Collected records since mid 80's. Started as a DJ on university radio in 1987 playing underground electronic music. In 1989 started a new radio show playing what techno records I could get my hands on. First regular club gig began in 1991. Continued spinning at clubs and raves up until 2000 or so. Now mostly teach philosophy, political theory and study the history of music...
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posted a comment on Ansome - Hounds Of The Harbour. 11 days ago
Max heavy madness, pneumatic pumper pounders, cave dwelling beast growlers, crusty rusty anvil armies amply armed, here it comes...
posted a comment on Guns N' Bombs - Nothing Is Getting Us Anywhere. 12 days ago
Just randomly dug out my old vinyl copy and thought, Why not review some old forgotten tracks? These are fantastic tracks. I love this grindy noisy style. Two growling beasts of tunes. Like giant mining drills for the dancefloor. Someday this style will ... See full review
posted a comment on Mark Picchiotti - Pump The Boogie. about 1 month ago
So many absolutely fabulous bass-lines and delicious funky bits wasted on so little of musical value.
posted a comment on P.E.A.R.L. - Life Of Pleasures EP . about 1 month ago
Some minimal dark pounders. But you know, I can program a drum machine too.
posted a comment on Kölsch - Shoulder Of Giants. 2 months ago
Classic Kölsch, simple but appealing forms repeated for most of track; melodic minimalism. Shoulder Of Giants is nice, but more interesting here is Glypho. It uses an unusual sample and is darker than most of what I have heard from them. The sample does ... See full review
posted a comment on Tornado Wallace - Midnight Mania. 2 months ago
Love that this has a bit of its own unique vibe, and that it's consistent over EP. Has an over-ripe hothouse smell about it. Dense tribal percussion, with some garishly coloured petals of melody amoung the thorns. A rich overwhelming odor prevails, ... See full review
posted a comment on Michael Mayer - Higher. 3 months ago
Ah finally, after listening to about 100 house tracks over the last little while and wondering how anyone can get worked up about another deep/tech house track that sounds only one tiny grain of sand different from the last 10,000 that have been ... See full review
posted a comment on Tallis* - The Choir Of King's College Cambridge*, David Willcocks - Tudor Church Music Record II (Including The Lamentations). 3 months ago
As suggested by the title "Lamentations", this is a darkly sombre example of late renaissance choral music. More emotional than much of the other earlier - certainly beautiful but somewhat static - choral music that had come before. A masterpiece of ... See full review
posted a comment on Tornado Wallace - Lonely Planet . 3 months ago
Really? I love this, nicely done. I love conceptual stuff like that.
posted a comment on Thorsteinssøn - AACID JANE JAA . 4 months ago
Those sure are some pungent feel good vibes. Dreamily repetitive sunshine. Delightful.

PS: whoever put that mash-up video together for this, well done, just perfect.
posted a comment on Various - LSD029. 4 months ago
4.72 times over the limit now! Not repressed but re-animated by extracting DNA.
posted a comment on DJ Delivery - It's All In The Groove. 4 months ago
A1: Edit of 'Lenny Williams - Choosing You'. Yes, more edits... so many edits these days -- I guess since so few are capable of making their own music, unless it's drum machines and samplers clattering away of course -- but these are particularly warm ... See full review
posted a comment on Tenth Chapter - Wired. 4 months ago
Was led back to this track by a Discogs edit. Funny I can remember exactly the first time I played the mix out in 1995. Worked well with the strobes. Lots of nice arm waving ensued. Funny, not as dated or bad as I expected, I think because of that nice, ... See full review
posted a comment on Kornél Kovács - Stockholm Marathon Remixes. 5 months ago
After that sublime A-side, what a huge disappointment to flip over to find two entirely forgettable tracks. What happened? To be fair Baltazar finally gets interesting in the last minute or so, but the interesting bit only lasts about 45 seconds.
posted a comment on Moby - Go (Remixes). 5 months ago
Woodtick Mix, of course that's the iconic mix of this!
posted a comment on Maceo Plex - When The Lights Are Out . 5 months ago
Just can't get my head around that vocal. Too banal and mainstream pop for me, which is a shame, as those are some nice chords. I suppose I can always go back to "Go"; which effectively this sound, but, you know, about 30 years ago.
posted a comment on Laurent Garnier & Chambray - Feelin’ Good. 5 months ago
As for the original version: part of the problem is that it sounds too much like Moby's "Go". Not exactly, but a bit of a mash-up of obvious retro elements and therefore feels a little cynical. Just add a bit of modern production pump.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 6 months ago
posted a comment on Terr - Tale Of Devotion . 6 months ago
It's good soft pulsating techno-disco, but owes a huge debt to Miss Kittin. Just add a little more disco to the mix.
posted a comment on Kareem - Hinrich. 6 months ago
"Rattle Disco" is appropriately titled, this makes you move. Clattering and infectious techno, that will inspire calisthenics on the dancefloor.
posted a comment on Danny Tenaglia - Don't Turn Your Back. 6 months ago
I'd like it more if that bass-line wasn't so obviously cribbed from Yello. It was always an awesome bassline, and D.T. adds little, other than perfect modern production designed for maximum thump. Sturdy as a red-wood forest though, it'll move everyone ... See full review
posted a comment on Peggy Gou - Moment EP. 6 months ago
"Starry Night" mimics early house styles; that round bass, repetitive piano chords, well done but derivative. "Han Pan", soft and nice, with a hint of a dancehall beat in there. My preferred track for being slightly more original. Otherwise, overall ... See full review
posted a comment on Peggy Gou - Moment EP. 6 months ago
Yes, yes! If I am going to shell out for a hard copy of music, well, give my something nice to look at for crying out loud!
posted a comment on Kozac - Hoodlove EP. 7 months ago
Top Ten Techno of 2019 for me. Deep propulsive foundation haunted by moody spirits and distant quartets.
posted a comment on Allie X - Rings a Bell. 7 months ago
Another decent one from Allie X, I don't know the whole catalog by any means, but any time I dip my toe into her work I'm pleasantly surprised. This one a little softer than what I've checked before, and that makes it feel a little more pop and ... See full review
posted a comment on Róisín Murphy - Narcissus. 7 months ago
I wholeheartedly agree. Cheap-ass mp3s, give me something I can get my hands on. When a company doesn't feel a song deserves a vinyl I immediately think they don't think it's that good and not worth the real deal.
posted a comment on &Me - 1995. 7 months ago
1995 has that lovely sauntering mid-90s ambient techno feel, but is almost completely ruined by really squeaky helium vocals. Too bad.
posted a comment on Djrum* - Seven Lies. 7 months ago
A dreamy sensual mood predominates. This despite the quick fluttering tempos of the classic drum n' bass rhythms. Somehow these days I love records that sound best when played late at night, when one has stayed up a bit too long and the sleepy nighttime ... See full review
posted a comment on Sweely - Private Navigation EP . 7 months ago
Competent and classy, but the hype seems a bit much. "He's Mine" has a nice chunky deep groove made a bit more interesting by mixing some retro breaks in, but the over familiar and overused old sample irritates me a bit; it's too obvious and lazy of a ... See full review
posted a comment on Saba Alizadeh* - Scattered Memories. 7 months ago
Me too, one of the best of year, but can't find a copy... Please repress.
posted a comment on Setaoc Mass - Fortnight EP. 9 months ago
I guess Soma got into the hard and heavy techno grooves while I wasn't looking. Checked in regularly on their tech-house back in the day. These tracks are good for their purpose, but not much for home listening. Just moody pounders that go nowhere but ... See full review
posted a comment on Pangaea (4) - Bone Sucka. 9 months ago
Bone Sucka is supposed to be one of the best tracks of that year according to some sources. Nope. This emperor has no clothes. Very retro, with overused samples that maybe have languished long enough in the archives that they sound new to a younger ... See full review
posted a comment on Joy Electric - Legacy. Volume One. The White Songbook. 9 months ago
You know, while inconsistent (as usual) this has some of the best Joy Electric on it. For anyone capable of such things, here is at least one person who would like to see this come out on vinyl.
