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Will listen to any good music from any genre though :)
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posted a review of Bukem* & The Peshay* - 19.5. 6 days ago
19.5 is very good but for me the Reprisal is the one I reach for nowadays. Never heard it played out at the time but it just takes things to a new level blending the original with the flavour of Atmospheric Jubilancy (tighter amens overlaid with another ... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Dove (2) - Bird Of Prey. 16 days ago
Yes thanks! Got Daydreams, shame about the muddy sound but nice to have at last.
posted a review of Machine Code - The Landscape / Blue Tile Lounge. about 1 month ago
Rider tune from the Blue Note days, infectious little roller. Landscape is a gem of a tune.
posted a review of PHD - Ascendant Moods. about 1 month ago
Yes!! Totally agree with Lifeline
This tune is absolute class from Total Science. This was always the highlight of this album. The clattery breakdown and the warbling FX are special little elements that complement the catchy melody and hooks.
10/10 for ... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 month ago
posted a review of The Quartet - Other Side Of The Tracks. 2 months ago
All about Nevada for me - what a beautiful and tough rolling apache tune. Really sums up the brighter side of the Blue Note Metalheadz scene (along with Going Gets Tough, Special Treat, Play it for Me remix and Charade etc) and was rolled out on many ... See full review
posted a review of Artemis - Inner Worlds / Sun Stars. 3 months ago
Both sides are stunning but always get drawn to Sun Stars the most. Deceptively simple and miles deep, that bassline just drives the tune and is often in my head. Seeing this going up in value only confirms my thoughts hearing this tune 20yrs ago opening ... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Jinx* - Devotion / Paradise Project. 6 months ago
Hi, if you have the bootleg one can you confirm how many tracks? I bought what was listed as an unofficial one but it only has 2 tracks and no markings anywhere. Wonder if there are a couple of versions?
posted a review of DJ Jinx* - Devotion / Paradise Project. 6 months ago
Can anyone confirm if the bootleg is supposed to have 3 or 2 tracks? Its listed here with 3 but mine is just a two tracker and has no markings or cat numbers anywhere on the runout etc. It has dubplate written on it in pen but pretty sure not a plate as ... See full review
posted a comment on Code Of Practice - Infiltrate / Can We Change The Future. 6 months ago
Haha, yes! Sample speech - start listening from 1hr 01min mark...

Thanks for that!
posted a review of Various - Platinum Breakz. 6 months ago
Awesome album for all the usual reasons but mine has C side Lemon D and Hidden Agenda pressed the same on both sides? Mine doesn't have Pulp Fiction or Spectrum... Odd that, still at least I have In My Life as only came out on this album :)
posted a review of B-Key* - Man Of Science / 3rd Parallel. 7 months ago
I was drawn to this for Man of Science as it is a classy but brutal banger.

Then I kept skipping it to listen to 3rd Parallel - man this tune just rolls and rolls and rolls.
The amen isn't the most powerful out there but it just pushes on and the ... See full review
posted a review of Stakka & K-Tee* - Living For The Night / After Hours. 7 months ago
Absolutely tearing amen banger - staple sound of mid 90's Kemistry and Storm selections.
Try mixing this onto the end of Source Direct - Hidden Rooms for nice cross fading and drops.
Liftin Spirits killer.
posted a review of G Force & Seiji - Northern Exposure / 3rd Rail. 10 months ago
I'd forgotten about 3rd Rail for a long time then heard it on a RIVET Nu Wave radio show i'd taped back in 2004.
Jaw dropping tune, hard as nails and just relentless... Beats you up.
I'm guessing Randall has dropped this at some point, I'd like to think ... See full review
posted a review of Moul'y & Lucida. 10 months ago
Whilst low on overall volume, Mouly and Lucida were never short of quality. All their tracks were beautifully deep and go nicely with the Good Looking/Deejay/Lucky Spin tunes of the time.
posted a review of Fabio / Cleveland Watkiss - Promised Land Volume Two. 11 months ago
As with the Bukem Promised Land, I will keep coming back to listen to this mix for years to come... So good, so smooth and perfectly of the moment back in 1996. I love the Cleveland lyrics and have fond memories of him presiding at the Blue Note. He ... See full review
posted a comment on On Remand - Controllin' / Black Steel. 12 months ago
I don't recall a DJ Pulse on Pulse FM so not sure about that but DJ Pulse was the guy heavily involved with Creative Wax and tunes on Moving Shadow etc. 94-96 era.
Also if you look at the record notes on other On Remand tunes there's shouts out to all ... See full review
posted a review of On Remand - Controllin' / Black Steel. about 1 year ago
have it on good authority that this is an early alias of DJ Pulse
posted a review of Sonar Circle - Havoc EP. about 1 year ago
Criminally under played! Totally R Second Wave crunchy layered beats with inspired 1993 atmospheres - Sonar Circle comes with his trademark sounds and takes things up a notch. Funky, hip hop elements in there too.
Beyond Real is just class with nice nods ... See full review
posted a review of PHD And DRS - Ascendant Moods. about 1 year ago
Quite frankly a beautiful compilation of deep tracks in the Progression Sessions vein from the turn of the millennium.

