I am a music lover who has been on Discogs for a while. Please don't ask me for cdr's I like to support the artists, and a lot of people ask for copies of my cd's that are still available to buy or download legally. If you send these type of emails I will not respond, buy it, damn it!
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posted a review of Helios - Eingya. over 14 years ago
Another beautiful album from Helios, very delicate sounds merge together to create a beautifully atmospheric album, an excellent use of a variety of instruments. There is a good reason why this has been given 5/5 by so many, even if you haven’t heard... See full review
posted a review of Kettel - Through Friendly Waters. over 16 years ago
Words can not explain how good this album is. Anyone who is into Aphex Twin, Boards Of Canada, Autechre, etc, Should own this LP. Beautifully sublime melodies a vast soundscape with a great depth, and excellently produced. The start of a great new... See full review
posted a review of Snotra. over 17 years ago
Slightly different style to his frog pocket material, but equally as nice! Some of the tracks on happy sad sound like classic aphex but with a fart machine, trust me, it works!! The track on mothballs vol 3 is also very nice!! If you can find it snap... See full review
posted a review of Spring Heel Jack. over 17 years ago
True pioneers, their early stuff is amazingly atmospheric, and some of the best of their career so far. Saw them play live recently and their new stuff is very different, and very jazzy!
posted a review of Sam & Valley - My Favorite Clinic. over 17 years ago
Must say Im a pretty open minded, rephlex lovin kinda guy, but this album should be avoided like a lady with the clap. Not up to rephlex's normal standards and although sam and valley have done good stuff, this is certainly not it!
posted a review of dDamage - Radio Ape. over 17 years ago
As I am yet to hear any of their other stuff, its hard to compare, but this new lp on planet mu lives up to the usual high standards Mike has for his label. Nice mix of downtempo beats, breaks and warm melodys all cut and blended with skill. Sounds... See full review
posted a review of Squarepusher - Ultravisitor. over 17 years ago
Some of his best work of the last 5 years, Ultravisitor is without a doubt a future classic.
An acid-tastic bass driven jungle anthem for '04 which reminds me a bit of his early rephlex work. The 2 tracks on the b-side are apparently exclusive to... See full review
posted a review of Plone. over 17 years ago
Much under-rated Warp artists, and fellow brummies :) Plock is undoubtibly their finest release, along with their excellent remix of the classic tricky disco! Now after getting dropped by warp ?!?!? they have gone their own ways, and mike has formed... See full review
posted a review of Frog Pocket - Baral Orgen. over 17 years ago
Why are there no comments for this man yet??? everything jcw releases is an absolutely essential purchase, Baral orgen being no exception. this is high calibur chilled electro that deserves to be part of everyones collection. The beautifully crafted... See full review
posted a review of Lexaunculpt - The Blurring Of Trees. over 17 years ago
Yet another planet mu classic, Lexaunculpt delivers a beautifully constructed lp full of delicately constructed beats and string arrangements that actually sound like strings, not cheap synths!! A must buy for all fans of the more chilled out side of... See full review
posted a review of Doormouse - Bowelcore. over 17 years ago
Harder and darker than most doormouse, harder than a Solid steel statue of Phil Mitchell, Still got the Doormouse edge i.e. cut up jungle and amusing samples but with added distortion, noise and nasty high pitched feedback. 'scuse me while I wipe the... See full review
posted a review of Greenbank - Rotating The Square. over 17 years ago
Oh what a surprise, another amazing Benbecula release! Greenbank is beautifully crafted and has an amazing range of styles within from 8-bit structures to Plaidesque melodies. As with all Benbecula releases. Essential.
posted a review of Digitonal - 23 Things Fall Apart. over 17 years ago
Hardly surprising that Toytronic have released another classic lp, this time from digitonal, a minimal masterpiece which oozes lush strings and beautifully crafted minimalistic drums, If you can find it, buy it!
posted a review of Ceephax* - Exidy Tours. over 17 years ago
An absolute stonker of an LP, Although very different from Ceephax's self titled lp on Breakin, this firstcask release has some absolute classics on it Exidy been one of the most obvious choices, Not forgetting Camelot jostle for its medieval cartoon... See full review