posted a comment on Niro* - Tender As Asphalt. 9 months ago
A beautiful intersection between dreamy and danceable. Hypnotic and groovy.
posted a comment on Paco Sala - Our Love Is The Gold. 12 months ago
Hypnagogic apparitions rather than songs. Vaporous fogs of yearning and lust drift through the night. A great soundtrack to staying up too late wondering.
submitted Ludwig Van Beethoven, Carl Seemann ∙ Wolfgang Schneiderhan - Violinsonaten D-Dur Op. 12 Nr. 1 ∙ A-Dur Op. 12 Nr. 2 ∙ G-Dur Op. 30 Nr. 3. 12 months ago
posted a comment on Daphni - Hey Drum / The Truth. about 1 year ago
I clicked helpful, but thought the review deserved more. That is what a really helpful review for DJs should be. I don't understand all these pointless reviews that say "Killer banging track! here are ten more words," etc. If that's all someone has to ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Some Kind Of Wonderful (Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack). about 1 year ago
I have no objectivity when it comes to this movie. Too deeply interwoven with my youthful yearning.

As for the soundtrack: some odd choices for some of the inclusions and exclusions. There was much more good music in the movie than is present here, and ... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Gregory - Attend. about 1 year ago
But then you don't have this release. Which the entry for vinyl.
posted a comment on Plump DJs - Dr. Dub / Blackjack. about 1 year ago
unsurprisingly, given the title, Dr. Dub uses a number of samples of the Thompson Twins, "Doctor Doctor". Actually does a good job of turning them into some solid breaks.
posted a comment on Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Extended Souvenir. about 1 year ago
I timed 'Souvenir (Extended)' around 4:03, and timed 'Motion And Heart (Amazon Version)' at 3:05, although a little tricky due to fade in and fade outs.
posted a comment on The Flirts - Passion. about 1 year ago
Gave this one a timing and it is indeed the 9:03 version and not 8:45. Although the last minute or so is just a male vocorder voice intoning "passion."
submitted Aarond Rosand*, Louis De Froment Perform Jenő Hubay, H. W. Ernst* and Eugène Ysaÿe - Hubay - Violin Concerto, Ernst - Hungarian Concerto, Ysaye - Chant D'Hiver. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Ekin Fil - KOMA. about 1 year ago
Lovely dark ambient. But too bloody short, particularly on vinyl. A 14 minute side is more like a single than an LP, and not much good for getting lost in. A shame, as this cavernous drift is carefully constructed.
posted a comment on Adam Beyer & Bart Skils - Your Mind. about 1 year ago
Sounds like a hundred other Beyer/Drumcode productions, so I'm not exactly 'losing my mind'. But up to usual standards, which is to say nice driving techno. Would have liked a bit more variety, one sample Ad nauseam doesn't exactly light up the synapses. ... See full review
posted a comment on Kettama - Bucklyn Bridge E.P.. about 1 year ago
More retro stuff. I guess retro is the way these days. Creativity? Bah. Why be creative when you can copy? Those early 90s hard chords, retro bung-bung bass and vocal samples. But, could imagine this is really effective on the dance-floor, just like it ... See full review
submitted Marc-Antoine Charpentier* / François Couperin - Orchestre De Chambre Jean-François Paillard - Concert Nocturne En L´Hotel De Sully Au Marais. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Anna* - Razor. about 1 year ago
Like much of Anna's output: rather simplistic but with solid thumping rhythms and thick bass. Appealing but limited. Very much in the "DJ Tool" category of things. The tracks don't do enough, or have much musical interest, but one could mix in for a bit, ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Reb Ltd Sampler One. about 1 year ago
"Don’t Forget To Go Home" made it into the DJ Mag 'tracks of 2018'. But frankly, it doesn't sound special to me. Competent deep house beats and bit of organ noodling do not a classic make (at least not anymore...Plastic Dreams and its many imitators has ... See full review
posted a comment on Chaos In The CBD - Orange Blank. about 1 year ago
What's going on with all these early 90's ambient house clones?