Before to place an order, please, be sure to accept the conditions as described in "Details" and on "Seller Terms". Get more informations here !
Avant de passer une commande, merci d'être en accord avec les conditions détaillées dans les "Details" ou dans les "Seller Terms". Plus d'infos disponibles ici !

If I don't receive a message or the payment within 10 days after your order, you will be invoiced including shipping fees for tracked mail. And if I don't receive your payment 5 days after this one, your order will be cancelled for buyer non payment and you will get an automatic negative feedback. I DON'T ACCEPT OFFERS, that's why there is no "Make Offer" link on items, and so, I don't answer to messages with this kind of request! I use to make a free upgrade of shipping method for all orders over 25 euros and to offer shipping fees for the biggest ones.
Prices for postal mail options are indication and a checking of package weight will be made in order to adjust shipping cost. Priority mail and Tracked mail are at your own risk, I don't take responsability for lost and damaged records! Only Colissimo and Registered mail methods include insurance
Please don't forget to send your feedback when you have received your order, I will let mine just after...

Amis Parisiens je ne réside pas sur Paris et je ne peux donc pas faire de remise en main propre sur la région parisienne.
Les prix des vinyles affichés sont non négociables, JE N'ACCEPTE PAS LES OFFRES, c'est pour cela qu'il n'y a pas de lien "Make Offer", et donc je ne réponds jamais au message envoyé pour négocier les prix. Par contre, j'ai pour habitude de surclasser la méthode d'envoi au dessus de 25 euros d'achat et d'envoyer gratuitement pour les plus grosses commandes.
Pour toutes les commandes restées sans réponse ou sans paiement dans les 10 jours, une demande de règlement, incluant les frais d'envoi en colissimo, sera envoyée depuis discogs. Sans paiement dans les 5 jours suivants, les commandes seront annulées et vous recevrez un feedback négatif pour commande non payée.
Il n’y a que le colissimo recommandé qui inclut une assurance, les autres modes d’envoi sont à vos propres risques.
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posted a review of Damon Wild - Smoked Grooves. over 17 years ago
Just after Music Man in Belgium and Kanzleramt in Germany, Pseudo is the third european label where Damon Wild decided to produce a new complete EP. This "Smoked Grooves" is the deep side of a new project. It will soon include the second "Fried... See full review
posted a review of Various - 2+2=5 EP. over 17 years ago
Pseudo is back with a 4 various-artists-tracks EP.
Pseudo welcome two european artists to be a part of the discography. The first one is Arne Weinberg from Frankfurt - Germany. He already released tracks on Handheld, Headspace, Technoir Audio,... See full review
posted a review of Matt Nee - Textured Ep. over 18 years ago
Pseudo is a detroit-sound inspired label. The two main artists and label managers (Ad.Lib and Richie Inkle) musically grew up with those USA Northern-town grooves. It was logical thing to invite on their label american artists, directly from Chicago :... See full review
posted a review of Ad.Lib - 1926 EP. over 18 years ago
For this second release, Pseudo Records introduce another new Northern France artist: Ad.Lib. DJ for a long time, he drew his inspiration from Detroit classics, other American artists like Damon Wild, Charles Noel aka Archetype but also from the... See full review
posted a review of DJ Graeme* - Back To Future EP. over 19 years ago
Pure electro tracks, in style of Anthony Rother.
posted a review of Autobot-1000 - Electro / 1+1=2. over 19 years ago
Also available in a clear transparent vinyl.
posted a review of Green(2). over 19 years ago
Integrale Muzique distribution for the last record.
posted a review of Houztown - Brooklyn "A" Train. over 19 years ago
Available in a blue pitcher 12", with added information "Blue Vinyl EP"