka (2), Arlanoa, HiLo - Itération EP . over 4 years ago
IMO, Lost Into The Vortex is clearly the main track here. These days, it's funny to see how some new electronic producers or Djs pays some attention to the early UK sound. Yes, there's nothing new here but it works very well and this revival is really... See full review
Mike Millrain - Volume One
posted a comment on Mike Millrain - Volume One. over 4 years ago
Eyes Open Wide has been repress on Flashbacks Vol. 3 and believe me, it sounds really really heavy !
Three Kings (2) Featuring Jaygun And Bashy - Shake Dat Booty (Pal Joey Interpretation)
posted a comment on Three Kings (2) Featuring Jaygun And Bashy - Shake Dat Booty (Pal Joey Interpretation). over 4 years ago
Darling (17) - Tulipa Moves (Prins Thomas Remixes)
posted a comment on Darling (17) - Tulipa Moves (Prins Thomas Remixes). over 4 years ago
The B side is a smooth and shiny edit of The M Song Featuring Lexi from Tulipa Moves album. To me it's a kind of Philip Glass with groove, in my house Best of 2019.
Seinan - Scotland Yardie EP
posted a comment on Seinan - Scotland Yardie EP. over 5 years ago
I've picked this one in a 5€ bin at Crevette Records in Bruxelles and I was really stunned when I heard Dubberware in my headphones... These subs hits so low in the ground and it works perfectly with this reverb and these nice sax/voices samples... To... See full review
Various - Jackmaster 5
posted a comment on Various - Jackmaster 5. over 5 years ago
There is another version of the A6 track called "It's hot" on the Rush hour Virgo's Resurrection compilation, from 1987 (probably as a demo version wich is appear also on Trax in 1993, as noticed Eric Bunkerheadz Hart). IMHO, the Virgo version is a... See full review
Sheik Fawaz - Mohammed's House
posted a review of Sheik Fawaz - Mohammed's House. over 5 years ago
Sometimes I wonder why some electronic records from the 80's or the 90's looks as so under the radar on the internet. In this case, I think I have a strong hypothesis : people who know this records are quite "old" now and they don't care about... See full review
Urban Ice - To Break The Ice
posted a comment on Urban Ice - To Break The Ice. over 5 years ago
It looks like an under radar little gem IMHO. B1 and B2 are pointless but the Club Mix version is really well done with a nice mix, a raw rhythm section and some crystalin leads in the typical italo house tradition.
D.K. Dance - It's A Lot
posted a comment on D.K. Dance - It's A Lot. over 5 years ago
I like both sides wich are really similar : two nice house tracks with some powerfull leads, a stomp feet kick drum, a bit of 80's rap, some Depeche Mode' samples, some crazy chorus voices ("Oooh !")... That's still fresh IMHO and it looks like a... See full review