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I'm selling a lot of records that are in my collection.
Feel free to contact me if you're willing to buy a record that is not in my saleslist.
We can always negotiate.

I also buy records.

Frank Bauduin started his DJ career as "Peak" in 1988 at a youth hostel in Germany were he played on several occasions. Back then he was interested in the upcoming New Beat & the old electronic New Wave school, especially by artists like Front 242, Fad Gadget & The Neon Judgment. He later on moved to Ostend / Belgium where he played at several house parties in small local clubs on a regular base. After a period of 4 years, playing the more commercial anthems & seeing that commercialism was taking over, he decided to take a break from the DJ-ing scene. He picked up DJ'ing again in 1995 & started to play techno. From then on his DJ-career got a boost. He started in organizing local Techno-parties and invited the more ‘known’ DJ’s in the Belgian Techno scene. Since then he has been booked on several occasions both within Belgium as abroad. He shared turntables with DJ’s as ; Carl Cox, Claude Young, Umek, Ben Sims, Jay Denham, Cari Lekebusch, Speedy J., Gaetano Parisio, James Ruskin, Rino Cerrone, Danilo Vigorito, Woody McBride, Adam Jay, Henrik B, Damon Wild, W.J. Henze, Stanny Franssen, Dean Rodell, Sheela, Patrik Skoog, Marco Bailey, Redhead & many others.
In February 2002 he started a concept of his own. Phuzionz was born.
The idea was to get 2 styles in 2 rooms at 1 location. Phuzionz seemed to be the logical concept name, the styles he combined were Techno & Drum ‘n’ Bass. Under the motto ; ‘2 stylez, 2 roomz, 1 location’ he organised this project completely by himself. The next Logical thing to do was to produce some own tracks, therefore he teamed up with Radical G.
They released on Dedkob, Subsounds, Kroma & last but not least GENETIC.
Peak played @ I LOVE TECHNO – 2004 for Studio Brussels ‘Switch – discover the DJ’. How better to top off the year than playing @ one of Europe’s biggest indoor techno festival. Since 2007 he got more interested in the minimal stream and is working on releases.

