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Meus amigos Brasileiros
Os embarques de baixo custo para o Brasil foram retomados, mas podem demorar - espere atrasos no desembaraço aduaneiro, além de atrasos no trânsito.
Por favor, seja paciente. O correio aéreo registrado é altamente recomendado para todos os pedidos.

A mis amigos Chilenos
Les pido disculpas pero por ahora no es posible enviar a su país por ningún método de envío. Las fronteras chilenas no permiten el ingreso de vuelos hasta que se haya logrado controlar la propagación de la infección. Lo siento. Cuídense y tomen precauciones para protegerse y proteger a sus comunidades.

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submitted Rossini*, Rome Lyric Opera Orchestra*, E. Brizio* - Highlights From The Barber Of Seville. 5 months ago
submitted Edvard Grieg, Emil Gilels - Lyrische Stücke • Lyric Pieces. 7 months ago
Jan Hammer - Beyond The Mind's Eye
submitted Jan Hammer - Beyond The Mind's Eye. 8 months ago
Soho (2) - Hippychick
submitted Soho (2) - Hippychick. 8 months ago
Tony! Toni! Toné! - Feels Good
submitted Tony! Toni! Toné! - Feels Good. 8 months ago
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Floorfilla - Italodancer
submitted Floorfilla - Italodancer. 9 months ago
FSOL* - We Have Explosive
posted a comment on FSOL* - We Have Explosive. about 1 year ago
So will this be available at a later date un-numbered as a standard (but otherwise identical) release as they did with Yage 2019 and Cascade 2020?
submitted Buddy Merriam - Back Roads Mandolin. about 1 year ago
Kate Bush - Kate Bush
posted a comment on Kate Bush - Kate Bush. about 1 year ago
Based on the collection stats, the most common to rarests of the Canadian colour editions are the White, Gold, Green, Blue, Brown and Clear. The Red is a myth that has not been proven to exist.
submitted Robert Charlebois - Les Grands Succès Barclay Vol. 21. about 1 year ago
submitted Jimmy Lunceford* - Powerhouse Swing - Dance Hall Days. about 1 year ago
George Clinton - Some Of My Best Jokes Are Friends
submitted George Clinton - Some Of My Best Jokes Are Friends. about 1 year ago
Philip Glass - Glassworks
submitted Philip Glass - Glassworks. about 1 year ago
Egberto Gismonti - Sol Do Meio Dia
submitted Egberto Gismonti - Sol Do Meio Dia. about 1 year ago
Charles Mingus - Lionel Hampton Presents: The Music Of Charles Mingus
submitted Charles Mingus - Lionel Hampton Presents: The Music Of Charles Mingus. about 1 year ago
Charlie Haden, Carla Bley - The Ballad Of The Fallen
submitted Charlie Haden, Carla Bley - The Ballad Of The Fallen. about 1 year ago
Cal Tjader - Good Vibes
submitted Cal Tjader - Good Vibes. about 1 year ago
Japanese Telecom - Japanese Telecom
posted a comment on Japanese Telecom - Japanese Telecom. about 1 year ago
Rather uninspired artwork :/
Glad I have an original with artwork from Demo Design.
Jasmine (2) - Satisfied
posted a comment on Jasmine (2) - Satisfied. about 1 year ago
Mariah did, in 1991. The team behind Jasmine obviously nicked it from her.
Nev (2) - Busted / Round-A-Bout
submitted Nev (2) - Busted / Round-A-Bout. about 1 year ago
Roy Strachan - Pluggy Song
submitted Roy Strachan - Pluggy Song. about 1 year ago
松竹歌劇団 - 吉例第33回 東京踊り主題歌
submitted 松竹歌劇団 - 吉例第33回 東京踊り主題歌. about 1 year ago
All Rounder And Lady Wonder - ...Here To Stay
submitted All Rounder And Lady Wonder - ...Here To Stay. about 1 year ago
Ghettovision - Transformers / Skill 4 Skill
submitted Ghettovision - Transformers / Skill 4 Skill. about 1 year ago
DMX Krew - Strange Directions
posted a comment on DMX Krew - Strange Directions. about 1 year ago
I had no issues until D3, a moody downtempo tune, so you really notice the crackle. :(
Other than that, it was a great album and I don't hate myself for having bought it. It'll be one I'll be spinning again and often despite the flaw.
