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Various - New Beat Trax & Old school Beats
submitted Various - New Beat Trax & Old school Beats. about 1 year ago
XeRoSoReX - Ruimteplan
submitted XeRoSoReX - Ruimteplan. about 1 year ago
Xerosorex - Haunted Area
submitted Xerosorex - Haunted Area. over 4 years ago
Koner (3) - Inside Of Me
submitted Koner (3) - Inside Of Me. over 4 years ago
Shimanski Beats - Dystopia Remixed
submitted Shimanski Beats - Dystopia Remixed. over 4 years ago
VV303 - Das Spiel
submitted VV303 - Das Spiel. over 4 years ago
Thomas Trance - Act Now
submitted Thomas Trance - Act Now. over 4 years ago
Coax - Rave 'O' Lution
posted a comment on Coax - Rave 'O' Lution. over 4 years ago
Strangely enough, the back cover is not included at the images here. And that is probably the most interesting part of this record. Of course you discovered Dirk Dierickx as a co-writer of this track. But a few other names are in the picture : Jurgen... See full review
Xinonix - Nieuw Antwerpen
posted a comment on Xinonix - Nieuw Antwerpen. over 4 years ago
Produced in 1989, a year after the New Beat scene in Antwerp was dead. And at the end of the high days of it's commercial offspring Nouga Beat. On the b-side a "acid" mix without any 303 involved, nor without that specific sound. This is a good... See full review
Shimanski Beats - Things You Saw
submitted Shimanski Beats - Things You Saw. over 5 years ago
Various - Fashion Victims
submitted Various - Fashion Victims. over 5 years ago
Shimanski Beats - Things You Saw
submitted Shimanski Beats - Things You Saw. over 5 years ago
T.Raumschmiere - Monstertruckdriver
posted a comment on T.Raumschmiere - Monstertruckdriver. over 6 years ago

I was refering to Major Problem - Love Parasite release with the track "Do the skizzo".
Various - Fashion Victims Volume 2
submitted Various - Fashion Victims Volume 2. over 6 years ago
Various - Fashion Victims
submitted Various - Fashion Victims. over 6 years ago
Various - Body To Body
submitted Various - Body To Body. over 6 years ago
Hantrax - Ticker Tape Parade
submitted Hantrax - Ticker Tape Parade. over 6 years ago
Various - Body To Body
submitted Various - Body To Body. over 6 years ago
Rotterdam Termination Source - Poing
posted a comment on Rotterdam Termination Source - Poing. over 8 years ago
The "poing" was taken from the Confetti's track "Basic Theme". It ends with that identical same sound.
Various - Mayday X
submitted Various - Mayday X. over 8 years ago
Rutchov & Vladimir - Who Da Nurse
posted a review of Rutchov & Vladimir - Who Da Nurse. over 10 years ago
On the record I have, the accapella shouts out about the "Belgians". I am wondering if their are several different pressings telling other countries wild-site. Can the other owners in different countries check about the accapella? Great thanks!
DJ Furax vs. Redshark - Big Orgus (The 2004 Remixes)
posted a review of DJ Furax vs. Redshark - Big Orgus (The 2004 Remixes). over 11 years ago
Altough "Jump" is just the modern version of hardcore, sometimes even simple riffs shines above. "Big Orgus" is one of those moments that music is accepted to be fun and not as just another one of them. These remixes are nice, but just one realy makes... See full review
Sensor - Absolute
posted a review of Sensor - Absolute. over 12 years ago
As always we have to point to the fact that many gemms are stolen from other records, or at least building on the hype of other famous tracks. This record is basicly a simular example of stolen ideas and instruments.
But as in most cases the rip-off... See full review
U People* - Why Don't You Love Me
posted a review of U People* - Why Don't You Love Me. over 12 years ago
This record includes 2 smooth trance-tracks. First one is build around the Accordeon Mix from Ramirez Hablando-like sample. That is quied abvious. But "Go Home" on the other hand is more difficult reconnize it's origin. For those who are unsure, the... See full review
Praga Khan & Jade 4 U* - Begin To Move
posted a comment on Praga Khan & Jade 4 U* - Begin To Move. over 12 years ago
This is a very exciting track, a real floorfiller. Even now, it has still that power and punch.
