Live in easternmost Canada, born in 1972. Mostly enjoy electronic music (listening since '94).
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posted a comment on 2047* - Infinite. 11 days ago
Turns out this was my most listened to release in 2017. I love the variety of tracks and the sounds that are within. It's -not- environmental, spacey, or experimental. It's a hard one for me to describe. It's what I hope more ambient sounded like.
posted a comment on Abfahrt Hinwil. about 1 year ago
if you like floaty, melodic idm than this project is for you. They have released consistently amazing electronics. Also, their compilation appearance on 'Everything Is Green' is fantastic as well.
posted a comment on Download - III. over 3 years ago
This is the type of interesting release where people from different genres stumble across it. I'm sure most listeners were first from the EBM/Industrial camp as most Download releases fall under that category when this was first released. I'm sure many ... See full review
posted a review of Phonex / Sense - Phonex / Sense Split. over 8 years ago
Sense was a mainstay in electronic music early in the 2000's, and (unfortunately) his best material was released on this little split. Phonex is represented here as one of the thousands of electronic producers who managed to get on a label & release ... See full review
posted a review of Proem - Burn Plate No.1. over 8 years ago
This release makes sense when you look at the Proem history of releases. He is getting warmed up & trying some things here. There's a raw, gritty feel throughout this release, and it gives indications of what he would soon refine with the Negativ CD ... See full review
posted a review of Zero Ohms - Spacial Glacial Nebulous. over 9 years ago
I would definately not run out and buy this release based on the artwork! What's within however, is quality ambient drone based listening. Most of these tracks are based around long loops and have fairly simple structures, but they exceed the sum of ... See full review
posted a review of Secede & Kettel - Perspeeks. over 10 years ago
The A side includes one of the weaker tracks on Secede's full-length 'Tryshashla'. With it's repetitive bassline & shuffling beat, it doesn't match up with the creativity of other tracks from that release. 'Standpeeks' on the other hand would fit snugly ... See full review
posted a review of Vidna Obmana - Echoing Delight. over 11 years ago
There are two main ideas here. On tracks 1 & 3 there is the typically sharp, bleak obmana loops that shift & come in & out of the mix. These sounds are similar to the other tracks as well, but on tracks 2 & 4 they are accompanied by terribly repetitive ... See full review
posted a review of Porn Sword Tobacco - Porn Sword Tobacco. over 11 years ago
Short segments of moody, dusty vignettes. There's ample grainy surface texture throughout this disc to accomodate the stripped down ideas which are complimented by some effective sparse piano, a bass doodle here, an acoustic guitar reference there. ... See full review
posted a review of Lys (3) - Naunuee. over 11 years ago
Lys demonstrates an abundance of talent here right from the get-go. Naunuee is another example of free downloadable music that is superior to most officially released material. This is interesting, floating music that has lofty amounts of atmosphere & ... See full review
posted a review of André Estermann. over 11 years ago
Estermann easily combines quality melodic elements and for the most part puts them alongside busy, dry percussion. He supplies melodies and counter-melodies, many times overlapping onto eachother in a very satisfying manner. Of note is his ... See full review
posted a review of Ovuca - Wasted Sunday. over 11 years ago
This is my favourite Ovuca release by far. I've always considered Ovuca to be a little too flippant & cheesy for my taste, but here he keeps it smooth & easy without abandoning his playfulness altogether. There are some gems here, namely the ... See full review
posted a review of Multicast. over 12 years ago
Multicast are definately an artist that are overlooked, as they create some of the most unique listening electronics available.

Usually downbeat, with interesting themes of summer melodics or western heat-drenched guitar atmospheres. The music is ... See full review
posted a review of Steve Roach - Core. over 12 years ago
This sounds more like Vir Unis and his self-proclaimed "Fractal Grooves" than it does a Steve Roach CD. Roach did collaborate with Unis on their 'Body Electric' release, and Roach has been credited with some production on Unis material.

Some of ... See full review
posted a review of Tom Jenkinson - Crot EP. over 12 years ago
Sounds very much like Universal Indicator, with its acid squiggles and loud & busy hats. The difference perhaps is a heavier lean toward gabber than UI, and a little less on the 303.
posted a review of Portland - Distal. over 12 years ago
Clinical, digital idm. 'Distal' is pattery with pads and mostly has a cold, detached feel. The thuddy percussion leads a lot of the tracks, and fragments of melodies appear (especially the last half of the disc). Nothing groundbreaking here, but it's ... See full review
posted a review of Jochem Paap - Vrs-Mbnt-Pcs 9598 II. over 12 years ago
The only thing that saves this disc is the first track, which is a great build & fade ambient loop with depth & simplicity.

The other two tracks extend long beyond their welcome, as the main overlapping notes wander on without much intrigue for the ... See full review
posted a review of vidnaObmana* - Tremor. over 13 years ago
This is Vidna Obmana's foray into mysterious environments with consistent tribal influences. Almost every track includes rolling tribal percussive drumming and intense shifting drones & ambience. Heavily reverbed cavernous flutes appear on some tracks, ... See full review
posted a review of Spectac - Rabbid. over 13 years ago
Lots of varied styles to be found here. Spectac has no trouble going from experimental, to jazz, to idm, to electro to broken beat at the drop of a hat. Some work and some don't, but the production is excellent. This disc is lacking a little ... See full review
posted a review of Deru - Pushing Soil. over 13 years ago
Chilled downbeat mixes from a good mixture of artists. Lusine Icl. plays it safe and keeps the original "Soulik" base intact, while Lowgreybeam uses the vocal flows from the original and hints of glitch to a very chilling effect. Xela floats along on a ... See full review
posted a review of Steve Roach - The Lost Pieces. over 13 years ago
This is a great disc if you are unaware of where to start with the mass of Steve Roach's releases. It's hard to imagine that a lot of this material never found a place on another release initially, as it contains some of the best material ever put to ... See full review
posted a review of ML - Everyone Looks Like Somebody Else. over 13 years ago
From beginning to end this is quality listening music. ML come together to form a variety of ear-tingling tracks, and all of which sound different from one another. The compostitions are varied, creative, and interesting. This disc has tons of ... See full review
posted a review of While - Even. over 13 years ago
Yawn. This release is very samey from start to finish with locked-in trudgy beats and boring pads. On "Even" they seem to be content to aimlessly putter about for 5-8 minutes with not an exciting moment in sight. They are about as exciting as waiting ... See full review
posted a review of Vendor Refill - Stable LP. over 13 years ago
Very sterile electronics, semi-melodic & bone-dry. Some of the tracks work fairly well, including the thematic patter of "9th Crush" and the jamming, bleep groove of "Slack".
posted a review of Am-Boy - Floridian. over 13 years ago
This definately has it's references to Boards Of Canada, with it's keyboard drones and innocent melodies. There's lots of little beatless vignettes here too. Am-Boy seems content to just play his keyboards and be patient as to when the percussion ... See full review
posted a review of Mouse On Mars - Glam. over 13 years ago
The three 'bonus' tracks that come with this re-issue were already included on the initial CD versions of this release. The LP version on Sonig excluded tracks 3, 4 & 14 that are found here.
posted a review of Funckarma - Bourbon Sounds. over 13 years ago
Contained within is music that is dramatic, enticing, apocalyptic and challenging. These are some of the words to try to describe this forward-thinking release. However, each of these tracks follow a certain guideline and therefore can be associated ... See full review
posted a review of Aspen - Are You That Retail Snob?. over 13 years ago
Nobody I've heard can do more with less than Aspen. He combines straightforward beats with subtle synths and melodies. The production is clean and sparse, leaving the composition of the tracks out in the open to effect the listener without having to ... See full review
posted a review of Novel 23 - Architectural Effects. over 13 years ago
It's dissapointing to see that Novel 23 has not evolved, changed, or added to the sounds he started producing severeal years ago. He's actually sounding more & more tired and generic in comparision to his earlier tracks from his Pitchcadet release.
posted a review of lovesliescrushing - Bloweyelashwish. over 14 years ago
Experimental wall of sound style music that has noise, choral elements, and feedback as the main ingredients. The mix is so washed out that any focused listening may become tiresome.
posted a review of AOKI Takamasa. over 14 years ago
Aoki to me seems to be the more listener-friendly version of post EP7 Autechre. Experimental for sure, but in a more focused way.
posted a review of Xela - For Frosty Mornings And Summer Nights. over 14 years ago
Can basically be summed up in one phrase: "mellow glitch". There's some nice movement of the mellow synths and bass notes here, but Xela has plenty of crackles and pops to agitate or please, whichever camp the listener may be from. The best tracks here ... See full review
posted a review of Lusine Icl.* - Iron City. over 14 years ago
This release doesn't do a lot for me. Lusine is extremely talented, but most of what's on this disc is far too restrained and like-sounding. "Invisible" grows on me, and I love the 4/4 kick and tricky mix of "Bent", but after that it's variations of a ... See full review
posted a review of Loess - Loess. over 14 years ago
Sparse and desolate. There's a soothing beauty through these tracks, but also there's a feel of despair. Quiet, thoughtful, dry sounding tracks that are full of emotion. There's not enough music out these days that capture the sounds and feelings that ... See full review
posted a review of Various - In Order To Dance 4. over 14 years ago
This is an absolutely supreme collection of music from way back in 1992. The cream of the crop is here and compiles some of the best music up until that point. You have the best names and the unknowns together for two solid discs.

