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posted a comment on Carnivore - Carnivore. 2 months ago
On mine the last part of the etching on side A looks more like "...h.s. B", not "...h.c. B"
posted a comment on Sepultura - Chaos A.D.. 3 months ago
I am pretty sure that, both listed Matrix / Runout variations in reality are identical and that in variation 1
only the etched "A" on both sides was overlooked (which happens quite easily and often).
posted a comment on Major Problem - Love Parasite. 3 months ago
Amazing how many misprinted ("recycled") sleeves obviously exist for such a release.
submitted Major Problem - Love Parasite. 3 months ago
posted a comment on Dirty Mind - What Time Is It. 3 months ago
Sampled a part of the "Rose gets it" track from the "INFERNO" (one of Dario Argento's masterpieces) Soundtrack.

posted a comment on Deskee - Let There Be House. 4 months ago
The "Raw Mix" does. So the answer is yes.
posted a comment on Soul II Soul - Back To Life (Club Mix). 4 months ago
This is interesting, as mine is different too, but i has the "II" (after "...2/6 89") on side 1.
posted a comment on Planet Patrol - Play At Your Own Risk. 4 months ago
As aforementioned, it's NOT a sample in this track, so actually there is no need for a further search ;)
It wasn't even common back then (we are talking about 1982!) to use samples from other artists/records.
posted a comment on Program 2 - EP From Hell. 4 months ago
Next try ;) This one is very close to your description:
SHADES OF RHYTHM – 666 - The no. of the bass
posted a comment on M♦D♦Emm* - Get Down. 4 months ago
Just for the record: not every copy has a sticker on the sleeve. Mine for example doesn't.
posted a comment on Ursula Hybsch - Orgasm. 4 months ago
Yes, that is correct.
Deep Red, The Hatchet Murders...
posted a comment on M.T.R. - The Walk. 4 months ago
In my opinion, one of the biggest instrumental Club/House (with a touch of Hi-NRG and Freestyle) hymns of 1986.
The atmosphere is between melancholic/dark and very uplifting, including a funky bassline and an incredibly catchy melody that sticks in... See full review
posted a comment on Oricom* - The Intersonic E.P.. 5 months ago
The B-side tracks were played regularly at early Goa parties and it still makes sense today.
posted a comment on Teknobit - Join The Mix. 5 months ago
Heavily "inspired" by MIX MASTERS - In the mix, which was released in 1990.
posted a comment on Gherkin Jerks - Stomp The Beat. 5 months ago
...Or is it a track that sampled a portion...

Could be THE MD CONNECTION - THE M RULES from 1989.
posted a comment on The MD Connection - Tracks That Move Ya Again (Part I + Part II). 5 months ago
Mine (bought new in shop back then) came in a plain white/eggshell 12" cover.
Fantastic futuristic, raw tracks fitting perfectly between (Acid)House and Techno.
posted a comment on Psychic Flush - Boomerang. 7 months ago
It sounds like he has sampled parts of the beginning of TALK TALK's "Such a shame"
for the track "Body Tranze".
posted a comment on Chase Events - Pick Up The Pieces / Enouch. 8 months ago
The rapper on side A sounds like MC Merlin, best known for his works with Bomb The Bass, Beatmasters, etc.
posted a comment on Lady M (5) - Love At First Sight. 8 months ago
I really don't know why I was going to search for my Miami Sound Machine - Conga 12",
when listening to this track...
posted a comment on The Rhythm Masters With Ray Laurie* - Our Ultimate Groove Trax (Volume Two). 8 months ago
But that's not the idea behind such records. Create something out of it.
posted a comment on Various - Bachelor Dance Party Volume One. 8 months ago
Music has changed the lives of many people around the globe!
posted a comment on Kool G Rap & DJ Polo* - Road To The Riches. 8 months ago
Mine is this variation:
Matrix / Runout (Runout variant side A etched): 1-25820-A-SR2 1-1 F/W CSB♪♪
Matrix / Runout (Runout variant side B etched): 1-25820-B-SR2 1-3 F/W CSB♪♪

but there is NO "EAST" embossment on the label..
posted a comment on De La Soul - 3 Feet High And Rising. 8 months ago
I can also confirm, that "Potholes in..." is the last track and therefore differing from the tracklist on the cover and labels.
posted a comment on De La Soul - 3 Feet High And Rising. 8 months ago
I assume, that there is no difference regarding the Matrix /Runout.
It's probably just because it's very hard to spot and also hard to read.
Mine for example would be "variant 2" and on side B it's nearly impossible to see and after finding it,
to... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Fierce Dance Cuts. 8 months ago
This release is a bit confusing, because the cover (artwork) mostly is identical to
except for the track list (three tracks are the same, two are taken from "Fierce Dance... See full review
posted a comment on Hex (4) - Tricky Jazz. 8 months ago
The same goes for the track "Exsume (Bonus Dub)", which is called "Exhume" on
posted a comment on The Stop The Violence Movement - Self Destruction. 8 months ago
Yes, definitely it was not released before 1989.
The labels read 1988, but the cover says 1989.

