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submitted Danny Tenaglia - 010: Athens. 3 days ago
posted a comment on James - Laid. 9 days ago
I bought my copy from Townsend music where it was advertised as a Limited Edition release due out on the 29th June
posted a comment on James - Laid. 10 days ago
Just received my copy and it was already opened and there's no download voucher, and again it just seems to be the same release from 2015.
submitted Paul Oakenfold - Creamfields. 22 days ago
posted a comment on Lisa Lashes - Hard House Euphoria. 23 days ago
If you look at the notes section it explains that the first two tracks on CD2 are listed incorrectly on the release, and so the actual listing on Discogs shows what's actually on the release instead which is standard Discogs procedure.
Track 2.01 ... See full review
posted a comment on 4Clubbers* - Children. about 1 month ago
You obviously missed the point completely about why Robert Miles wrote Children in the first place, it was done in response to the amount of Italian kids that were coming out of raves, and driving like lunatics whilst still off their faces and ultimately ... See full review
submitted Fat Kid - Voca Me. about 1 month ago
submitted Der Dritte Raum - Limited Vol. 1. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on The Monochrome Set - Rough Mixes From "Misere". about 1 month ago
They are cassette mastering copies done in the absence of having a vinyl test pressing, there are loads of them that were done in the early '90's. They were probably sent out to the record labels so that they could hear the finished product, the CDr was ... See full review
submitted Bob Holroyd - Weird Science. about 1 month ago
submitted Audrey* - Hot & Wet In Southern California. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on David Guetta vs. Bowie* - Just For One Day (Heroes). about 1 month ago
I don't think I've played the A-side since buying it new it was always about the B-side for me Distortion
posted a comment on Big Audio Dynamite - Entering A New Ride. 3 months ago
I can't believe it took 21 years to finally get to hear this album and I absolutely love it
submitted Abdoujaparov - We're All Gonna Die. 4 months ago
posted a comment on OMD* - Dazzle Ships At The Museum Of Liverpool. 4 months ago
It should still only be 750 playable copies though as the ones with faults are unplayable, I have a copy of both because the first one sent to me was warped.
submitted Mike Batt And The London Philharmonic Orchestra - The Dreamstone. 5 months ago
submitted Dan Gibson & Howard Baer - Woodland Harp. 5 months ago
submitted James Harry (2) / Jez Guest - The Wishing Tree. 5 months ago
submitted Jonas Kvarnström, Stefan Schramm - Dreaming. 5 months ago
submitted David Bradstreet - Natural Sleep Inducement. 5 months ago
submitted Medwyn Goodall - The Fair Queen Guinevere. 5 months ago
submitted Rachmaninov* • Berliner Philharmoniker • Lorin Maazel - Symphonie No.3 • Die Toteninsel • The Isle Of The Dead. 5 months ago
submitted Achanak - sNACH. 5 months ago
submitted Denny Morris - Chartbusting Moog. 5 months ago
submitted Pat & Mick - Gimme Some. 5 months ago
submitted Various - Essential Hardcore - 16 Upfront Tunes. 6 months ago
submitted Pact Of Ash - Demo. 6 months ago
submitted Various - In The Groove - The Academy Record Collection Volume 2. 6 months ago
posted a comment on Paul Oakenfold - Tranceport. 6 months ago
It was Marcella Woods who provided the vocals on the original Matt Darey 12" Remix and it's Marcella Woods who is credited with the vocals in the credits for this release.
submitted Dave Seaman, Allister Whitehead, Nick Warren - DJ Culture 2. 6 months ago
submitted Perfect Children - Games For May EP. 7 months ago
submitted Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Berliner Philharmoniker • Karl Böhm, Thomas Brandis - "Haffner" - Serenade. 7 months ago
posted a comment on Big Audio Dynamite - Entering A New Ride. 8 months ago
That's excellent thanks very much just got a copy after all these years
submitted Slacker - Start A New Life (Part One). 9 months ago
submitted Medwyn Goodall - The Gift Of Excalibur. 10 months ago
submitted Malta (3) - My Ballads. 10 months ago
submitted Loudness (5) - Loudest - Ballad Collection. 10 months ago
submitted A.K.A. - Warning. 10 months ago
submitted Half Man Half Biscuit - This Leaden Pall. 11 months ago
submitted Half Man Half Biscuit - Voyage To The Bottom Of The Road. 11 months ago
submitted Shy Boys - Shy Boys. 11 months ago
submitted Terry Vs. Tori - Terry Vs Tori EP . 11 months ago
submitted Kissy Sell Out - Kissy Sell Out's Xmas Blowout. 11 months ago
submitted Felix Da Housecat - Son Of Analogue. 11 months ago
submitted Tiësto* - Creamfields Carnage. 11 months ago
posted a comment on Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart. 12 months ago
I personally think that 'Atmosphere' is the ultimate suicide song instead, everytime I listen to the song and that's been many many times, the words that Ian sings haunt me with what was to happen to him, he sang 'don't walk away in silence' and that's ... See full review
submitted Ferocious Dog - Fake News & Propaganda. 12 months ago
posted a comment on Ferocious Dog - Fake News & Propaganda. 12 months ago
That's correct and my copy has arrived in the post today and is just about to be submitted
submitted Ferocious Dog - The Landscape Artist. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on New Order - Sub-Culture. about 1 year ago
Peter Saville was one of the co-founders of the Factory label so it was very much his judgement that mattered, and when it comes to 'Graphic design' there's not a greater professional in the music industry.