Fan of italodance, eurodance, slowstyle / lento violento and similar related genres.

I am a lossless file collector. All releases in my Collection are in lossless format (FLAC = WAV) from original CD / Vinyl / DAT / WEB source.

I own all the releases that I have submitted (Contributed) on Discogs, even if they are not marked as being in my Collection (except those in my Wantlist -- those I have in MP3 format, but want to upgrade them eventually).

FLAC is a lossless music file format. It is essentially the same as WAV (original CD quality). You can think of FLAC like a ZIP or RAR, but for music WAV files. If you want to get the original WAV file back, simply "un-FLAC" the FLAC file. You can do that with "FLAC frontend" or some other similar program. Quality of FLAC and WAV files is the same! FLAC also supports tagging (entering artist & title & other information) while WAV generally does not support that. Some links for further reading: and

Have you ever wondered which of the releases in your Wanted list are in some other user's Collection? Currently Discogs doesn't show this, but there is a website where you can create an "Intersection" of releases which are in your Wantlist and in another user's Collection so you can quickly see which releases the user has that you want. Visit Ogger Club and just log-in with your existing Discogs account credentials.

Digital downloadable lossless (WAV / FLAC / ...) releases by some labels are NOT lossless. These labels sent lossy WAVs (converted from MP3) to web-shops, so you have to be very careful when you buy any release from them and always check your downloaded files with a spectrum analysis tool like "Spek". If you bought such a file, contact the web-shop and demand a refund.

Some labels selling fake / lossy WAV & FLAC files on web-shops are:

24 Records (releases with MIE catalog codes)
Amd Records
Andorfine Records (some releases are lossy)
AR2 Italy
Believe Digital (some DIY releases)
BIT Records (2018 and later releases may be OK)
Black Sun
Bloom Records
Bull & Butcher
CAPP Records Inc.
Carrera Belgium / Spider Music
Clorophilla Records
Clubland Records
D:Vision (releases with MIE catalog codes)
Da Crime
Diamond Records
Disco Galaxy Germany
DIY (Do It Yourself) and its sublabels (Major Records, Liquid Sound, Nitelite, D-Lite Records, ...) (releases with MIE catalog codes)
DV Factory
Expanded Music
Flying Records (releases with MIE catalog codes)
G Records
Gothic Records Limited
MIE (Made In Etaly) / etaly
Move Rec
Nocolors / No Colors
Nova 017 Ltd (some releases are lossy)
Ocean Trax (releases with MIE catalog codes)
OT Records
Propio / Propio International
Smily Records
Sounds Good
Sunflower Records
Taxi / Taxi Company
Tunnel Records / Push Up Records
Vicious Circle Recordings (some / older releases)
Wanchu Music
White Horse
X-Energy Records (releases with MIE catalog codes)
Zafret Sound Production