Perhaps it was planned to be released in 1988, but then postponed,
because they still tried to persuade MC Lyte to wear a hat or a cap.
posted a comment on Bob-A-Rela - Spend The Night / Stop. 8 months ago
That's a cover version of this italian song "Un uomo che ti ama", which is on this album from 1976:
posted a comment on Lake Eerie - Sex 4 Daze (I Want It, You Can Get It). 9 months ago
One of the most entertaining descriptions (esp. regarding the pressing) I have read recently, and so true :)
Thank you for that!
posted a comment on The Dead Kirks* - Mr. Kirk, Your Son Is Dead. 9 months ago
Eeeh, what? Where?
And why at least 10 wrds, I mean words?
posted a comment on Lake Eerie - Sex 4 Daze (I Want It, You Can Get It). 9 months ago
To be more precise: It's sampled from the track "Oochy coochy".
The other acid line appearing every now and then is from "Heat it up" by Wee Papa Girl Rappers (Kevin Saunderson remix)
and I am pretty sure that the "hectic female voice" in most of the... See full review
posted a comment on Second Chance - Hard Up. 9 months ago

...'maybe' Frank was offering this to you again, as a 'Second Chance' to pick up the classic 'Hard Up', before it gets deleted yet again...

Compare both cover artworks ;)
posted a comment on Program 2 - EP From Hell. 9 months ago
It's "probably" not the track either you're looking for, but this one came to my mind, when reading your request:
Both mixes of "666" (Damion's + Satanic Verse)... See full review
posted a comment on Charly Lownoise - Gang Bang. 9 months ago
4,5 stars for the all time (Hardcore Techno) party classic "I miss Jimi".
Nice, memorable "guitar" melody, distorted bass drum, metallic handclap, driving hi-hat,
some breakbeat and the famous sample of "The grunt" by The J.B.'s. Kick it!

The other... See full review
posted a comment on Drax - Drax Three. 9 months ago
H-00047 is basically a remix imho of "Vortex" by Final Exposure (Richie Hawtin+Joey Beltram +Mundo Muzique):

Hehehe, somehow that might come to one's mind, but actually... See full review
posted a comment on Drax - Drax One. 9 months ago
Yes, you are right. I checked the 12" today.
It's definitely 6:14, therefore I changed it in the tracklist info.
posted a comment on Drax - Drax One. 9 months ago
This record was meant to be played at 33 rpm.
posted a comment on Acid Scout - Balance. 9 months ago
"Balance" is a killer track and all time classic by one of the top notch producers from Germany,
who always kept a special "live feeling" to his productions, without sounding unstructured.

"Balance" has so much energy combined with a trancey... See full review
posted a review of Hardfloor - Acperience - The Mixes. 9 months ago
Of course, basically there is no need for remixes of timeless classics such as "Acperience 1",
but nevertheless SECRET KNOWLEDGE managed to add some extra drive (e.g. higher tempo
and even a little breakbeat), which made it playable in a more... See full review
posted a comment on The Mover - Final Sickness (Remastered 2017). 9 months ago
I am still waiting for extended versions instead of the radio edits of those tracks, goddammit!
posted a comment on Various - Det Är Grymt I Norr (Swedish Synthetic Darkness). 9 months ago
5 stars for the Person:A Remix (although it's too short), making the original track
much more emotional and was the reason for buying this album.
The rest of the tracks is between 3 - 4 for me.
posted a comment on Global (5) / Humanoid - R.A.V.E. / Humanoid. 9 months ago
I purchased this record, because someone wrote in the info (now corrected),
that on side B there would be the Smart Systems Remix of "Stakker humanoid",
which unfortunately is not true.
In reality it's the original version of Humanoid - "Stakker... See full review
posted a comment on Nymphomania Featuring Monique S. - I Want Your Body. 9 months ago
Monique S. became very famous being part of the Family TV show "Tutti Frutti".
posted a comment on Switzerland - Inflight (The Correct Use Of Dope). 9 months ago
No, the sample info refers to the "cowbell" sounds at the beginning and the end of the track.
Regarding the vocals - they sound familiar, but I can't remember where I know them from. Maybe from this track...
posted a comment on Killersound - Dead By Dawn EP. 9 months ago
You're welcome!
There are just too many melodies and sounds to remember and some info we rather delete to stay focussed.
You are right, there were some interesting "experimental" tracks of him earlier, but not that "recognizable" ;)
posted a comment on Killersound - Dead By Dawn EP. 9 months ago
Are you referring to "Wider nation"? If yes, then it's Jan Hammer - Crockett's Theme.
posted a comment on I.C.3. - It Ain't That Yall. 9 months ago
MC Duke and "his" DJ Leader 1 are behind this project.
posted a comment on Turbulence - Whurlwind / Whurlstorm. 9 months ago
Oh, great, just a "couple of decades" later I realised that the voice on the "Whurlstorm" version saying "Yeah" + "Whirlstorm" was sampled from the 1991 track "The Voice Of Rave" and actually says
"Yeah, DON'T STOP...". Brilliant!
posted a comment on Cosmo Crew - Show No Shame. 9 months ago
Quite obviously a rip off (without "showing any shame") of Digital Orgasm's "Moog eruption",
adding some own ideas/sounds. This time no production team from Italy ;)
posted a comment on Johnny Fiasco - NRG 2 Burn EP Vol. 2. 10 months ago
The bassline on "Acid Wunder" is heavily "inspired" by Farley Jackmaster Funk's track "Acid Trip" from 1988. Never knew what to think of such "remakes"/"re-edits".