Some especially nice cuts from artists that never got many releases but were top notch - mainly DP who I just found out played keys ... See full review
posted a review of Blame & Justice - Anthemia / Essence. about 1 year ago
Essence Jazz Testament totally got me hooked in 1995 from the Jumping Jack Frost Dreamscape 11 set. Blew me away at the time with the jazzed out solo in the middle.
Took me a couple of years before I owned it but I often find it in my head still along ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Drum & Bass Selection 4 (Reload - Part 4 - Running It Red). about 1 year ago
The CD comp is the only way you'll ever get your hands on a loud version of Dillinja - Baby Your....
On that basis its got to be a purchase. What a tune - crunching, panned amens and all the goodness from Sovereign Melody and Deep Love....
posted a review of Fokus - On Line. about 1 year ago
Have to echo the review below, Online is a totally classic tune from 95. I sometimes prefer the mood of the deeper D&B dub mix but the original just rolls out each and every time. A summer time stepper from the killer combo of Fokus and Pete Voyager.
As ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Trans-Central Connection II. about 1 year ago
Fantastic compilation as all of the MS comps were.
Bought it recently and unfortunately the Total Science and Carlito tracks jump regularly. Seems the records are pressed oddly as the vinyl was very clean and no visible scratches.
Anyone else have this ... See full review
posted a review of Icons - Emotions With Intellect. about 1 year ago
I feel like I should personally apologise to Blame and Justice - its 2017 and despite being a rave/jungle/d&b record buyer and collector since 1994 I never picked up on this album till now. Its frankly stunning and yet seems to have been slept on at the ... See full review
posted a review of Ant Miles. about 1 year ago
Ant Miles is one of those bedrock producers of the jungle and d&b scene - UK music would be a very different place without his skills and talent. Genuine legend.
Imagine the last 25 years from rave through to jungle, d&b till the present day without ... See full review
posted a review of Desired State - Goes Around / Here & Now (Remixes). over 2 years ago
Big big remix of Goes Around - absolutely tearing track when it drops, fat Dillinja style amens and bass.

Here and Now is nice but Goes Around is the highlight.
posted a review of Universal Traveller / Fokus - Midnite. over 2 years ago
Jazzed out is also on the Promised Land series and gets a whole side to itself so another way to pick up on vinyl if you get bored waiting for this one to come up!
posted a review of Model & Hls - Flights. over 2 years ago
Having spoken to someone close to this track, I understand the producers were desperately searching for the DAT recently but it was proving to be now missing in action. Another one to add to the list along with G Force Proximity and MRJ Crazy Day Dreams ... See full review
posted a review of S.O.S. - Waiting (Remix) / 1980. over 2 years ago
Pretty rare tune, appears that 1980 is the same as Metro on the Headz Platinum Breakz album. On the Ratty Love the Life 1995 mix tape (see Deep inside the old skool site)
Not heard the Waiting Remix.
posted a review of Nookie - A Drum, A Bass & A Piano. over 2 years ago
All about the OU remix, absolutely slamming amen tear out from Andy C and Ant Miles. Superb FX and beat edits, drop it now and watch people erupt
posted a review of The Spirit* - The Riff / Pace. over 2 years ago
I was hugely at odds with Riff when I first bought this 12 in 96 but over time I have come to enjoy its mad funky structure.