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Action Description
Various - Blue Mega Disco
submitted Various - Blue Mega Disco. about 1 month ago
HD Substance - Porno Tunes
submitted HD Substance - Porno Tunes. about 1 month ago
Pacific Link - If Only You
submitted Pacific Link - If Only You. about 1 month ago
La Suite - Violet Love
submitted La Suite - Violet Love. about 1 month ago
Yoba - Endless Love
submitted Yoba - Endless Love. about 1 month ago
Fairy Dreamer - Princess Of The Rising Sun
posted a review of Fairy Dreamer - Princess Of The Rising Sun. about 1 month ago
Same song as "Deva Epica - A True Miracles" (from the album "Message From The Soul").
Fairy Dreamer - Princess Of The Rising Sun
submitted Fairy Dreamer - Princess Of The Rising Sun. about 1 month ago
Amphozen - Freeland
submitted Amphozen - Freeland. about 1 month ago
Sub Urban (3) - Cradles
submitted Sub Urban (3) - Cradles. 2 months ago
Rnbstylerz - Like Wooh Wooh
submitted Rnbstylerz - Like Wooh Wooh. 4 months ago
Tipsy & Tipsy - Down Down Down
submitted Tipsy & Tipsy - Down Down Down. 5 months ago
Orlando (3) - Memories Of You
submitted Orlando (3) - Memories Of You. 5 months ago
DJ Moonraker (2) - Bad
submitted DJ Moonraker (2) - Bad. 5 months ago
Radiorama - You Are Always On My Mind
submitted Radiorama - You Are Always On My Mind. 5 months ago
Bunker Bross - Deutschland Gegen Deutschland / N.V.F.
submitted Bunker Bross - Deutschland Gegen Deutschland / N.V.F.. 5 months ago
Ken Martin - Hurri Hurricane
submitted Ken Martin - Hurri Hurricane. 5 months ago
Mark Farina (2) - New Cha Cha
submitted Mark Farina (2) - New Cha Cha. 5 months ago
Milk & Coffea* - Don't Stop Living
submitted Milk & Coffea* - Don't Stop Living. 5 months ago
Mr. Bean - Wild Man
submitted Mr. Bean - Wild Man. 5 months ago
Rage (3) - Rage E.P.
submitted Rage (3) - Rage E.P.. 5 months ago
JHWH - Quintessence
submitted JHWH - Quintessence. 5 months ago
Virtual Force - Giovio
submitted Virtual Force - Giovio. 5 months ago
Venux - Rock The House
submitted Venux - Rock The House. 5 months ago
Tuneboy - Mistral
submitted Tuneboy - Mistral. 5 months ago
Traum - Shining Star
submitted Traum - Shining Star. 5 months ago
Traum - Mirage Experience
submitted Traum - Mirage Experience. 5 months ago
Thyra - Destiny
submitted Thyra - Destiny. 5 months ago
The Model (5) - Blue Tunnel
submitted The Model (5) - Blue Tunnel. 5 months ago
Tha Nookie - Square Dance
submitted Tha Nookie - Square Dance. 5 months ago
Tha Nookie - Earthquake
submitted Tha Nookie - Earthquake. 5 months ago
Zed 1 - Research Of Sound
submitted Zed 1 - Research Of Sound. 5 months ago
Surface 3 - Music Hypnotized
submitted Surface 3 - Music Hypnotized. 5 months ago
Super F.* - Serenity
submitted Super F.* - Serenity. 5 months ago
Star Alliance (2) - Total Presence
submitted Star Alliance (2) - Total Presence. 5 months ago
Star Alliance (2) - Optio
submitted Star Alliance (2) - Optio. 5 months ago
Star Alliance (2) - Myst
submitted Star Alliance (2) - Myst. 5 months ago
Dyno - Trip To Neverland
submitted Dyno - Trip To Neverland. 5 months ago
Star Alliance (2) - No Expression
submitted Star Alliance (2) - No Expression. 5 months ago
Stonehenge (2) - Another Day
submitted Stonehenge (2) - Another Day. 5 months ago
Star Alliance (2) - Morning Sun
submitted Star Alliance (2) - Morning Sun. 5 months ago
Star Alliance (2) - Ground Zero
submitted Star Alliance (2) - Ground Zero. 5 months ago
Spacebar (2) - Virtual
submitted Spacebar (2) - Virtual. 5 months ago
Sensoria* - Stop The War
submitted Sensoria* - Stop The War. 5 months ago
Seaquake - Apple Pie
submitted Seaquake - Apple Pie. 5 months ago
Red Led - Who Loves Me?
submitted Red Led - Who Loves Me?. 5 months ago
Rave-O-Loom - Wasting Time
submitted Rave-O-Loom - Wasting Time. 5 months ago
Rave-O-Loom - Noom Time E.P.
submitted Rave-O-Loom - Noom Time E.P.. 5 months ago
Q Zar* - Vibration
submitted Q Zar* - Vibration. 5 months ago
Q Zar* - Maori Fight
submitted Q Zar* - Maori Fight. 5 months ago
Panama - Restless Dream
submitted Panama - Restless Dream. 5 months ago