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DJ Rush - Mind Games EP
posted a review of DJ Rush - Mind Games EP. about 1 year ago
One can only agree on the previous comments posted. This is indeed the best piece of his entire oeuvre he ever delivered. Why he changed it to pounding mindless snare & bass tracks is probably due to the setting & scene at the time. Schranzerei was... See full review
DIMA - Sounds Of Life
posted a comment on DIMA - Sounds Of Life. over 3 years ago
I have to say that 'Washing Machine' clearly got his roots from Drax' 'Amphetamine' .....
Neil Landstrumm - Bedrooms And Cities
posted a comment on Neil Landstrumm - Bedrooms And Cities. over 4 years ago
How shortsighted can one be ?! Not only that, you really need to call out other People for their taste and as soon a point is made you get downright insulting. On topic, you're seriously mistaking. This is nothing short of visionary techno / music.... See full review
The Chemical Brothers - Dig Your Own Hole
posted a comment on The Chemical Brothers - Dig Your Own Hole. over 4 years ago
Holy crap. Got this one from a FB page. "It doesn't matter" DOES matter. I've never been a fan of the CB but this track is massive. I guess it's all about taste so for my taste this is an Absolute banger !!!
Miss Dinky* - Nostalgia EP
submitted Miss Dinky* - Nostalgia EP . over 5 years ago
Frank Bauduin - Beneath The Surface EP
submitted Frank Bauduin - Beneath The Surface EP. over 9 years ago
W. Jörg Henze* - Extended Range
submitted W. Jörg Henze* - Extended Range. over 9 years ago
Various - Is This Techno? Vol. 7
submitted Various - Is This Techno? Vol. 7. over 10 years ago
Various - Confronted Part 5
submitted Various - Confronted Part 5. over 10 years ago
Various - Technorama 6.0
submitted Various - Technorama 6.0. over 10 years ago
Dubbler - Ciggy Tardust / Elementz
submitted Dubbler - Ciggy Tardust / Elementz. over 10 years ago
Dubbler - Psikopath EP
submitted Dubbler - Psikopath EP. over 10 years ago
Dubbler - Ciggy Tardust EP
submitted Dubbler - Ciggy Tardust EP. over 10 years ago
Lycs - Twisted Dripp
submitted Lycs - Twisted Dripp. over 10 years ago
Nico Dacido* - Loverboy EP
submitted Nico Dacido* - Loverboy EP. over 10 years ago
Twist3d - Anonymous
submitted Twist3d - Anonymous. over 10 years ago
submitted Umek / Ignition Technician - Voodoo 3. over 11 years ago
Marco Bailey - Weird Science EP
submitted Marco Bailey - Weird Science EP. over 11 years ago
submitted Electric Envoy - Caterpillar. over 11 years ago
submitted DJ Edison - Flight Case. over 11 years ago
Various - The Third Porn Cut
submitted Various - The Third Porn Cut. over 11 years ago
submitted Various - Voices Vol. 2. over 11 years ago
MRI - Weakend Polka
submitted MRI - Weakend Polka. over 11 years ago
Function / Sandwell District - Feed Forward Versions (Part 2)
submitted Function / Sandwell District - Feed Forward Versions (Part 2). over 11 years ago
submitted Albert Van Abbe - No Comment_0002. over 11 years ago
submitted Dimi Angélis & Jeroen Search - A&s005. over 11 years ago
submitted Sascha Rydell - Marmonner. over 11 years ago
Newtonn - A Club In Zurich
submitted Newtonn - A Club In Zurich. over 11 years ago
Dubbler - Merkurial EP
submitted Dubbler - Merkurial EP. over 11 years ago
Dubbler - Bassement EP
submitted Dubbler - Bassement EP. over 11 years ago
Dubbler - Popcorn EP
submitted Dubbler - Popcorn EP. over 11 years ago
Dubbler - Panash EP
submitted Dubbler - Panash EP. over 11 years ago
Dubbler - Kollide EP
submitted Dubbler - Kollide EP. over 11 years ago
Various - Momentaufnahmen Vol. 2
submitted Various - Momentaufnahmen Vol. 2. over 11 years ago
Dubbler - Kollide EP
submitted Dubbler - Kollide EP. over 11 years ago
Dubbler - Popcorn EP
submitted Dubbler - Popcorn EP. over 12 years ago
Dubbler - Panash EP
submitted Dubbler - Panash EP. over 12 years ago
Marco Shuttle - The Horror
posted a review of Marco Shuttle - The Horror. over 14 years ago
The voice used in this eerie & spooky track (The Horror) comes from none other than Marlon Brando aka Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse now.
"....Horror. Horror has a face...And you must make a friend of horror. Horror and moral terror are your friends. If... See full review
Mat Nordstrom* - Lucky Drawls
posted a review of Mat Nordstrom* - Lucky Drawls. over 16 years ago
Well this is what I call a powerfull release. Supreme build, no fuzz, just a solid vibe and damn that drum vibrates through the room. In the likes of recent dubfire releases and an absolute killer in my opinion.Perfectly suited for mixing purposes and... See full review
Ricardo Villalobos - Sei Es Drum
posted a review of Ricardo Villalobos - Sei Es Drum. over 16 years ago
Well, there's a lot of pro & contra goin' on for this release.
I have to put myself in the pro corner on this one. I've always liked Villalobos' reduced minimal tracks he's released over the years. I'm not equally excited about all tracks on this... See full review
posted a review of Flug - Burning Brains. over 16 years ago
The title track of this release is by far one of the most exciting tracks I've played over the last year.
This could have easily been released on M_nus and would have been charted like crazy !!!
Excellent bleepy minimal track supported by a badass... See full review
Marc Houle - Techno Vocals
posted a review of Marc Houle - Techno Vocals. over 17 years ago
Whilst normaly anxiously awaiting a new M_nus release, sniffing the brand new vinyl, having this uncontrolable hunger to penetrate the grooves with a record needle and letting the speakers blow the awesome power of the Minimal side through the roof I... See full review
Lomidhigh Lmtd.
posted a review of Lomidhigh Lmtd.. over 17 years ago
Awesome label and awesome releases.
Tight grooving minimal stuff that get's played in each and every set I've done till now & it sure differs a lot from what M_nus releases, but in my opinion, this label can have a shot at being the best label for... See full review
Mike Shannon - Tactile Green EP
posted a review of Mike Shannon - Tactile Green EP. over 17 years ago
3rd in the 'Tactile' color EP series and the best one imo.
'Quetschkommode' is such a groovylicious track it's hard to stand still when playing it.
Deep groove, happy melody and yet powerfull enough to hype the crowd.
I preffer the B-side on... See full review
Syncom Data - Beyond The Stars (Speedy J Remix)
posted a review of Syncom Data - Beyond The Stars (Speedy J Remix). over 17 years ago
Jochem has delivered a well build minimal melodic and deep track.
We had to wait quite a long time to hear something from Speedy again.
Off course it's very recognizable as being a 'Speedy J' production but hey, isn't that the point of... See full review
Convextion - Miranda Remixes
posted a review of Convextion - Miranda Remixes. over 17 years ago
Hyped, hyped, hyped and ....... overhyped !!!
I must say that the anticipation nearly killed me with overjoy to come to the final conclusion that MATRIX deliver an overprized special edition deluxe 2 x 12" pack.

The only track worth mentioning on... See full review
The Advent - Light Years Away
posted a review of The Advent - Light Years Away. over 17 years ago
The cover design on this release is interesting imo.
As you can see, there's a naked man & woman on the cover.

This drawing comes from a gold plated aluminum plate sent of in outer space back in 1972 with the Pioneer 10.
Pioneer 10 was launched... See full review
JPLS - Program
posted a review of JPLS - Program. over 17 years ago
Strange that this release gets a so low rating.
This is a solid release in my opinion, especially when you are mixing this as a sub layer into other minimal tracks.
Reminds me a bit of Concept.
All three tracks are playable to spice up your set and... See full review
Concept 1 - 01:96 - 12:96
posted a review of Concept 1 - 01:96 - 12:96. over 17 years ago
This is a timeless piece of work left for all generations who are into electronic music and care to listen to the uniqueness and cleverness of this minimal artwork.
Copied many times, never equaled.
From the 1st record in this set on, Richie takes... See full review
K* - Weichteil Dadaismus
posted a review of K* - Weichteil Dadaismus. over 17 years ago
Goin' out on a limb here but I must say that this record resembles a lot Troy Pierces "25 Bitches - Gaisers Scatter Mix".
I'm talking about the picture side of this record where the guy is holding his dick in his hand. ;-)
Since K. Weichteil is a... See full review