My current favorite genres are experimental, ambient and noise (as well as some punk.) I used to be super into ultra-fast stuff like grindcore, but not so much anymore.

My current favorite music, in no particular order (note that this doesn't necessarily mean I love all of their albums):
Weird Al Yankovic, Boards of Canada, Radiohead, Deerhoof, Bad Religion, A Place To Bury Strangers, The Glitch Mob, Lightning Bolt, White Suns, Yamantaka // Sonic Titan, The Stargazer Lilies, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Yellow Swans, My Bloody Valentine, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Air, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Mono, Youth Lagoon, Ramones, Circle Jerks, AFI (late 90s-early 2000s), Melt-Banana, Drunkdriver, Coachwhips, Fuck Buttons, Prurient, Black Dice, Animal Collective, Panda Bear, etc.
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Oh man, what an electrifying experience - I could barely hear them over the deafening din of the perpetually-screaming crowd, but they played all their hits and some surprising deep cuts. Walmart Associate Choir moshpits are truly the stuff of... See full review
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It breaks my heart to have to say this, but... it was a typical balmy summer evening, sitting in my Porsche 911 while waiting to pick up a Baconator and chocolate Frosty. As usual, I was listening to this CD and paused my rocking-out to read the... See full review
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PRAYING that this gets the vinyl treatment someday - the masterful cover artwork alone is suitable for framing!
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According to the liner notes of his Squeeze Box compilation, Al tried to get the rights to include "Polkamon" on the Medium Rarities disc but couldn't get permission. Maybe Atlantic Records is still mad over the "You're Pitiful" fiasco, in which they... See full review
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I wonder if anyone has been able to find any copies of this CD when it was under the "Punk" moniker before it got more accurately re-branded. Since it was advertised on TV, I assume that some copies must exist somewhere.
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Thanks for the heads-up - I just received my copy from the webstore, and it matches this runout info too (however, it also has a digital download coupon, so it must be a recent repress.)
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Yes, and Al got turned down because Cougar was afraid of a parody "mucking up" a potential deal to make a "Jack & Diane" movie:
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I read that Tiny Tim tried to sue them but dropped the case when he realized they had no money.
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Well, I do like the music... apparently their frontman Mick Collins is a furry, which explains how the artwork came to be. I can only imagine how wacky/disturbing it must have been seeing this cover art in a record store in 1998 - it's certainly... See full review
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Back when the Decemberunderground CD was first available for preorder on, they hyped a special "mystery item" that would come as a bonus... and it was this.
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Just finished listening to all five vinyl reissues, and I'm really pleased - great pressings for fair prices (I'd gladly have paid twice as much for this quality, so I do feel kinda spoiled.) Takes me right back to my days as an introverted high... See full review
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They're an easy target: a well-established rock band that plays formulaic, radio-safe songs about drinking, drugs and sex. Bashing them has become a way of saying "hey everyone, I need to emphasize my complex and sophisticated musical tastes by... See full review
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I got this brand new at f.y.e. yesterday - I didn't know they carried bootlegs. The picture quality is unacceptable for a DVD: it's grainy and washed out, looking like a home VHS taping of a TV broadcast (complete with a watermark perpetually in the... See full review
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The cover image is an 1885 painting by Ilya Repin, showing the aftermath of Ivan the Terrible killing his son on November 16, 1581.
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This might just be the first CD I ever bought - it may be cheesy, but it makes me feel like a hopeful ten-year-old again, and I love it to death. I'm praying it'll get a vinyl release someday.
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I really wish the classic THPS soundtracks would have gotten proper releases. Still scratching my head over what they were thinking with this "music from and inspired by" the game (as in two songs featured in the game and eleven from who knows where?)
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If there exists a record more deserving of the deluxe 180-gram audiophile vinyl treatment someday, then I haven't found it.
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Hope it gets a vinyl release someday - lots of cool bands here.
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Thank you, Mr. Yankovic - I had no idea you were into noise! Frankly, I believe the world is ready for the... Merzpolka!
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The original image for the cover art can be seen in the 1989 Reader's Digest book "Great Disasters", showing the aftermath of a tornado that struck Xenia, Ohio in 1974.
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They're different versions, but not all that different. It's cool to hear less-studio-refined versions of those I guess, but when they were described as "two previously unreleased recordings", I was hoping they'd be actual new songs. The metal cover... See full review
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From Weird Al's "Rare Items" archive:

"This is the only authorized extended mix of an Al song that wasn't issued by his label. It's an odd choice for a dance mix since it's a ballad, but with loops and samples, it's even more twisted than Al's... See full review
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meecrob87 Needs a LP release! i'll second that

I'll third that! The album's Wikipedia page mentions "vinyl pressings", but I have yet to see even a picture of one. My inner eight-year-old self is yearning for it!
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If this is really going to be Weird Al's last traditional album, it's a great one to go out on. There's much better variety than Alpocalypse, without any truly skippable songs in the bunch. My favorite original is "My Own Eyes" (an exhilarating,... See full review
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I picked this record up out of sheer curiosity, not sure what to expect, and wouldn't you know it: I just can't get enough of it. It's sloppy, drunk, playful, feel-good lo-fi rock with the instruments (guitar, bass, organ, tambourine, etc.) somehow... See full review
posted a review of Daniel Ingram - My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic - Magical Friendship Tour. over 5 years ago
Even though this release was kinda pricey, it's still a nice mix of songs with great artwork (which looks especially cool spinning.) My favorite tracks are "The Flim Flam Cider Song", "Raise This Barn" and "At The Gala" (as well as each variant's two... See full review
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