Uplifting Dance Music DJ from London (Trance/House/Psy-Trance and various other genres).
You can download mixes of mine from my Soundcloud (see link above).

A few tracks in my collection are for sale, and I'm slowly getting round to listing them all. If you want a track that's not for sale, there's no harm in asking, but please make an offer in the first email.

If you have an item in my wants list for sale, feel free to contact me.

Please note however, that I will not convert any of my records to mp3, so please don't ask and if you do, don't expect a response.
Recent Activity
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Nukleuz's DJ Nation became the first vinyl-only single release to break into the UK Top 40 for over a decade. You could say they cheated by using a small filler track as the main single with the 'proper' tracks featuring alongside it on each of the 3... See full review