I prefere the A1, but all tracks are strong. More or less, if you are wondering that the b-side tracks sounds too familiar, maybe you are right. Altough... See full review
Bassline Boys - Warbeat
posted a review of Bassline Boys - Warbeat. over 13 years ago
This record is just another newbeat cover of an old EBM-track. Funkmeister's War Dance is being transformed to a version where the beats are stronger, and an acid line is snaring over.
Not a bad remake, even when you know the original.
Bassline Boys - Warbeat
posted a comment on Bassline Boys - Warbeat. over 13 years ago
This is a very political correct review, but seems to overlook historical facts. Nazisme was a leftwing political movement. Therefor, the quotation of being 'extreme right' is not correct. Front National and NPD are products of todays democratic votes... See full review
Tyrome - Bad Magic
posted a review of Tyrome - Bad Magic. over 13 years ago
If you wanna have a Tyrome in your collection, this one is a must have. Bad Magic is the continuation from the masters well known style. And still it is refreshing to hear the dark raw sound.
But what realy is top on this release, is that b-side. It... See full review
Jam & Spoon - Tales From A Danceographic Ocean
posted a review of Jam & Spoon - Tales From A Danceographic Ocean. over 14 years ago
If you wanna speak about the roots of Trance music, then this track has to be mensioned. For the first time electronic music was smooth, soft to hear, basic and complex at the same time. Altough Fantastic FF uses the wellknown TwinPeaks time, it still... See full review
Neon - Baby Wants To Ride
posted a review of Neon - Baby Wants To Ride. over 14 years ago
To get a hold on this record is quied hard. Target records released several identical pressings, but with slightly differend tracklistings or sleeves. What is so special about this release?
Neon put on some female vocals, and a superb acid-line.
On... See full review
House Of Crazy Sound - No Groove
posted a review of House Of Crazy Sound - No Groove. over 14 years ago
As many tracks in that time, this track is made up from samples from other tracks, togetter with some stolen themes. What makes this one special is that it is probably the most danceable conversion of KLFs What Time Is Love. Back then in 1990 it was a... See full review
T.Raumschmiere - Monstertruckdriver
posted a review of T.Raumschmiere - Monstertruckdriver. over 14 years ago
No body seems to remember. But for those who have heard that sound already, you are right! Major Problem - Do The Skizzy was released long time ago. It was ment to be a hardbeat, after the newbeat, release back then in 1990. Togetter with some remake... See full review
Carlos Peron - Talks To The Nations
posted a review of Carlos Peron - Talks To The Nations. over 14 years ago
For sure, this is one of the greatest LD-releases. And this is a must have for early newbeat. The A-side is the greatest. Breakin In is a superb track and this Nothing is True-version is a never before issued. This one is shorter, but therefor not... See full review
Ofra Haza - Galbi (Dutch Remix)
posted a review of Ofra Haza - Galbi (Dutch Remix). over 14 years ago
Allthough I knew Ofra Haza's Im Nin'Alu first, I was not realy intended to buy this record. At first it sounded a little to much "kitch". But now I must admid that this is more a masterpeace then her wellknown classic. For those who have both records,... See full review
People Of Cactus - Traky
posted a review of People Of Cactus - Traky. over 15 years ago
This is one of those records where there is more then one feeling inside. Although 'People of Cactus' is a new name, the name itself referes to older releases of Diki Records. So those who like retrosounds will discover that sound of an 909... See full review
Zolex Presents Wave II - Poison
posted a review of Zolex Presents Wave II - Poison. over 15 years ago
When I was doing an interview with the Dirty Jackers, Frank Zolex explained me his all time favorite classics. One of them was The Weathermen's Poison. Therefore they took that track trough the mixer. It is more then a remix, it has become a new... See full review
U.N.A. - Can You Hear Me
posted a review of U.N.A. - Can You Hear Me. over 16 years ago
This is one of those classic tracks I have always in my case. The A-side is just a regular trance track. Good, better then most tracks in that period, but if we have to mension something... The B-side is realy top of the bill. This track is smooth and... See full review