Worked record retail for 30+ years. I know a little about alot rather than alot about a little. In the main. I favour electronic of most types from all decades and US/UK independent labels majoring on 80's/90's, am overwhelmed by 00's but enjoying it.
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submitted Cave Birds - In Love From Afar. 19 days ago
posted a comment on The Smiths - Kitchen Sink Dramas. 24 days ago
In a better world this would be allowed for sale.
submitted The Long Now - Restoration Ep. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on Magazine - Play. +. about 1 month ago
Great quality. Is this a straight transfer from the cd?
submitted Klammer - Spiral Girl. 3 months ago
posted a comment on The Spinanes - Manos. 4 months ago
The copy i have is on clear vinyl, ===== -----
posted a comment on Trademark (13) - Dawn EP. 4 months ago
Too little recognition for this intelligent, funky waxing. One to set the mood,
posted a comment on The Physics House Band - Horizons/Rapture. 4 months ago
An unheralded masterpiece of post-rock brilliance, with a healthy dose of prog thrown in.
posted a comment on Dub Sex - Swerve. 4 months ago
Promo sheet states release date as 12/2/89. This is a great slab of a track.
posted a comment on U2 - Night & Day. 4 months ago
I have a white label of this, comes in plain white sleeve with plain white labels.
posted a comment on Portastatic - I Hope Your Heart Is Not Brittle. 5 months ago
I have a W/L of this. Comes with A4 promo sheet, from Elemental Records, stating 14/2/94 as release date.
submitted Lil' Rich Henderson Vs JFK - What's On Your Mind. 5 months ago
submitted Panache (11) - Lookin' For The Promise Land. 5 months ago
submitted Chameleondream - Open Your Eyes EP. 5 months ago
posted a comment on Madder Rose - Beautiful John / Baby Gets High. 5 months ago
A4 promo sheet from Real Time states May 10th 1993 as release date.
submitted Sandi Easton - Sandi Easton. 5 months ago
submitted The Sex Magnets - Feed The Baby. 5 months ago
submitted Mala Leche (3) - Serf. 5 months ago
submitted Grooveblaster B - Only The Shadows Know. 5 months ago
submitted 360 Degrees Poetic Emcees - 360 P.E. The E.P.. 5 months ago
posted a comment on Cherry Forever - Headstrong EP. 5 months ago
Promo insert states 24th feb 1992 as release date. I thank you.
posted a comment on Pond (2) - Pond. 5 months ago
My copy comes with A4 insert stating feb 1993 as release month
posted a comment on House Of Nimrod* - House Of Nimrod. 7 months ago
Another stunning example of the anal section of Discogs watchdogs. They have lost contact with the spirit of rebellion that was so much a part of the stirrings of youthful awareness and empowerment. A bunch of people grown old before their time.
posted a comment on China (28) - On The Slide. 7 months ago
There are stock copies as well, without the 'For demo...'
posted a comment on Spectrum (4) - (I Love You) To The Moon & Back. 8 months ago
Pre-tour 'promos' came with A4 size Silvertone newsflash listing tour dates and 7" info.
posted a comment on Blue Pearl - (Can You) Feel The Passion. 8 months ago
There is also another one sided white label that has no cat no and nothing in the runoff.
posted a comment on Memluks - Partida. 8 months ago
A hotch potch of early 80's New Wave styles. They probably loved the P Furs but sound like Lene Lovich's older brother. Excellent sleeve graphics, though.
posted a review of Portal & Yellow6 - Naming Stars / Naming Stars (Reworked). 8 months ago
Nice, dreamy ambient offering. Par for the course for both acts.
posted a review of The Mantis Opera - Reykjavik. 8 months ago
Nice prog sound, lots of time changes. Probably out of place on Flying Vinyl.
posted a review of Pyrolator - Neuland /2. 9 months ago
Vostock is a joyous slice of contemporary German electronica. A RSD gem.
posted a review of Honcho Overload - Sugarfoot / Miserable. 9 months ago
Miserable. This is a song Keith Richards wrote, one night, when utterly tonked. He fell asleep, and when the chair started to tip backwards his sprawling, grabbing arms knocked the contents of the desk, in front of him, onto the floor. and there they lay ... See full review
posted a review of Gem (6) - Sunglare Serenades. 9 months ago
Carcass And Crow, an unheralded, nailed on Indie Rock errr...gem.
posted a comment on The Congos - Heart Of The Congos. about 1 year ago
If you got a copy of this you are blessed. Possibly my 2017 RSD star purchase.
posted a comment on The Congos - Heart Of The Congos. about 1 year ago
It has a gratifying warts n all quality. You couldn't ask better. That Lee bloke was a genius.
posted a comment on Thomas Dolby - The Sole Inhabitant. about 1 year ago
Three sides of a welcome reminder of his art and creativity which is still present on side four but the sound of the Austin auditorium jars after the silky smooth presentation from Chicago.
posted a review of Tangerine Dream - Quantum Key. about 1 year ago
Gorgeous sound with plenty of bass heft. I think the prescence of Ulrich Schnauss lifts this above the tendency to New Age of other 00's T Dream albums.
posted a comment on Rogue Wave - Publish My Love. about 1 year ago
Also a promo test pressing type cd with exact same tracks
submitted Fake (30) - Sea Dust. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Humpers* - Hey Shadow. about 1 year ago
I have a pink coloured one. ha ha ha ha
posted a comment on Them Philistines - Tales From The Stagnant Pond EP. about 1 year ago
Bauhaus sound-a-likes. Not bad, not great. La la la la.
submitted Gas Money - Gatlin Gun Blues. about 1 year ago
posted a review of A Man Called Adam - All My Favourite... A Man Called Adam. about 1 year ago
I have promo in with black on white disc graphics and slightly different sleeve graphics. great album for the fans of the safer side of the 90's club scene.
posted a review of The Fat White Family - Breaking Into Aldi. about 1 year ago
The glorious Fat Whites on storming form. Pay whatever you can muster to get this super limited artifact or die in deep regret. Ignore the naysayers.
posted a comment on Buxom - Goldmine / Looking Glass. about 1 year ago
Release date of 18th October according to gig insert,b b b
posted a comment on Blink (2) - Is God Really Groovy?. about 1 year ago
Release date of 19 April 1993 according to promo sticker on sleeve of my copy
submitted Lazy K - Little Brah. over 2 years ago
posted a comment on Joy Zipper - The Stereo And God. over 2 years ago
I have a promo cd on 13 Amp. One one one one.
submitted Jinko Vilova - Cru. over 2 years ago
posted a review of What Now - Small Record With Four Songs. over 2 years ago
Jaunty little numbers. Typical of the New York new wave sound (not no wave) at the time.
posted a review of Funk Boy Three - Stalker Humanoid. over 2 years ago
Good quality recording, electro style. Would love to know more about it.