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posted a comment on Runt.* - The Ballad Of Todd Rundgren. about 1 month ago
This one feels lighter than 180g, perhaps 120g. Excellent pressing and sound quality nonetheless.
posted a comment on Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue. about 1 month ago
My copy has 'exp' in the runout grooves, along with another matrix number, all etched in. But the stamped numbers remain the same.
Copyright is 2015 but no sticker nor download card to be seen whatsoever. Strange isn't it?
posted a comment on The B-52's - The B-52's. 3 months ago
Same thing over here, also some matrix number looked scratched-off
posted a review of Various - Somewhere Between EP. 7 months ago
SD fans just know what's up with that B2 track.
posted a comment on Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway. 11 months ago
It definitely didn't strike me at first but yeah, LP1 is defo mono. I rather have it in stereo obvs but it didn't bother me that much.
That said for that price, it's a bit of a shame.
posted a comment on Peter Tosh - Legalize It. about 1 year ago
Do you happen to have #0069 by any chance ?
posted a comment on Deep Purple - Deep Purple In Rock. about 1 year ago
Much better sounding than the completely muddy original and cut at a very satisfying level. Obviously, this album never sounded hi-fi by any means but this is much better than anything I've heard in the past. It's probably been made from a... See full review
posted a comment on Sum (2), Aaron Spectre, Supa Ape - Destroy Oh Boy #3. about 1 year ago
That would be Killasound for me.
K I L L A S O U N D W E A R E B U M B O C L A A A A A A R T [snare roll]
posted a comment on Rrritalin - Spack To The Future. about 1 year ago
Listen to this record whilst on cake, it's the best experience one could ever wish. It cured my Czech neck.
posted a comment on DJ Rashad - We On 1. about 1 year ago
This one got repressed apparently. RPs come in a generic inner sleeve and no outer sleeves. At least in my case.
posted a comment on Furious Frank - The Acid Steed. about 1 year ago
This record is as powerful as the T-posing seen on the label.
posted a comment on Encrypted Audio. about 1 year ago
Say sike right now, please.
(Five more words always )
posted a comment on Krytikal - The Technique / Hunted / Jumanji Riddim. about 1 year ago
Proper 2003-era styled ACTUAL dubstep.
A bit dark and hissy though, not sure if it's the aesthetics or the mastering.
Best release I've heard in ages.
posted a comment on Icicle - Raising The Dead. about 1 year ago
Nah mate, it would have fit and sounded decent enough, even with both sides running at 45 RPM. These tracks are short enough, I'm guessing they did that to keep the one tune per side pattern that Sentry had kept going since its first release.
posted a comment on Benny Ill - Sugar / Triple S. about 1 year ago
Sticker goes over the run-out grooves, so be careful. Good luck removing it without damaging it.
posted a comment on Benny Ill - Sugar / Triple S. about 1 year ago
Got mine no later than today ! Pre-ordered it in October, it was about time lads...
posted a comment on Hijak - Babylon Timewarp (Root Dedication Mix) / Dally. about 1 year ago
I'm guessing they said that because of the sample that goes "not for publication, it was like Dubplate".
posted a comment on Ago (9) - Above EP. about 1 year ago
Comes in like a breath of fresh air and a punch to the guts.
As massive as beautiful.
posted a comment on Icicle - Raising The Dead. about 1 year ago
Not sure why 2x12 with one track per side would have been that necessary, but what is sure is that this record cannot sound any better, and oh boy does it sound good. Top notch production, and ridiculously insane quality.
posted a review of Various - Tempa Allstars Vol. 3. about 1 year ago
>D1's remix is a must have for Skream / Youngsta fans
>Rubber Chicken is a ridiculously effective wobbler
>Sleepwalker is so damn underrated, lads... It's got that mid 2000's Hotflush vibe with the cheap reverbs, lush pads, broken-beat-esque chord... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 2 years ago
posted a comment on Appleblim - Life In A Laser. over 2 years ago
Sounds really, really good if you forget about the surface noise. It had to be expected with this amount of music per sides anyway.
Other than that, pressing is is flawless and it's got heavy bass to boot despite the quiet volume.
Musically, it's a... See full review
posted a comment on Benny Ill - Sugar / Triple S. over 2 years ago
Thanks for the info. Any idea when this one is supposed to be released?
posted a comment on Ruff Draft (2) - Lone Ranger / Shining. over 2 years ago
As I've stated previously in a YouTube comment, I can almost confirm that Ruff Draft is one of A Made Up Sound's monikers.
Pinch played this (Shining) at the end of a Tectonic takeover set on Boiler Room back in 2011.

