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posted a comment on Lutto Lento - FTD001. 4 months ago
Incredible record that doesn't nearly get the attention it deserves imo.
With his keen sense for odd percussion and even odder sampling of documentaries, interviews and the like, Lutto Lento, especially on this EP, makes track that cling to you in ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Napoli Segreta Volume 1. 9 months ago
Anyone else got this postcard-like coupon with their release?
It's worth 10 000 lires (around 5 euros) for da Mimi alla Ferrovia, a real-life diner right next to Piazza Garibaldi in Napoli. Valid until the end of 3000. Will check if this is for real ... See full review
posted a comment on The Pilotwings - Pour Faire Pleurer Les Chômeurs. about 1 year ago
Got turned onto Massilia Attack via Beesmunt Soundsystem's RLR show, already such an iconic track that could as well have been made 20 years ago, in a good way.
All other tracks serve a nice purpose as well, but A1 is the one for me atm. Such a dreamer ... See full review
posted a comment on Your Planet Is Next - Down EP. about 1 year ago
Thunderdome is gorgeously off-kilter, loving the squirming acid lines!
All the others will definitely get a spin as well, but especially that one, hot damn.
posted a comment on Arthur Miles (3) - Night Flight. about 1 year ago
Night Flight is an incredible trip, as real as it gets. Others are gold as well.
posted a comment on Automatic Tasty - A World Of Moving And Connected Parts. about 1 year ago
Magnificent fragments of sonic dreams. All quirky but honest to god tracks that make you smile and dance at the same time. Golden combination.
posted a comment on Doc Daneeka - Walk.Man Vol 3. about 1 year ago
Better Dayz is stellar in every way. Soulful piano in a hypnotizing loop, a breakdown that drives you crazy and then hits you right in the gut. Nothing too complicated, but does the trick so wonderfully. Stay Away From Music is ok I guess, might revisit ... See full review