Valerie M* - Show Me Love
submitted Valerie M* - Show Me Love. about 1 year ago
Orbital - In Sides / The Box
posted a comment on Orbital - In Sides / The Box. about 1 year ago
Someone who owns this needs to do as high quality as possible digital transfer of The Box video and post it on youtube, please! It seems that the masters got tossed out by the labels (probably as the smaller labels got swallowed up by the majors) and... See full review
Robert Plant And The Strange Sensation - Molson Amphitheatre Toronto July 6, 2005
submitted Robert Plant And The Strange Sensation - Molson Amphitheatre Toronto July 6, 2005. about 1 year ago
Pipedream - Quicksand
submitted Pipedream - Quicksand. about 1 year ago
submitted Golden Chile' - The Chozen One (Radio Edits). about 1 year ago
Holly Cole - Holly Cole
submitted Holly Cole - Holly Cole. about 1 year ago
Various - Forward Ever - Backward Never - The Mayday Compilation Vol. II
submitted Various - Forward Ever - Backward Never - The Mayday Compilation Vol. II. about 1 year ago
Various - Songs Of The Sea
submitted Various - Songs Of The Sea. about 1 year ago
submitted The House Of Haunt - Highway Horror CD Single. about 1 year ago
Pachelbel* - Pachelbel Canon And All The Best Baroque Favourites
submitted Pachelbel* - Pachelbel Canon And All The Best Baroque Favourites. about 1 year ago
Tony Massarelli - Tony Italiano
submitted Tony Massarelli - Tony Italiano. about 1 year ago
Publicist - Keep It Off The Record
submitted Publicist - Keep It Off The Record. about 1 year ago
Econoline Crush - Wicked
posted a comment on Econoline Crush - Wicked. about 1 year ago
It's a shame that who ever cut this record fumbled the task so badly. Wicked is a great industrial-rock tune, and the A side sounds great, but the B side with the original version sounds bad. I'm aware that the song utilizes heavy panning between the... See full review
MAW Electronic - Tranz / Body
submitted MAW Electronic - Tranz / Body. about 1 year ago
Aaliyah - Aaliyah
posted a comment on Aaliyah - Aaliyah. about 1 year ago
You didn't even finish the album? You missed out on some great vocal performances and dramatic delivery from her, especially on I Can Be and I Refuse.
And the artists that worked with her and wrote for her, wrote some of their best, career defining... See full review
Susumu Yokota - Grinning Cat
submitted Susumu Yokota - Grinning Cat. about 1 year ago
NC17 - NC17
submitted NC17 - NC17. about 1 year ago
Bomfunk MC's
posted a comment on Bomfunk MC's. about 1 year ago
I always felt like they were piggybacking off the success and sudden mainstream interest of the Freestylers, as I knew too many who owned In Stereo due to confusion/mistake when purchasing what they thought was We Rock Hard, and none of those owners ever... See full review
Arpanet - Einstein Ring
posted a comment on Arpanet - Einstein Ring. about 1 year ago
You need a membership to buy this from Fundamental Records *rolls eyes*
Why should I spend 50euro to pad the pockets of a label who in the past has treated me with such disrespect as to take my money for a copy of DMX Krew's 100 Tears Ltd. Edition,... See full review
PJ Harvey - The Devil
posted a comment on PJ Harvey - The Devil. about 1 year ago
Why the fuck did I sell this?? Why was I so reluctant to embrace White Chalk? I've had it on repeat these last few months while stuck indoors and just love it!
Orbital - Snivilisation
posted a comment on Orbital - Snivilisation. about 1 year ago
Anyone have a poster they're willing to part with? Always loved John Greenwood's illustrations on this album and would love to have a copy to frame.
Lesley Gore - You Don't Own Me
submitted Lesley Gore - You Don't Own Me. about 1 year ago
Hare (2) - Where's My Money?
submitted Hare (2) - Where's My Money?. about 1 year ago