Aphex Twin's and ... See full review
posted a review of Spark - The Robotic Girl Next Door. over 14 years ago
On this release, Spark mixes busy beats and melodic pads to usually a high degree of success. Some of his sound sources sound a little like Proem, but the similarities stop there. The Robotic Girl Next Door is creative and tricky, with an emphasis on ... See full review
posted a review of I Am Robot And Proud - You Make Me This Happy. over 14 years ago
The title is fitting for sure, with very pleasant, playful melodies and tones. Smartly done, and it doesn't come off as being too cute. It's a remix album, but it seems this is a coherent, I Am Robot and Proud release. Innocent and very listenable.
posted a review of Deadbeat - Wild Life Documentaries. over 14 years ago
Classic dub influences meet with ~scape-ish reverb and efx to form a surprisingly experienced sound. It's relaxed and unhurried, with attention to mood and detail. There's also hints of reggae to be found within. Consistently good from start to finish.
posted a review of Funckarma - Elaztiq EP. over 14 years ago
Nothing really stands out on this release. To an extent, it seems to me like these are just leftovers from previous sessions. Usually you can find a couple of gems on their ep's, but this one has tracks that don't vary much and are more typical fare. ... See full review
posted a review of Quench (3) - Chunk EP. over 14 years ago
Difficult and creative themes, with strange but effective mixtures of ideas. No foot-tapping easiness by any means (except perhaps Sleeptouw), but there's very interesting sounds at work here. The Funcken brothers haven't done anything prior or post ... See full review
posted a review of The Higher Intelligence Agency - Freefloater. over 14 years ago
Minimal electronic compositions with a variety of tempos. As good as it gets for the restrictions of equipment used. A lot of tracks take thier time and there's always clean percussion and smart bleeps and bloops about.
posted a review of Mind Over Rhythm / Plaid - Mind Over Rhythm Meets The Men From Plaid On The Planet Luv. over 14 years ago
An uptempo, friendly, dubby affair. A lot of this release sounds dated, but it's not a total waste. Not surprisingly, the better of the tracks are the ones from Plaid. Mind Over Rhythm has some good moments within thier tracks also.
posted a review of Kettel - Dreim. over 15 years ago
Similar sounding throughout, with a electro feel. Lots of steel drum pads as melodies, like some of the old tracks by Plaid. Kettel would expand a lot on his sounds on later releases. This release does include the excellent track 'Not Gonna Get', a ... See full review
posted a review of Novel 23 - Melodies Of Childhood For Advanced Imagination. over 15 years ago
Similar sounding throughout, but there's quality melodies and good structure through most of this disc. Usually simple percussion and swaying keys with tame melodies. Nice, light and thoughtful.
posted a review of Hab - Hab. over 15 years ago
Side A tracks can be found on the full length "maPOd". The best track here is the smart drum and bass of the Nonplace Urban Field mix. The Journeyman mix sounds very little like the original Pan track and a lot like a typical Woob/Journeyman track.
posted a review of Various - Frequencies From The Edge Of The Tektonic Plate. over 15 years ago
This CD has one good track and one brilliant track. The good one being track 2 - Stroboscopik and the brilliant one is track 11 - Aetherius. The latter is a very moody, 12 minute peaceful atmospheric track with a slow 4/4 kick and some very intriguing ... See full review
posted a review of Squarepusher - Go Plastic. over 15 years ago
Lots of blitzed out drill and bass with experimental noises and sounds thrown in. Not much in the way of memorable hooks or melodies.
posted a review of Gimmik - Untitled. over 15 years ago
Sounds very much like what Chain Reaction would put out in 1994-1995. Minimal feel with reverb/echo on the synth. Doesn't sound much like Toytronic's usual light IDM style.
posted a review of AFX* - Hangable Auto Bulb EP. over 15 years ago
This is damn fine stuff, so innovative and creative. Perfect combinations of abstract themes, great quirky sounds and melodies and some quality drill and bass to boot. Purely original.
posted a review of Robert Henke - Floating.Point. over 15 years ago
Headphone music that has tracks that are pretty much a variation of a theme. Water trickles, crickets, and night-style clean tones that Henke/Monolake is known for. Very quiet in parts, and always restrained in the ambient sense.