Pace is an all time classic amen workout. High quality Stakka KTee style beats of the era and deep Photek atmospherics - ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Logical Progression Level 2. over 2 years ago
A cheap way to get Atlantis - plus everything else is great on it too. 10/10
posted a comment on L.T.J Bukem* - Logical Progression. over 2 years ago
Yeah you know it Triga!
That whole tape pack was and still is just jaw dropping... Peshay, Randall, Ratty, Jack Frost, Phantasy and Bryan G (at +8) etc!
The perfect selection of tunes at the perfect time. That Bukem mix was so smooth yet rough and ... See full review
posted a review of Solution To Sound - Essence / Mood Grooves. over 2 years ago
This to my ears sounds like Lemon D production or a possibly a collab between him and Dillinja. I'm mainly going for Lemon D though, got that rare groove with solid amens and bass.
posted a review of Da Maytrix - Let Me Know / Come Een. over 2 years ago
Takes me right back to the legendary DJ Ron Essential Mix 1995... full of these tunes. Somewhat expensive now unfortunately. Great samples and great production.
posted a review of The Spirit* - Fathoms / Suspicion. over 2 years ago
More slept on than rip van winkle's pillow at the time... But better than most tunes ever written.
Both sides dark and very rolling with meticulously programmed breaks.
posted a review of Digital - Delay / Wrench. over 2 years ago
Delay is Digital doing classic Science era Photek possibly better than Photek...
Dubby tech business
posted a review of Natural Mystic - Natural Mystic Vol. 1. over 2 years ago
Two beautiful tunes...
Both of them 100% Kemistry and Storm selections from 95.
Golden age beats
posted a review of DJ Jinx* - Devotion. over 2 years ago
Totally sums up the whole 1992 vibe in one tune and the memories laid down in fuzzy old C90 tapes of Pulse FM. Paradise Project is my foundation track of why I got into this music 25years ago and why it will still move me when i'm 80. Incredible tune.
posted a review of Nucleus & Paradox - Creator / Ease Back. over 2 years ago
Jeeeeeeeeeeezus. How do they keep coming up with these tunes. Both sides stone cold classics.
Ease back is pretty chilled for them but just rolls with Blame / Justice style pads.
Creator blows me away every time, Buffalo Girls and Blue Room vocals ... See full review
posted a review of Adam F - The Bible. over 2 years ago
Fairly unique and experimental 12" from Adam F.
To these ears, there's quite a lot of Crystl/Pete Parsons influence that can be heard in these 3 tracks. Compared to other material out at this time, there are a lot of ideas and textures here but not in a ... See full review
posted a review of D.N.A - D.N.A. over 2 years ago
DNA is just banging - hard cut up driving amen tune by Die & Bill Riley who seemed to very rarely use that break. More like something out of RAM / Ant Miles from that era.
posted a review of DJ Trax - Rhythmic Delusions. over 2 years ago
Not sure why this has no review. Its a beautiful soulful album that is quite arresting.
I wouldn't say downtempo as it is more thought provoking that just chill out music - I feel it's more like exceptional d&b at 33rpm.

Definitely same zone at Tosca ... See full review
posted a review of Engineers Without Fears - Spiritual Aura / Rhythm. over 2 years ago
2 of my favourite tracks from back then.
Both these tracks have Pete Parsons (Voyager) engineering trademark flair written all over them and just show his influence in the deeper sound that was emerging in 93-94. His sound and production was also stamped ... See full review
posted a review of Koda - The Deep / Spacetek. over 2 years ago
Quality 94 sounds.
Bought it for Spacetek originally but really the Deep is just as its title suggests.... luscious aquatic sounds and those trademark dubby Orca/Koda/Wild Orkid beats... Mood changes throughout the track let you drift away
posted a review of Bug Kann & The Plastic Jam - Made In Two Minutes. over 2 years ago
Pretty decent jungle remixes by Gachet and Origin Unknown (the better of the two)
posted a review of The Brothers Grimm - Field Of Dreams / Exodus (The Lion Awakes). over 2 years ago
Awesome tracks (along with Sign of the Times).
Sounds like a chunky bleeps sample from SUAD in there too.

Those were the days.....
posted a review of Martsman / DB1 - Static / Vanguard. over 2 years ago
Vanguard is a very special track...
Wish I had bought one when it wasn't silly money!
posted a review of Paradox. over 2 years ago
Beat junkie, jungle foot soldier, prolific producer... Long time veteran of the scene always pushing boundaries. Dev was there in the early 90's and still represents all that is great about breakbeat sampling, beat editing, atmospherics and keeping ... See full review