I've worked in record shops on and off for years. I mostly collect records for listening and have never opened a store or understood the stock market style of record flipping. I worked in a shop for nine years that graded by the written estimation of Goldmine standards. After dealing with so many warped and flawed sealed records I don't really consider "Mint" an actual condition. I've pretty much played every open record I'm selling and am happy to provide commentary of it's playability on a variety of turntables through magnetic and ceramic needles. The cuts of records have really changed over the years and many contemporary manufactures have a lot to learn about quality control. At any rate, I'm glad you like records to.
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posted a comment on Taylor Swift - Reputation. 15 days ago
Perhaps I should bootleg it as a properly mastered black vinyl double LP just to get sued to go to court for an Inherit The Wind style trial in which I can prove scientifically how useless picture discs are for listening. Feel free to produce all the ... See full review
posted a review of Taylor Swift - Reputation. 15 days ago
Picture discs and coloured vinyl are the worst. Powers that be please release an affordable black vinyl version.
posted a comment on Wire - Send. 5 months ago
It should perhaps be noted somewhere on this entry that the LP version is listed as a compilation titled "PF456 Redux"
posted a review of Eno* - Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy). 10 months ago
I suppose it's worth mentioning that the copy of this I've heard sounds as great as the 1974 UK Island pressings and has the "infinity groove" on side A. I can't really endorse the Editions EG versions I've heard but the songs were still great.
posted a comment on Spacemen 3 - Forged Prescriptions. 11 months ago
That's too bad as it's one of the best sounding and most comprehensive collections of this material.
posted a comment on Guided By Voices - King Shit & The Golden Boys. 11 months ago
Much of this material was also included on "Bee Thousand (The Director's Cut)". The mastering on this pressing seems superior to the version released in "Box" or the 2005 issue. Remarkably bright and balanced signal with present low end considering the ... See full review
posted a comment on U2 / Frank Sinatra With Bono - Stay (Faraway, So Close!) / I've Got You Under My Skin. about 1 year ago
So most of the copies being sold here are generic non-picture sleeve copies that are not this release.
posted a review of The Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness. about 1 year ago
So I'm guessing this is a third pressing from the "original" sources. A friend of mine recently sold one of the first ten numbered copies. There didn't seem to be much if any difference between my copy aside from the stamped number. Pressing debates can ... See full review
posted a review of Grouper - Grouper. about 1 year ago
I suppose I was given this before or during a show I booked at the Food Hole in Portland, OR with Corpse Kisser. I recall it reminding me of Julee Cruise and Maja Ratkje at the time. There seems to be more computer involved than what has become Grouper's ... See full review
posted a review of Depeche Mode - Spirit. about 1 year ago
You would think with the years of the 180g boom they would print large enough sleeves to accommodate the width. The LPs do not fit safely or securely in their package. The pressing also has unusually low out put.
posted a review of Late! - Pocketwatch. about 1 year ago
I ordered a bunch of tapes from Simple Machines when I was in Highschool. None of them showed up but this one. I was kind of disappointed cause I really wanted "The Embassy Tapes" and just ordered Late out of curiosity. Upon listening I was rather ... See full review
posted a comment on Dirty Projectors - Morning Better Last. over 2 years ago
I hope you haven't been waiting years to learn this a CDR
posted a comment on Alex Chilton - Like Flies On Sherbert. over 2 years ago
The original mix and sequence are considerably different and in my opinion superior to the subsequent reissues. It comes in a dull thick "tip on" sleeve as opposed to the glossy thin sleeved reissues.
posted a comment on Misfits - Earth A.D. / Wolfs Blood. over 2 years ago
The appropriate shade of PURPLE does not seem to process through most digital cameras or display correctly on most monitors or display screens. Physical copies appear to present a far darker shade of PURPLE. The central "demon" between pillars has a ... See full review
posted a comment on Manuel Göttsching, Ash Ra Tempel - Ash Ra Tempel 6 / Inventions For Electric Guitar. over 2 years ago
A selection from the sleeve notes regarding the SQ pressing: "This Cosmic Courier 33 1/3 r.p.m. quadrophonic record is produced by the SQ system which permits the reproduction of sound from four separate channels when a special SQ decoder is used in ... See full review