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Good news friends - I will once again be able to provide low cost shipments starting June 1st! Some countries may still have disrupted service or have closed their borders to incoming air traffic, so if you're not sure feel free to ask and I can investigate whether or not I will be able to ship to you, but for most countries this problem has not occured.

Note that due to the covid pandemic, some mail systems are experiencing delays as work force is reduced in order to allow for distancing, or borders are not allowing flights that would normally carry passenger/cargo, so items may be sent by sea. I have yet to experience a delay longer than 2 weeks for airmail since covid-quarantines began around the world, but just in case, my shipping carrier is suggesting the 7 to 75 business day time frame for all international deliveries.

Stay safe, stay positive, & keep on dancing!

Meus amigos Brasileiros
Os embarques de baixo custo para o Brasil foram retomados, mas podem demorar - espere atrasos no desembaraço aduaneiro, além de atrasos no trânsito.
Por favor, seja paciente.

A mis amigos Chilenos
Les pido disculpas pero por ahora no es posible enviar a su país por ningún método de envío. Las fronteras chilenas no permiten el ingreso de vuelos hasta que se haya logrado controlar la propagación de la infección. Lo siento. Cuídense y tomen precauciones para protegerse y proteger a sus comunidades.

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Values based on latest sales before being removed from the marketplace, in Canadian dollars ($CAD):

Minimum Value:
$192.27 CAD

Median Value:
$260.93 CAD

Maximum Value:
$329.60 CAD
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The Extreme Jadoo mix tape he put out n the late 90s was an absolute classic! Bhangra, bollywood and hip hop mashups before mashups were hip! I would love to see that appear here in the database and have the chance to purchase a copy!
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I'm looking for Record 2 (sides C / D) and a picture sleeve. if you have both or either of these, please get in touch. :)
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