During this set, at one point... See full review
posted a comment on Pearson Sound - NSWL007. over 3 years ago
Go !. . . . . . . . . .
posted a comment on Steve Stoll - Model T. over 3 years ago
That cover is defo inspired by Hub Tones (Freddie Hubbard)
posted a comment on Chip-Man & The Buckwheat Boyz - Peanut Butter & Jelly. over 3 years ago
My thoughts word for word. It could be used to transition between breaky 2-step and other ghetto genres.
posted a comment on Kamasi Washington - The Epic. over 3 years ago
[quote=porkpie_hat] Wow, I guess I'm super lucky since my EU vinyl copy sounds PERFECT. I don't have any of the issues you note, and I certainly cranked it up LOUD a few times... It came with a free mp3 download as well, which is OK for iphone, etc.... See full review
posted a comment on Joy Orbison, Boddika & Pearson Sound - Faint / Nil (Reece) / Moist. over 3 years ago
I begin to go weak... Yes I begin to go weak.
posted a comment on Joy Orbison - The Shrew Would Have Cushioned The Blow EP. over 3 years ago
Side A is said to be at "(33 rpm)" but was actually cut at 45... It's odd but it does sound really good at 33 RPM. You should try it out !
posted a comment on TOKiMONSTA - Midnight Menu. over 4 years ago
Nearly perfect pressing, not that noisy but a tad bass shy (each side is over 20 minutes long...) and has loud clicks at the beginning of side B.
Completely flat, and comes in a poly-lined sleeve... Excellent overall.
posted a comment on MF Doom - Operation: Doomsday. over 4 years ago
Pressing is more or less quiet but causes some good deal of high-end mistracking, probably stems from a bad cut, pretty damn listenable nonetheless. No clicks or wooshing bouts of surface noise to be heard like many feared.
posted a comment on James Blake - The Colour In Anything. over 4 years ago
Mail preorder one
Side A : perfectly quiet
Side B : non-fill, scratch in right channel at every revolution
Side C : perfectly quiet
Side D : my copy's been pressed with a red pencil lead in the grooves that no amount of cleaning could remove. In the... See full review
posted a comment on Herbie Hancock - Head Hunters. over 5 years ago
Compared to any digital transfer I've heard (apart from the quadraphonic SACD) this one preserves the timbre of the synths and drums that used to feel completely blurred for some unknown reasons... (probably generation loss)
This one is the real deal !
posted a comment on Zacky Force Funk* & Kutmah - Fukk. over 5 years ago
B3 is a ripoff of Flying Lotus' Shhh! with the dumbest vocal samples there ever was.
posted a comment on Aphex Twin - MARCHROMT30a Edit 2b 96. over 5 years ago
My pressing sounds okay overall but once you get to the inner grooves, it starts to crackle and spew static like firecrackers in a frying pan, quite disconcerting but it's nothing that can't be fixed through digitisation and extensive crackle... See full review
submitted James Blake - The Colour In Anything. over 5 years ago
posted a comment on Flying Lotus - You're Dead!. over 5 years ago
And by doing that you'd kill the intent and organisation of the record itself. The tracklist is made as is. It's a dead end and if you weren't ready to flip sides then you should have got the CD instead.
posted a comment on The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds. over 5 years ago
You're missing the point. Please learn about this very issue's re-mixing and mastering process before criticising it.
posted a comment on AIR French Band* - Moon Safari. over 5 years ago
Nope, same stampers as the original which sounded just as good.
posted a comment on Flying Lotus - You're Dead!. over 5 years ago
People complaining about how much space is wasted etc have no clue. If you were to split this album into two sides it would sound like crap : you can't cram about 20 minutes worth of bass heavy, distorted electronic material onto one side without... See full review
posted a comment on Yung Lean - Unknown Death 2002. over 5 years ago
Listened to it, sounds okay despite the lack of bass and atrocious surface noise (that builds from beginning to end) even after being cleaned thoroughly. Side A is cut very close to the label and the lead-in groove is extremely large. Both sides are... See full review
posted a comment on Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Tarkus. over 5 years ago
Mine has the unknown ballad on it ! I bought it the day it came out for €15. No idea how that affects its value, though.
posted a comment on Yung Lean - Unknown Death 2002. over 5 years ago
Vinyl isn't totally clear, it has plenty of other vinyl particles of different colours scattered all around. Haven't listened to it yet but sounds promising. :P

Edit : I'm not sure but I suspect this one is from Czech Republic, just like this... See full review
submitted Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers - Free For All. over 5 years ago