Already became influenced at the age of ten years by Torsten Fenslau in the early techno-days. My absolute fascination for techno started in april-1995 when I listened to Marusha playing Happy-Rave at the Mayday. After this key-event I decided to become a DJ. In 1997 I finally got all equipment together and started mixing like hell :)
One person which influenced my musical taste quite much was cosmicholgi.
My favourite styles are Breakbeat-Hardcore (the more happy the better), Hardtrance, Trance and House, but you can find stuff from other styles and even some HipHop-/RnB-stuff in my collection, too.

By the way, to all the freaks out there:
My collection is not for sale. No way.
Please don't ask for mp3s or cd copies. You won't get any.

These are sellers from discogs which I found being trustworthy: